The new Ghostbusters visited sick kids in the hospital — and Facebook misogynists are furious 

Visiting ill children at Tufts Medical Center should have been an amazing experience for the new Ghostbusters, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. But as with many beautiful moments, it was ruined by disgusting commenters. Thankfully, Tufts Medical Center and other Facebook users are fighting back against the trolls.


Mark Hamill is more than happy to ruin your Star Wars stuff with his autograph

Mark Hamill has been signing Star Wars junk for well over 35 years, so it’s no surprise that Luke Skywalker himself has to get a little creative with his autographs. Hamill also appears to give zero fucks about your mint condition Star Wars bubblegum cards. Recently on Imgur, more than a few Topps trading cards featuring the last of the Jedi’s signature have surfaced online.

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Darren Wilson had SIXTEEN witnesses say he committed murder in front of them in broad daylight. If he were a normal person, he’d be facing 20+ years in jail and/or the death penalty. But he was a cop, so instead he gets $1 million dollars in donations and a sympathetic article in the New Yorker. So, yeah. This is so disgusting, I can’t even put it into words.

Darren Wilson is the subject of a fascinating profile in the New Yorker this week, in which he reveals what his life was like in the days after he shot Michael Brown dead, as well as what his life is like now.

Throughout Jake Halpern’s piece, Wilson seems somehow both keenly aware of the racial dynamics of his statements and insensitive to the point of defiance when it comes to the implications of them. For example, when discussing the possibility that members of the black community don’t trust police officers because of a legacy of brutality, he quickly dismissed the validity of such claims.

“Everyone,” he said, “is so quick to jump on race. It’s not a race issue.”

Darren Wilson: You look like a potato. An ugly fucking potato. And you murdered that kid in broad daylight. 16 witnesses said so. Your own story is absurd and hinges on a teenager having superpowers. And a BS corrupt system gave you a pass. But we all know what you did. We ALL know. So, yeah, live the rest of your life in shame and fear and try to eek out that donation money as long as possible. It’s a miserable fucking existence, but you’re still getting off easy.  You’re worse than OJ. At least OJ committed a crime of passion. You murdered a child for no real reason.