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“The third baby is an accident but not necessarily a curse. Percy always made Annabeth buy Trojan condoms and insisted that they use them. When they got pregnant with the girl, Percy just shook his head and said, “Classic Trojans. They always let the Greeks slip in.”


So, who here has ever wanted a medieval/trojan helmet? I make those. I think they’re pretty cool, and if you do too, those of you who crochet, you can buy the pattern! This makes a nice gift for the holidays, if that’s what you’re looking for. (I took all of the pictures, and my model just so happens to also be my daughter, Thanks!)


Ravelry -

Trojans (mp3)
  • Trojans (mp3)
  • Atlas Genius
  • When It Was Now (Deluxe Version)


Atlas Genius - Trojans


So as it turns out there’s this lovely little alternative radio station in Chicago called Q87.7 that I’ve been hearing all sorts of cool artists on.  This one caught my attention particularly because the strength of the melodies coupled with the ease and almost lackadaisical vocal delivery of the singer give off such a genuine, cool vibe.  You know, the kind that gives you that good old fashioned tingly sensation punctuated with goosebumps. Not the RL Stine variety either.  Enjoy, and good God, welcome back SNMC with a bang.


Also feel free to REQUEST my songs on Q87.7… Even if you don’t live in Chicago or even the country for that matter… You know, not pressuring you or anything.

  • Trojans
  • Atlas Genius

Take it off
Take it in
Take off all the thoughts of what we’ve been
Take a look
Take a picture you could never recreate
Write a song
Make a note
For the lump that sits inside your throat
Change the locks, change the scene
Change it all but can’t change what we’ve been