troll doctor is troll

okay i’m saying this once

I don’t care how you headcanon the Doctor’s gender, romantic orientation, or sexual identity

I don’t give a fuck

But the moment you start replying to posts saying that the evidence is from the EU so it isn’t canon, or that  the quotes are “sketchy” so it isn’t canon, or that your definition of canon is different from mine so it isn’t canon

I will bring the wrath of a pissed off whovian with access to transcripts and searchable PDFs down on you

there is evidence that the Doctor is nonbinary

there is evidence that the Doctor is asexual

there’s less evidence that they’re aromantic but what do you care if people want to headcanon that anyway

and I don't care if you headcanon otherwise or you don’t think that evidence counts or if you interpreted those lines differently

leave those damn posts alone because your reply is a fucking invitation to those of us who do hold think that and we will start throwing arguments at you

and I have days were I get up because the Doctor is nonbinary and if they can deal with a binarist society, so can I

and I know people who manage because the Doctor is asexual or because the Doctor is aromantic

just deal with people having evidence to support their thoughts

you’ve got your choice of world-saving cishet heroes

we don’t have the same with trans aroace ones

It’s 2030. Fall out boy have now renamed themselves fall out man and actually turned into one giant meme. Just Brendon’s head is left and when Ryan was asked to be interviewed, he zoomed off into space. My chemical romance have broken up after thirteen years of a reunion era. Tyler has permanently kicked Josh out of the band and in retaliation Josh added Oakley to his Tyler tattoo. Pop punk is retro and the new trend is 2005 Pete wentz eyeliner. Sherlock is on its sixth season and in celebration of doctor who’s 100th season, Moffat told fans that there would be a wholock crossover, releasing posters and trailers but really was just trolling everyone. SPN mysteriously disappeared from existence and all we can say is that it is of supernatural causes. Tumblr has been taken over by Pepe and every blogger must wear frog masks and chant hail Pepe when they go outside. Everyone talks in emoji.


About the Announcement …

I’m a Doctor Who fan. When I was a child, the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, was my Doctor. As a teen, I had the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. Years later, after the program disappeared, I remained fond of what had been.

After the reboot, I embraced the Ninth Doctor, the Tenth and the Eleventh Doctor. They weren’t all my favorites, but I still believed in the character. The show itself is all about change.

Then came Peter Capaldi as Twelve. Though some proclaimed him as too gruff or prickly or (gasp!) too old, he quickly became my first favorite of the new Who Era. Over time, he rose to the top of my list of favorites. Peter simply IS my Doctor.

However, the reality is that Peter’s finished his run and it’s time to meet the new Doctor. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we will finally have a female Doctor. I know next to nothing about Jodie Whittaker, but I trust the program I’ve watched since I was a child. It’s going to be exciting and I’m ready to get to know Thirteen!

Lastly. To all those fans who are threatening to stop watching the show and promising to leave the Doctor Who Fandom because they’ve announced a woman will be the next Doctor… Well, as my beloved Grandma used to say:

Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you! 😏

My sister and I like to play this game where we visit the free health fairs, specifically the free hearing tests, and we try to see who can troll the doctor the best. My sister does a great Ben Wyatt impersonation when she is “diagnosed” with hearing loss. This is followed by falling to the floor, sobbing, and then calmly getting up, putting her hearing aids back in, and walking out the door.


#TeamKimSabu slayed it at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards. Congratulations to my beautiful family on the seven wins!


Only had an hour of free time today, so I decided to work a bit at my troll to avoid goin’ insane…. Gave her rp profiles a fresh coat of paint too!
Zelulae’s back bby.
I’ll finish this soon.
.. and my liwei painting.
And everything else. 

anonymous asked:

yes, your self diagnosed 'chronic' illnesses arent real. go outside. do something. get off the computer. and ps, youre welcome.

Oh wow that’s such excellent news! I’ll let my specialists who diagnosed me know that I’m fine, it’s all just in my head. 

So check it out friends – It turns out that I don’t have fibromyalgia, GAD, extreme depression, panic disorder, interstitial cystitis, raynaud’s disease, a sugar-intolerance, etc. No, no, i’m just a silly tumblrina SJW that makes shit up. Problem solved. Huzzah!! /sarcasm. 

Btw, self-diagnosis is real and deserves respect. Here’s a post by a-fierce-macaw @ this address explaining why:

Some people can’t afford the time and money it takes to seek a professional diagnosis. In the case of mental health and developmental disabilities, some people cannot seek an official diagnosis because they would not be safe, for employment or child custody reasons, or because they have been abused and threatened by therapists previously, or cannot be officially diagnosed because of misinformation and ignorance within the psychiatric community itself.
Self-diagnosis — sincere, well-researched self-diagnosis, and I have never met anyone self-diagnosed who had not slogged through weeks of research and self-doubt — does not ruin the reception of people who “really” have those diseases. It does not prevent anyone from attaining services they need. Ableism does that. Self-diagnosis is not part of ableism. Sometimes, self-diagnosis is necessary because of ableism, because the medical community — which we are, allegedly, supposed to rely on for “legitimate” diagnoses — is horrifically ableist.
Self-diagnosis does allow people to understand symptoms that may have been frightening, confusing, and distressing when unexplained. Self-diagnosis does allow people to better take care of themselves, plan for their abilities, and seek help they need (which, I repeat, does not prevent those with official diagnoses from doing the same).
I am physically abled, so I can’t speak for a physical disability like MS. Perhaps in that case it is different. But you seem here to tar all self-diagnoses with the same brush, and that is simply wrong.
As an autistic person with ADHD, when I first discovered those things it was a massive relief. Because my life before then had been a hell of confusion and self-hatred, because I couldn’t understand why I was so different from my allistic peers, why I couldn’t do things that seemed so easy for them, why they couldn’t do some things that came so easily for me. I did later seek (and received) professional diagnosis, but professional diagnosis is not available to everyone, and every diagnostic process begins with self-diagnosis.
Self-diagnosis is both valid and extremely important for many people. Insisting that only professional diagnoses have value and are “real” is both classist and ableist.

Damage Control

Barbara and Walter have a moment.

Setting: While Jim is out taking a much-needed weekend trip with his friends, Walter and Barbara have the house to themselves. A conversation happens that was long overdue.

Timeline: Hypothetically Season 2-ish. Some time in the future-ish. That’s not very helpful, is it?

Spoilers: YES

[I just had to write a scene for the two of them, because they’re the death of me. I had this idea of Walt bringing up his identity on his own terms, with some insecurity, like in a dark room.]

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