EXO Reaction To You Sleeping In Only Their Shirts And Underwear

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Anonymous said:

First of all I love your blog. Eet es perfect! Can you please do an exo reaction to you getting into bed with them to go to sleep only wearing one of their t-shirts and your underwear? Haha… this is what I wear to bed so I was just curious >///<’ :3 Thank youuuu~

*in the interest of oversharing this is what I wear to bed and I always steal my boyfriend’s shirts when I have boyfriends*

Xiumin: *cute response*

Xiumin: Oh that’s a good look on you! I hope I get to see it again!

*Perv response*

Xiumin: Well since that’s my shirt, I might need it back but I’ll help you take it off, hmm?

Luhan: *cute response*

Luhan: Oh that’s my shirt! Are you wearing it to bed? Oh!

*perv response*

Luhan: I think I’ll have to  be taking that back now…..

Kris: *cute response*

Kris: *gets flustered, does not know how to act or walk apparently*

*perv response*

Kris: And now we are going to the bed and you are keeping that on!

Suho: *cute response*

Suho: Oh that’s my shirt she’s wearing….How am I supposed to act now…Right..Just ignore it. Nothing is strange right now, nothing at all.

*perv response*

Suho: You. me. bed. now.

Lay: *cute response*

Lay: Hello Jagiya, you really good in my clothes. it took my breath away.

*perv response*

Lay: well I know what I want to do when we get into bed…

Baekhyun: *cute response*

You: Baekhyun, are you ready for bed?

Baekhyun: yeah, I’m coming. *walks into bedroom* are those my clothes.

You: Yeah…?

Baekhyun: Oh looks good *smiles* let’s go to bed then…

*perv response*

Baekhyun: Are you trying to tell me that you want to feel me all over your skin?

You: what?

Baekhyun: Too late…we’re going to bed, now, and that shirt might be coming off.

Chen: *cute response*

Chen: Oh you’re wearing my shirt to bed?

You: Did you want me to wear my own clothes or something?

Chen: Oh no, from now on you can wear my shirt to sleep from now on.

*perv response*

Chen: Well jagiya, if you want to go to bed, we can go to bed but we are not going to sleep.

Chanyeol: *cute response*

Chanyeol: If you wanted to sleep in my shirts, I would have given you some earlier. I have to say, I do like this.

*perv response*

Chanyeol: I hope that girl knows what she does to me…Because there are a lot of things I want to do with her in that shirt and none of the ones at the top of this list are sleeping…

DO: *cute response*

DO: Oh you’re going to wear my shirt to sleep….

*perv response*

DO: Maybe I’ll just have to take that off of you since it is mine…

Tao: *cute response*

Tao: Oh yeah, gucci definitely looks good on you…

*perv response*

Tao: oh you have no idea what you’re in for for doing this.

Kai: *cute response*

Kai: Oh my shirt! Oh ok! Uh…*awkward laughter*

*perv response*

Kai: with you wearing that, I can’t promise that we’ll be getting sleep tonight.

Sehun: *cute response*

Sehun: *little confused with how to respond* oh yes, you look good. Cute, yes…Cute…Hahaha.

*perv response*

Sehun: girl I hope you know what you are getting yourself into with me.


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To all my peeps with vaginas-

Whenever you sleep over a friends house, always, always, always pack pads.
I didn’t.
I got my thing.
In cute underwear.
And had to get a pad from underneath my friend’s sink.
I’m more bummed about getting a stain on new underwear I had just bought yesterday ):
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