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The mobile network provider RBB’s phone is connected to confirms that (if the phone is pay as you go) in order for the SIM to stay active, someone needs to perform some kind of chargeable usage (a phone call or a text message, something like that, just topping up the credit should be adequate too).

In other words - we already knew this, but - someone is definitely still maintaining the number, nearly 18 months after OTRA ended and over a year since the phone was switched on for any period of time. (Either by paying a monthly bill or by switching it on and topping up or sending a text.)

[if you want to know why I think the phone is pay as you go and not on a monthly contract, click here. If anyone wants more information, send me an ask. I think I might rewrite my thoughts on that later on anyway.]

fr though, there is ZERO functional difference between ‘truscum/anti sjw makes fun of a 14 year old for having a ‘weird’ sexuality, claiming it’ll delegitimatize Real lgbt people, and calls them a special snowflake’

and 'exclusionist makes fun of a 14 year old for having a 'weird’ sexuality, claiming it’ll delegitimatize Real lgbt people, and calls them mogai hell’

like it is the EXACT SAME shit, the literal ONLY difference is slightly different terminology used to refer to the same type of person ('snowflakes’ vs 'mogais’). the rest? the mocking of minors’ identities?? the uncritical adherence to cringe culture rhetoric??? it’s all the exact same. ive seen this all before. it’s boring. it’s tiring. and you’re strengthening the rhetoric of anti sjws and legitimatizing their mocking of young lgbt+ kids. come off it.

"It's a free lake, isn't it?"

Warning: long story: This happened a couple years ago at my parents’ cottage. This cottage community used to be pretty sparsely populated and felt pretty remote…back in the 60s when my Dad was a kid. These days it’s completely built up and feels more like a subdivision with water between the houses instead of roads. A sunny summer Saturday can get really busy. My Dad, however, still likes to go up there for a quiet relaxing experience—something that is still only kind of possible because their place is on a tiny little island to itself. Lots of boats go by out in the open water, but they don’t come in close so it’s not much of a bother.

Then one day my parents, myself, and one of their friends are sitting on the dock, enjoying a quiet drink as afternoon turns to evening, when they see two fishermen in a pontoon boat pull around the point of the island, trolling along the waterline. This happens sometimes, and isn’t a big deal so long as people are respectful. These two were not.

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i’d say i finally drew the faves but everyone is a fave tbh

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Could you please continue the Sith!Anakin and Sith! Obi-Wan where Obi is pregnant? Maybe he gets taken by the Jedi and while he's being interrogated by the council his hand moves towards his stomach protecting it without him realizing and the Jedi catch that he's pregnant?

“It would be easier if you just surrendered now Obi-Wan.” Plo tried gently even as Kit lifted his saber higher just in case the sith did something unexpected. “This doesn’t have to end with anyone dying.” The kel dor offered.

“I’m sure it doesn’t have to end that way if you both just let me leave.” The human offered tightly in return, amber eyes flickering between both with the red blade giving them an eerie bloodshot look.

“The Jedi Order would take you back Obi-Wan, you could become part of the temple again.”

That got a sharp sneer out of the redhead, eyes actually turning slightly red tinged with the rage that filled the Force. “Like back on Naboo? All I had to do was leave Anakin behind and come back to the temple huh? You all figured I was going to ignore Qui-Gon’s request if you just let me stew and then come back with my tail between my legs?” He snapped.

“Plo he’s not going to come quietly.” Kit offered the other calmly.

“No I’m not and if you fight me I am going to leave behind decapitated limbs.” Obi-Wan swore.

Plo sighed, remembering a redhead standing in the council room, calm and obedient.

That was not what he was seeing now.

Honestly since the start of the war he had not seem much of the man at all, nor Skywalker.

They showed up occasionally, doing missions together for the CIS and mainly Dooku, the older man seemingly having a soft spot for the former padawan of his padawan.

And the last two months it was as if both had sunk into the Force and hid until a stray intercepted comm between Ventress and the two told them where to find at least Kenobi.

“Very well then Obi-Wan, in the name of the Republic and the Senate, you leave us no other choice then to take you in forcefully.”


Focusing his eyes on the Senate dome, Obi-Wan ignored the Jedi Council as best he could, trying to reach for a power that was outside his grasp with the current Force inhibitors circled around his sore wrists.

‘Anakin is going to massacre them.’ He thought grimly as he felt the battle aches in his body.

So far they had avoided doing anything that would bring the Jedi order fully down on them but Obi-Wan knew that with this, Anakin would be desperate.

Desperate for his omegas sake.

Desperate for the secret Obi-Wan carried.

‘He’s going to do something stupid, I know it.’ He swallowed then focused on Yoda when the green troll cleared his throat. “…If you’re expecting me to speak, you’re out of luck. You lost that when the council saw fit to abandon me.” Obi-Wan offered before focusing his eyes back on the Senate dome where Sidious resided. ‘In the very heart of the republic and under the nose of the Jedi.’

There was a deep sigh. “Last person to expect to see Fallen you are Obi-Wan. Far removed from the temple you are. Dark.”

“I did what I had to if I wanted to survive. The temple and the council certainly didn’t care for it.” Obi-Wan offered spitefully, feeling more then he heard a few people shift in their chairs. ‘Good, be uncomfortable.’ He finally looked back at Yoda. “And unless the Jedi order suddenly believes in torture then I won’t answer anything. You best place me in a cell.” He bit out.

“The Order does not.” Windu leaned forward, catching Obi-Wan’s attention and his jaw jumped a bit as he saw the dark look on the others face. “But the Senate does and have used truth serums during this war as you well must know.”

‘Truth serum? But…no no I can’t…not now. The baby…’ He jerked a bit back, his cuffed wrists going up to cover his stomach.

The action caught Windu’s attention along with several other Jedi but only the humans seemed to catch the significance behind it.

The Jedi master jerked out of his chair and forward, grabbing Obi-Wan by the tunic lapel and pulled him forward, giving his neck a quick whiff before cursing sharply. “You’re with child.” He spat out in shock, staring at Obi-Wan with wide eyes.

Obi-Wan stared back before jerking away from the alpha, shoulders tense.

Windu didn’t even seem to notice as he still had a grip on the sith’s tunic, turning his head to look at Yoda. “We can’t give him to the Senate for questioning. A pregnancy wouldn’t endure.”

Yoda eyed them both. “…Skywalker’s it is?”

Obi-Wan’s jaw muscle jumped a bit. “And so what?”

No use in denying it.

“Come here for you he will then.” Yoda finished.

“He would have come anyhow. For one I trained him, two I’m his omega and three I’ve been his companion and support for the last eleven years. The baby just adds a sense of urgency. Especially in the light of discovery… he’s my alpha.” He shrugged lightly, feeling suddenly so exhausted.

Force, when could this damn war be over?

He just wanted to have his mate and his babe and a small place to call his own.

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If you're still doing prompts... Bridge troll for Pidgance!

i honestly don’t know what to say about this except that I meant for it to be humorous but then it ended up being kinda…sad?? anyway, I hope you like it!!

Many a traveler tried any number of tactics to pass Pidge’s bridge, from either direction. Some picked fights with her, some offered bribes, and some made a disastrous attempt to ford the swiftly flowing river below. During one memorable instant, a girl that couldn’t be older than eight even asked politely to be allowed passage. But never, in the decades she’d guarded the bridge, had someone tried to charm his way past her.

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i usually try and keep negativity off this blog because it’s not here for that, but these two blogs are causing a lot of issues in the community.

i’d like to clear up the fact that both @ratherbeinspacewithotherstars and @gorekin are troll blogs. they make up stories about things that “have happened” and both blogs say they identify as “gendervoid” which makes not only the otherkin community look bad, but causes the trans community to look stupid as well. as someone who identifies as agender, i’ve had enough of them both saying that gendervoid is valid. i’m sorry, but if either of them are trying to say that they’re neither male or female, the term is agender. it is not okay to create a fake gender when there’s already a word for it. it causes actual valid agender people to look really really fake- and the LGBT community gets enough hate as it is. we already had to battle the issue of people using nounself pronouns and now this… it’s completely unfair.

i urge the valid otherkin out there to block these blogs so that our community can be cleared of trolls. it’s really irritating to see their posts on the tags, and our community shouldn’t have to put up with it.

it sucks that i’ve had to say this at all, but i hope i’ve cleared up any confusion of whether these blogs are real or not.

anyway~ have a lovely day everyone!

Who’s That Tramping Over My Bridge?

Written for the prompt: Well, you try talking some sense into the bridge troll.

Sterek, T, 2K words. In which poor Derek is scared of trolls, and Stiles has to think on his feet.

Stiles threw his hands up with an exasperated groan and spun around. “Oh my god, I cannot fucking do this. Derek, care to chime in?”

The two of them had been driving through the Preserve, just minding their own business, until they came to a little bridge and got stopped by a troll, of all things. Seriously. One would think that after this many years, Stiles would stop being surprised by new supernatural creatures. Their troll section in the bestiary was practically nonexistent, but he looked…well, he looked pretty much like a troll, actually, big and ugly with a large, misshapen nose. He wasn’t green, though, which was a little disappointing, and he was so far not listening to Stiles’ reasoning.

“Let us pass,” Derek growled, and Stiles sighed. Seriously? That was the best he could do?

“Real eloquent there, Sourwolf,” he drawled, and he rolled his eyes at Derek’s snarl. “Oh, please. I haven’t been scared of you in like six years.”

Derek glared and grabbed Stiles’ elbow to tug him back a few steps. “I don’t like trolls,” he hissed.

“You are an alpha werewolf,” Stiles hissed back, “and you don’t like trolls?”

“Repeating it doesn’t make it any less true!”

Stiles sighed and snuck a look at the troll. It seemed a little exasperated but wasn’t trying to actively kill them or anything. “Why do you look like you’re about to shit your pants?”

“I don’t want to tell you this,” Derek said. It looked like he had been sucking on a lemon, and since that hadn’t been his go-to default expression in at least three years, Stiles knew something was actually wrong.

“Well, I don’t want to die at the hands of this troll, so.”

“I had nightmares about trolls when I was a kid,” he whispered, and Stiles blinked.

“Are you kidding me right now?” he asked, then he held his hand up when Derek opened his mouth. “Never mind. Don’t get me wrong, we will be talking about this later. But back to this troll. Do we have to kill it?”

Derek grimaced, as did the troll, unsurprisingly. “Whoa,” he said, stepping forward. Stiles immediately took a step back. He could see Derek’s point, actually—trolls were pretty creepy. “That’s a little drastic, right? I thought you all were the good guys.”

“Yeah, and part of being the good guys is killing the bad guys!”

The troll’s eyes widened. “Wait, wait,” he said, putting his hands up, “what do you think I do here?”

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Troll Romance Analysis

Hi there, welcome to my analysis on Troll Romance! This is a remake of my previous Romance analysis. I felt it was getting old and that I can write it much better than before. Long post incoming.


  • Troll society and sexuality
  • Troll emotions
  • Troll relationships
  • Troll romance and its social role
  • The Romance Quadrants
  • Matespritship: The flused quadrant
  • Kismesissitude: the caliginous quadrant
  • Moirallegiance: the pale quadrant
  • Auspistism: the ashen quadrant
  • Examples from Homestuck
  • Examples out of the comic

Please note that this analysis has quotes and examples from the comic and thus spoilers. Read only if you are ready for them.

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ok but I don’t know if you’re trying to troll me or troll @coupdefoudreylo but let’s clear up a few things: 

1. ADOT (short for A Dance of Titans) is a REYLUX in-verse story. it’s also almost 300k words long. I think the one you tried to think of was Aegis, which  shows how little you know about my stories.

2. The only things Aegis and Flowers for Lady Death have in common is that they’re based on Mythology and reylo centric tales. That’s about as far as the similarities go.

3. Coup is actually a friend of mine, you fuck. Please stop trying to pit friends against friends and writers against writers, and know that you’ve been IP blocked from my blog. 

This is a warning to any and all: don’t come into my house with this bullshit. I have a zero tolerance policy for nonsense like this. and if you’re a fellow reylo and pulling this cowardly crap on anon, shame on you. Now go away, shoo. 

Fuck you HomeStuck for being out too early for me to get into you without feeling like I’m never going to finish you and no one’s gonna be around when I do so there’s no point.


The Dream, part 1

First in a series of short stories detailing how Atal became a druid, done mostly for my own fun but also for anyone who’s curious about it. Decided to write and post it in parts because uhh it’s gonna get kinda lengthy for tumblr.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Sherry was in a relationship with Gin?

That’s a little hard for me to answer, simply because, while it didn’t stand out to me, I’m not really one who can read into possible possible past relationship subtext while one is trying to kill the other. A lot of people say they do notice subtext, and they might be more cued into that than I am. But then there’s an issue for me with translations and apparently words spoken between the two have a lot more meaning in some languages than in others.

But since this about what I think… I think that it doesn’t matter at this point. Gin clearly doesn’t have any emotion for Sherry aside from anger, and Sherry was terrified of Gin ( possibly pushed that paralyzing fear aside to a point she can confront him now ). And when I say ‘anger’ for Gin, I mean basically hate. He’s wanted to personally kill her, as opposed to like with Akai where he was fine with Kir killing another person who had been in with the organization and was found out to be an enemy. I’d be more willing to believe Rye and Gin had been friends more than I’d think Gin and Sherry were lovers, purely based on how he acts in trying to kill both. 

With other people who were connected to the BO he’s been involved with killing, Bourbon said it best: He puts them out of their misery and fall from grace quickly by shooting them in the head. He did it with Pisco, and it’s why Akai could predict him ordering a headshot again.

With Sherry, he had her cornered, but toyed with her, shot her in multiple places, and wasn’t even getting near her. He wanted to see her in pain, not making it a quick death like normal traitors probably get. But he’s still keen on her death, he does want her to die. I don’t really care what his word choice at the time was, it doesn’t matter then he clearly holds no positive feelings in the slightest for Sherry. He went out of his way to deny Vermouth, possibly injure/kill his fellow members, just to see Sherry go up in flames in his own plan instead of letting the others handle it. If anger and wanting to see her in pain could be taken as ‘he had a thing for her and that’s why he treats her differently than other kills‘, then fine. I don’t see how it matters, except maybe if we wanted one final Haibara push of her showing she’s not afraid of him and doesn’t care.

Personally, I think an extremely abusive and sexual relationship isn’t something Gosho would write. And that’d really be the only thing that could have gone on between them, with what we’ve seen of Gin’s personality. They could have been connected in some other way, Gin might have seemed kind in some way while they were both working for the BO and she was a valuable member, but if it was a relationship, it wouldn’t be pretty. Maybe he respected her parents, maybe there had been situations where he protected her (since she was the main one working on developing their drug), just. I don’t think Gosho would write what people think of them. He’s never written Gin being anything except evil/professional, unlike someone like Vermouth (shown to have feelings in caring about Ran and Shinichi). So he wouldn’t introduce the fact that he might have had genuine feelings for Sherry out of the blue, because that would be out of nowhere emotion-wise. And if Gin didn’t have feelings, it would have been an abusive relationship, which is a bit much for this series for a main character. Even if it were the ‘case of the day’, it’s cheating, misunderstanding, revenge, or they realized the other person didn’t give a shit about them, murder happens, and it’s glossed over. I don’t recall offhand a full on toxic relationship.

So… No, I don’t think so based on what Gosho would be willing to write. I don’t mind if other people provide evidence for it, but I personally think there’d be another explanation as to why they know the other’s thought process and habits.