troll beard


So my friend and I are combining all of our nerdy love of Wow, Dnd, Lord of The Rings and Shojo high school romance mangas  into an amazing series about high school with dwarfs, goblins, elves, orcs, trolls, giants, gnomes, bullywug etc and the variously clubs and events they run to make enough money to satisfy the gold hungry dragon principle. 

I had so much fun playing around with the beards of the lady dwarfs cause I got to do them all kawaii. 

Female space marine scouts

Because the idea that there can be no female space marines seems utterly absurd, naturally I’m going to have to make some just to troll all the neck beards.

I’m almost certainly going to purchase Shadow War so I’ll probably convert the scouts. Any idea where I can purchase suitable head swaps?

Author Mary Beard’s ‘battle cry’ against online trolling

“The gloomiest way of describing the ancient world is it is misogyny from A to Z, really,” she said. But even in the present, she added, “we have never escaped a certain male cultural desire for women’s silence.”

The Internet can seem like an echo chamber made to amplify that desire, and in the years since Ms. Beard began taking on her trolls, instances of online harassment against women have continued. (Ms. Beard, now famous for her fight, has largely seen her attackers drop off. But for others on social media, trolling continues, with marquee examples like Gamergate, as well as lower-key, everyday unpleasantness.)

“There’s an awful lot about social media which people feel very frustrated about,” she said. “It claims to be a democratic online world out there, and yet it isn’t.” Misogyny, in her view, is an accessible rhetoric to vent this spleen: “An available means of being nasty,” she said, “of expressing your discontent.”