yeah you can constantly harass marginalized people and then cower under the guise of, “just trolling,” but your trolling is marginalizing, and is a way for you to assert your privilege and hatred of marginalized people without being held accountable.

“I’m just trolling,” or, “They’re just trolling,” is equivalent to the, “I’m just joking,” or, “They’re just joking.” defense.

Your jokes are violence, and the only reason you find them funny is because you are privileged enough not to have to consider the ramifications of your actions, or you fully realize the ramifications and relish in the anonymity provided by the internet to allow you to share your hatred of the marginalized.

Either way I’m not for a second believing that someone who constantly harasses women, or mentally ill people, or any other marginalized group isn’t malicious nor bigoted. Why else would marginalized people be your only target? admit it, you’re bigots who find joy in our pain.

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Some old stuff from an introduction I was working on. I still plan on getting it done, but it’s been so long since I worked on it last that I’d rather start from scratch. Regardless I’m still sorta proud of where this was going, so I thought I’d toss it up here.


On False Narratives and Manipulating Black Outrage

Hi Guys!

This video is going to be about something I have noticed for awhile now, wherein people attempt to manipulate Black outrage for their own causes or agendas. The most recent example of this has been a manipulated sound bite from a recent Hillary Clinton speech, which has been floating around social media (I’ve seen it on both tumblr and Twitter). The quote is out of context of the actual speech and is being used to vilify her as saying, ‘Black people in hoodies are scary.’ The full quote went as follows:

“…And our problem is not all kooks and Klansman. It’s also in the cruel joke that goes unchallenged. It’s in the off-hand comments about not wanting “those people” in the neighborhood. Let’s be honest: For a lot of well-meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young Black man in a hoodie evokes a twinge of fear. And news reports about poverty and crime and discrimination evoke sympathy, even empathy, but too rarely do they spur us to action or prompt us to question our own assumptions and privilege.”

Now, am I a Hillary fan? HELL NO.

BUT chop and screwing speeches into sound bites to create a false sense of outrage is cruel and manipulative; the same goes for editing pictures or spreading articles with incendiary titles. I noticed something similar with the circulating of a photoshopped mugshot of Sandra Bland; in it, her eyes had been whited out her eyes to further the narrative that she was already dead when the photo was taken.

PSA: There is enough REAL racism out there to go around. There is no need to make up stuff to get more people riled up, or to get them to throw their weight behind your cause.

There are a lot of people out there trying to manipulate black outrage for their own personal gain, be it monetary, political, etc., and in addition to the hipster racists trolling for 'rage clicks’ and reactionary outrage, you also have 'revolutionaries’ and 'activists’ that spread incendiary information, even if it’s wrong, in order to further their cause (i.e. they don’t want you to vote for Hilary so they will spread around a quote out of context; or they want people to get mad about Sandra Bland so they push photoshopped images to *prove* she was already dead when the mig shot was taken).

Again, this is cruel and manipulative.

Don’t just take anyone’s word for anything. (Not even mine. That’s why I include a description box full of links for you guys to read and formulate your own conclusions.)

Don’t just go by titles or clickbait or quotes. Don’t be reactionary. Use logic. Google it, read for yourself what was actually said and done, and form and informed opinion. We are in the age of information, and there is no reason to not know what was ACTUALLY said or done. Don’t be lazy, especially if you call yourself politically active. READ.

You have a brain- use it!

Thanks for watching.


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