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Is Branch getting protective when the twins as teenagers?

More or less correspondent with the idea that, like Branch, Puzzle can loose track of his surroundings if he gets really into his singing

Branch tends to be much more patient when this happens because he can empathize and he knows what its like to lose sight of your surroundings. Puzzle’s around 12/13 here…!

Feferi Peixes | Homestuck

I did Feferi last night on Omegle for the Omeglestucknight it was really cool !! I’ve got a lot of compliments, it was so nice thank you so much !
I’m coming on Omegle tonight as Kanaya ! ♡

Poppy sings- Get Back Up Again
  • Poppy sings- Get Back Up Again
  • Jammie
  • probably something i might do fhgsdf

heeyyyyy its been a while since ive done a coverrrrrr

I really, really like this song. I really, really tried to belt. but oops I cracked a bit here  and there :0