Troll Biology

So a few things I noticed about Trolls:

Grubs, according to the Hussie Rendition, seem to have yellow sclera just like grown up Trolls, tying with the thought that their eyes fill in with the color of their blood later in life, and going against the common conception that their eyes are solidly of their blood color, as shown in the guest art for Past Karkat: Wake Up’s flashback.

Troll Eggs are long, slightly bigger than the grubs they contain, white-ish and slightly see through, somewhat like Ant eggs.

The Grubs and Babies that mix traits of the humans and the trolls imply that they’re biologically similar enough that their genes can mix and combine, even if only through EctoBiology, and only to the point of affecting traits, always noticeably leaning distinctly towards either Troll or Human in general form.

We also briefly saw part of the abdomen of a non-virgin Mother Grub. Makes you wonder if showing the eggs and part of her might mean we’ll actually go to the Brooding Caverns on Alternia when Hiveswap is out.

Also makes you wonder, now that there surely will not be a drone collection system where people die if they don’t provide genetic material, but the Mother Grub still requires the slurry to produce offspring, what system they’ll have in place. My bet is that they’ll get the equivalent of a sperm bank and a bunch of Carapaces to carry the stuff from one place to the next.

What Darren brings to Hedwig is this youthful, rock and roll energy. He’s got the free, open thing that the younger kids have now – they’re so much more accepting these days.

Years ago, you wouldn’t think of a straight heartthrob actor playing this role. It’s actually shocking. He sings great, looks great, and is a little firecracker.

—  Hedwig make up artist Mike Potter on what Darren brings to the show | forbes


*run around screaming in a pillow and then go buy some fabric* be prepared because i’m gonna cosplay this NO MATTER WHAT.