So, mod chara of SLE posts an image set without giving credit to the creator, I told them that the image set was bigoted nonsense, and mods mob, fox and birdhouse all defend the image set.

Then it turns out the creator was a neo-nazi troll.

SLE was defending troll posts stolen from a white supremacist.

I have no words.

name: SOHM-nuss MORE-fey
age: (permanently) 8.3 sweeps
height: 5′11″/180.3cm
weight: 175lb/79.4kg
caste/blood: cerulean, #104d80
relationships: complicated red relationship with Vinali

Your name is SOMNUS MORPHE and you live a DREAM-LIKE existence. In fact, you only EXIST in DREAMS. That is to say, you LIVE AND BREATHE only because of your LUSUS and its ABILITY TO GIVE DREAMS FORM. Your original body was DROWNED, but your DREAMSELF is just as good. You spend your time SINGING and TELLING STORIES, as you ever have, though now instead of doing it for MONEY and NOTORIETY, you do it to FEED YOUR FORM. That is to say, you feed them to your MONSTER of a GUARDIAN. It’s an UNFORTUNATE REALITY of keeping your body, but OCCASIONALLY earns you GOOD COMPANY when you let a few LIVE…

Everyone’s a bit of a Fixer Upper.

imo Hans was manipulated by the trolls. It is quite possible they used the darkness in his heart (resentment towards his family, being the youngest and not entitled to anything of his own), and allowed that to grow and take over his emotions and actions. He most likely cared deeply about Anna, but due to the trolls thoughtlessly getting him “out of the way”, they cost him all his happiness, and almost Elsa AND Anna’s lives.


The Sings as Insults

Aries:Wow that’s a lovely shade of ultra bitch your wearing today

Taurus:If I wanted to hear from an asshole,i’d fart

Gemini:You shouldn’t play hide and seek,no one would look for you

Cancer:Id slap you,but shit stains

Leo:Roses are Red,Violets are blue God made me pretty,what happened to you

Virgo:I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a better statement than that

Libra:I’m jealous of all the people that haven’t met you

Scorpio:I don’t exactly hate you,but if you were on fire and I had water,I’d drink it

Sagittarius:Is your ass jealous of the amount of shot that comes out of your mouth

Capricorn:You bring everyone a lot of joy when you leave the room

Aquarius:I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers to let you know how much I hate you

Pisces:I could agree with you,but then we’d both be wrong