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Can u write jerejean where the trojans have an upcoming game against the ravens so a few select ravens who in particular have a bad history with jean show up to usc in their true cult fashion and try to psych him out in a way the trojans dont really understand but he (and jeremy) knows Exactly what they r talking about and when they leave he is just kind of stoic and scary looking and acts unaffected infront of his team but later when theyre alone jeremy comforts him and makes him feel better

I may have gotten carried away. I really liked this prompt lol. Thanks anon! It’s 1.4 k, so more is under the cut.

Warnings for mentions of sexual assault/slurs. Not graphic, but consistent with Jean’s past.

Jean wakes with a pounding headache behind his eye. It was most likely because he hadn’t slept all day, but no one needed to know that except him and his therapist. Tomorrow’s date on the calendar loomed the way a prisoner’s execution date might.

It was the day USC was scheduled to play the Ravens in a wildcard game before the playoffs. Jean had been mentally preparing for it for weeks, but as the date drew closer, his heart felt more and more constricted in his chest. The team noticed in the way he checked harder at practice and Jeremy had been sending him concerned looks all week, but they all knew better than to ask.

Jean sighs and unlocks his phone so he could make a call. He knocks his head against the headrest of his bed, but clicks call all the same.

He taps his foot impatiently as the phone rang. Just when he begins to hope that he wouldn’t pick up, he hears Kevin’s impatient voice go, “Jean? What’s going on?”

As if he doesn’t know. As if the Ravens’ schedule doesn’t run through his head every goddamn day.

Jean sighs. This was a wretched idea. “I have to play them tomorrow.” A beat of knowing silence passes before Jean follows up with, “How did you do it?”

He hears Kevin exhale and what he assumes is Kevin sitting down followed by, “It was the court. They couldn’t hurt me there.”

“They can always hurt you. You know that,” Jean deadpanned.

“And you know them. Beat them at their own game.”

“I didn’t call you to ask how to win a fucking game.”

“Then why did you call?”

Jean tries to remember a time when the sound of Kevin’s voice didn’t feel like salt in an open wound. “It’s not as though I have an abundance of other options.”

Kevin laughs humorlessly. Jean’s about to hang up when Kevin says, “I’m sorry I didn’t take you with me.”

Jean closes his eyes. “You’re really not.”

“I’ll see you at finals.”

He hears a click to signal that Kevin hung up. Jean realized that it was the closest to encouragement that he’d ever get from Kevin. It’s enough.

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Baby Bust

Universe: TMNT!2012

Pairing: Raph/April (Raphril)

Prompt: “You’re pregnant and it’s mine"  from here (x)

Note: This was supposed to be 500 words I swear. It kind of just…got away from me and I loved it so much I couldn’t stop myself. On a side note human courting is gross and horrifying. It’s not a secret. Everybody knows.

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"You’re pregnant and it’s mine,” Raph repeated for what felt like the hundredth time “We’re here to visit my brothers. To give them, I dunno, moral support or whatever.”

“Raph, I know the plan,” April sigh, adjusting her swollen belly. For all that it was fake it felt surprisingly real. Though why Fugitoid kept a hyper-realistic pregnancy belly around April preferred not to think about it too deeply. “Are you sure this is going to work?”

Raph’s head jerked sharply, pinning her with annoyed glare.

“Of course it’s a good idea.” He replied, bristling at the implication that his precious plan might have a glaring flaw. “We get in there, give Donnie his tech junk, and he’ll have them out in a snap. What’s the problem?”

April’s eyes trailed the sterile white hallways, taking in all the information she could for when everything inevitably went south. Judging from the looks the guards had shared when they first entered, their little ruse was less than convincing.

“I don’t know,” April shrugged, “maybe the fact you were supposed to be the one who knocked me up but you won’t even touch me.”


Seeing Raph’s blank stare April sighed. If this plan was going to work she was clearly going to have to do it herself. Rolling her eyes she looped an arm through Raph’s, ignoring the flinch she got when she did. He moved to pull away but that only made April tighten her grasp.

Thankfully, their arrival at the final security checkpoint forestalled any further objections he might have had.

“Anything to declare?” Asked one of the guards as she waved them through the scanner, a look of obvious disinterest on her furry purple face. “Please step through and wait for the beep.”

Everything seemed to be going fine as Raph, then April stepped through humming machine. According to Fugitoid the prosthetic skin should scramble any scanning devices and project the necessary images.

At least that’s what it was supposed to do.

“Hold up,” the guardswoman said sharply. Grabbing her partner by the arm she dragged him over to the screen. “What in the Gregarian Nebula is that?”

“Is something wrong?” April asked sweetly, though her stomach was sinking.

Whatever Fugitoid’s machine was supposed to do, it clearly hadn’t worked. At this rate they were going to need to fight their way out after all. From the corner of her eye, April could already see Raph sliding into a defensive stance.

“You better believe something’s wrong.” The female snapped. Spinning the screen around she pointed sharply at the detailed green image.

Much to April’s surprise, instead of a cluster of hard tech and wires there was a tiny body.

Upon closer inspection it did not seem so odd. Sure it had a shell and a few less fingers than a normal baby but otherwise even April would have been fooled by it if she hadn’t already known it was faked.

“It’s a baby,” April said slowly, glancing at Raph. He seemed to have the same perplexed expression though; if April didn’t know better she could have sworn she saw a hint of awe. “We’re having a baby.”

“And you keep it in your abdominal cavity?” the male guard squeaked, his olive skin turning yellow.

“Well, that’s where Earth babies normally go,” Raph replied, comprehension seeming to dawn. “Do you want to touch her belly or something? You can if you want.”

The two guards flinched back as though they’d been struck. Eyeing April suspiciously the guardsman edged around her until he reached the check point’s console.

“N-no we’re fine.” He stuttered, watching April like she was about to explode. “You can go on in.”

Just as she turned to leave a wicked thought crossed April’s mind. Leaning down slightly she planted a firm kiss right on Raph’s mouth, the curve of her belly forcing her to bend awkwardly.

Still, Raph’s arm wound tightly against her waist, pulling her close almost unconsciously. Even when they finally drew apart his grip remained firm, keeping her close at his side.

“Let’s go see your brothers, sweetie,” said April, smiling sweetly. As though this were a normal, everyday occurrence and not a solid eight on her weirdness scale.

“Whatever you say, dear,” nodded Raph, tugging her gently down the hall.

When they were just out of the guards’ earshot April leaned down once again, this time to whisper in Raph’s ear.

“You know,” she smirked, “you’re actually a pretty good baby daddy.”

Raph shook his head but kept his arm tightly around April’s waist. For appearance’s sake. Probably.

“You’re not too bad yourself.”

As April and Raph turned the corner the guardswoman turned to her partner, a look of blatant horror on her face.

“Did you see that?” She hissed, glancing down the hallways as if fearful that April or Raph would reappear. “They secreted fluids. Into each others’ mouths,” she shuddered, “and in public no less.”

Even the thought of it sent the guardsman into another fit of heaving.

“Terrans are absolutely disgusting.”

Why we should stop straight-washing Euryalus and Nisus

Hello everyone! For my first post on this blog I am going to write about a matter that I hold dear: Euryalus and Nisus, the two Trojan warriors whose undertaking can be found in the ninth book of Virgil’s Aeneid. I was looking forward to studying this episode in class, but then my teacher came up with a sentence that I really didn’t like: «Please do not consider Euryalus and Nisus as a couple, they are just very good friends». If there is one thing I cannot stand, it’s when teachers do not tell the class how things really are just because they dislike something about it. By doing so, they are spreading misinformation, and I think that’s something that shouldn’t happen in schools. Anyway, I don’t want to argue about teachers’ job (or lack of it), but I want to show you why we really need to stop straight-washing Euryalus and Nisus.

So, first of all, a bit of background

-Trojans and Latins are now alleys. The king Latinus, who had previously promised his daughter to Turnus, prince of Ardea and of the Rutulians, changed his mind and offered Lavinia, such was the girl’s name, to Aeneas in marriage.
-At this sight, Juno, who happens to be the goddess of marriage and queen of the gods, sends down her agent Alecto, one of the three Furies, the one that never rests, to prevent the Trojans from having their way with king Latinus by marriage and cause their downfall through war.
-For doing so, Alecto takes over the body of the queen Amata, whom she persuades to oppose Aeneas’ marriage and whips Turnus to go on war against the Trojans. She then causes a skirmish between the local people of  Latium and a Trojan hunting party led by Ascanius, who kills a white deer. [Casus belli, the event that provokes or is used to justify a war]
-War has begun. In the ninth book, Aeneas is in Pallanteum, where lives and reign Evander, an old king now Aeneas’ alley. Taking advantage of Aeneas’ absence, Turnus attacks the Trojan camp. In accordance to Aeneas’ strict instructions, the Trojans close the gates and decline battle. [This is topic structure in epic poetry: the situation always gets worse when the hero is far from the battle field. For example, in the Iliad this happens with both Achilles and Odysseus.]
-Euryalus and Nisus are two Trojans warriors who are at the gates. Nisus starts thinking about a night foray…

But let’s talk about who Euryalus and Nisus are before we actually get to the story. We can get a first glimpse of them in the fifth book, during the funeral games of Anchises, where Virgil refers to their love as amour pius, a love that shows the pietas which is Aeneas’ main trait, but the events that involve them are in the ninth book.
-Nisus is the son of Hyrtacus -therefore of noble origins- and is described as a formidable warrior, especially with spear and bow and arrow. He had been sent by Ida, the hunters’ mountains, to be comrade of Aeneas, given his amazing skills. When going to the Trojan army, Nisus brought his own comrade, Euryalus, whom he holds really dear.
-Euryalus is so young he hasn’t had his first beard yet. He is described as the most beautiful man in Aeneas’ army. He does not have any experience about war but is determined to fight because he wants to achieve the so-called pulchram mortem, which literally means good, beautiful death and refers to a death that occurs while fighting, one that brings honour upon the dead warrior himself.

They are both very loyal towards each other, but for different reasons, plus they show it in different ways. Nisus cares about Euryalus because the younger boy needs to be protected and guided on his path to adulthood; he shows it when he tries to convince Euryalus not to follow him on the night foray to the enemy camp. On the other hand, Euryalus holds Nisus dear because he sees the man as a life model, someone to look up to; he follows him when he’s called to be part of Aeneas’ men. 

His amour unus est. They were one in love. That’s the very first thing that we learn of Euryalus and Nisus as a couple. Virgil here portraits the Greek model of love between two men, with the typical structure of the erastes (literally “the one that loves”, active, in this case Nisus) and the eromenos (passive, in this case Euryalus). In Roman military, homosexual behaviour among fellow soldiers was strictly prohibited because there was a lot of cultural baggage about it. The Romans had peculiars views upon what makes a free citizen free, and in these views political freedom was tightly linked to physical one, and of course a free citizen wasn’t object to sexual use, because taking part passively to a sexual encounter would mean lose freedom. A Roman man was, however, free to engage in  same sex relationships with a passive partner (slaves, prostitutes, etc) excluded form the protections of citizenship.
In this case, however, Euryalus and Nisus are on the same level. Neither of them is a slave nor a prostitute. They appear exactly as a pair of Greek lovers would’ve. Among the Greek there was indeed a ancient tradition of idealized homosexuality in military setting -The sacred band of Thebes, Achilles and Patroclus… Virgil, by describing their love as pius, makes it honourable and in line with Roman values. Because they are soldiers, their love can be seen especially when they charge together into battle (and that’s the second thing Virgil tells us about them).

Now we are ready to get back to the story.
Euryalus and Nisus are sharing their guard duty on the gate, when Nisus starts talking about a night foray to the Rutulians’ camp; he says that he cannot be quiet any more, but wants to rush into battle or into some great enterprise, so he starts to make up a plan. Euryalus, just like him, is enthusiastic but when he understands that Nisus does not intend to bring him on the mission, he immediately says that he does not intend to abandon him. “I have here a hearth that despises the light, that would gladly spend life to buy the honour you are striving for”.
Nisus replies that he wants Euryalus to live because, if he won’t come back from the foray, the young man can give him a proper burial and avenge him. Plus, he doesn’t want Euryalus’ mother (whose love towards her son was so great that she was the only woman among the Trojans who did not stop in Sicily) to suffer.
But Euryalus clears that he’s determined to follow the other, so Nisus allows him to take the crucial decision. Before they leave, Euryalus wakes sentries to keep guard when they go to the Council to expose their plan. The Council is a gathering of chosen Trojan warriors.
The original plan, Nisus’ one, was to take a message to Aeneas, but now the two propose to set an ambush, kill as many enemies as they can and then come back before dawn. Aletes, a very old man “mature in judgement” approves it, and so does Ascanius (Aeneas’ son), who promises every kind of rewards, Turnus’ horse included.
They set out, enter the Rutulian camp and slaughter the soldiers while they sleep. Nisus eventually realizes that day is due to come, so he looks for Euryalus, who puts on armour he had stolen form the dead (medallions, a gold-studded belt and a helmet with gorgeous plumes). This will be their downfall: 300 soldiers, led by Volcens, spot them because the helmet Euryalus is wearing reflects into the moonlight. They immediately start running, trying to escape through a dense forest nearby. Euryalus is slower than Nisus because he’s carrying all the loot, which slows him down; so Nisus actually gets further. For a moment, only for a moment, he forgets about Euryalus. For Nisus what matters the most is not the mission but the boy himself, so he heads back. He can hear the enemy, and he has a vision: Euryalus surrounded by the Rutulians with no defence. He asks himself what he can do to help him, so he attacks the enemies. Nisus, indeed, is still in the wood, so when he starts to throw spears upon the Rutulians, they can’t understand from where those spears come from. Volcens gets angry and decides to punish Euryalus, whom is his captive. Nisus now, and only now, is described as distraught; the only thing he cares about is saving Euryalus, so he steps out and declare himself as the man who killed all those Rutulians. But Volcens puts Euryalus to the sword. Nisus now starts going mad, the pain is too much and he cannot handle it. All he wants now is to avenge his comrade, so he tries to kill Volcens, but he ends up surrounded by enemies and gets killed shortly after Euryalus dies.
The following day, the Rutulians have Euryalus and Nisus’ heads on two spikes, showing no mercy and no pietas. The Trojans watch afflicted this lugubrious procession. Euryalus’ mother gets to know about her son’s death and starts mourning him in the typical way: she pulls her own hair, she hits herself and cries and weeps loudly.

Virgil here wants to offer his audience an occasion to think about war, love and death. He acknowledges the fact that many deaths occurred while Rome was becoming the powerful city it was when he was writing, but he still wants underline the fact that there is no joy when a war is raging on, not even for the winners: Volcens will die as well.

So, although Euryalus and Nisus are kind of a negative example – they neglect the disciplines and show no respect to the gods-, Virgil wants the audience to focus on the fact that their love was the thing they most valued. Virgil indeed was a follower of the Epicurean philosophy, that celebrates close relationships privately, exalting the feeling itself, one that is based on fides, affection and respect.

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time”.


As in how to hook stuff up? I just borrowed a controller from my brother that’s a knockoff 360 controller made for PC stuff. I think it automatically installed stuff when I hooked it up in the first time, but I don’t remember too well. I have no clue how it would work for actual PS or Xbox controllers tbh. I’m probably not the person to ask on that subject.

As in how it plays? Really well. The game automatically detects this controller, there’s no confusing technical bull, so its just a matter of figuring out which button is the default confirm button and messing around with key config for a short while for set up. You wouldn’t think it makes a difference, and I don’t know how it makes a difference, but there is a noticeable difference for the better.

As in… something else and I totally missed the actual point of the question like I do way too often? Sorry bls elaborate

jean+touch (i’m jerejean trash. part 1 of jean hc here )

  • the trojans are, for the most part, so big on casual physical affection, and that’s the biggest thing jean has trouble adjusting to
  • they’re a very physical team. they don’t fight all the time like the foxes (they don’t fight like that at all) but they’re constantly throwing arms around each others shoulders, or grabbing arms after a joke, or jumping on each other’s backs
  • and aside from the brutal raven training/punishment routine, jean served as riko’s personal punching bag for years
  • it takes a long time for him to feel comfortable enough, to feel like he knows the trojans well enough, that he stops instinctively flinching whenever he sees a hand or arm out of the corner of his eye
  • the trojans learn to make sure jean can see them face-on before they try to touch him
  • not only so he isn’t taken by surprise but also so he has plenty of time to tell them if he’s not in a place to be touched that day
  • at first jean thinks they’re mocking him tbh bc that’s the only reason most of the ravens would do something like that 
  • (how many times has jean drilled don’t be weak, don’t show fear, don’t show weakness, don’t be weak don’t be weak into his own head? how many times has he felt worthless for failing even himself?)
  • so jean is constantly so surprised?? by how much the trojans genuinely care about his comfort?? 
  • like they just started doing this, he never told them he was uncomfortable or that he wanted the chance to say no?? 
  • it genuinely doesn’t occur to jean that his teammates will change their behavior to accommodate him, until the trojans have done this for a few weeks and he knows that they will do this every time they want to interact with him, for as long as he needs it
  • at the raven’s nest he had to change or hide his reactions to riko, and on a logical level jean knew that he wouldn’t be property to the trojans
  • but that doesn’t mean he actually realized that he would have a say in how people treated him, that the trojans would change the way they acted instead of the other way around
  • jeremy esp helps jean start to get used to casual touches

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Happy Birthday Leigh Bowery…..The first time I saw you was in ID magazine approx 1984….and I cut your picture out and taped it to my wall….it was during your Blue phase and I remembered your Boyfriend Trojan was red….so when I saw you both walking up 6th avenue one day in manhattan…. I followed you like a stalker  for 5 blocks …. too shy to introduce myself. The sight of you both…one red, one blue but marching together  , shining loudly  in the broad daylite of NYC … forever etched in my memory ..and  why I moved to New York…. couple years later i was on a go-go cube and you strutted right up to me and snapped in my face …  didn’t take it as a compliment at the time but i am sure that was your intention…One of the highlights of my touring in  Deee-lite was to see you in the front row when we played Brixton .You wore an orange crinoline puff ball around your face…..and had to drink with a straw as your lips were hidden somewhere in there.  This is one of the memories that keeps me warm on cold  nights . Life’s too short to be a bore . Shine and sparkle plenty .You died too young but live forever in the hearts of the misfit kids  !

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DUDE! If you're game talk to me abt Jeremy (and Laila/Alvarez) doing Casual Sunday Down Time activities with Jean to help him acclimatise to being with the Trojans (Ravens don't know how to be alone and they need his to settle as quick a poss into the Trojan way so they can work with him!) you have free range over what they get up to! But I just need Sunshine Trio + Jean HCs since that's only a thing for a year before Jer graduates 😩😭

IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION I’M ALWAYS GAME. Under a cut because it got looooong. I hope you like it!

-If there was one aspect of moving to the Trojans that Jean didn’t loathe, it was that at least they seemed keen on spending time together, so Jean didn’t have to embarrass himself by asking for someone to keep him company.

-He knew he wasn’t very fun to be around, but they tried.

-The bad news was that the welcoming committee seemed to be Jeremy, Laila and Alvarez. He had dubbed them the Sunshine Trio for their unending cheer.

-Jean wanted to smack them.

-But somehow, he found himself with an open invitation to their “Sunday Funday”, as Jeremy called it.

-Apparently the three of them alternated on what activities they would do together each week.

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Hannibal’s drawing comes from the painting Achilles Lamenting the Death of Patroclus (1855) by the Russian realist Nikolai Ge.

Nikolai Nikolaevich Ge (his French ancestors’ last name was de Gay) was a Russian realist painter famous for his works on historical and religious motifs. The fate of many of his works remains a mystery. At the end of his life Ge bequeathed all of his works to his Swissbenefactress Beatrice de Vattville in exchange for a small rent during his lifetime. She died in 1952 but none of Ge’s work were found in her castle. Among the lost works is Ge’s supposedly magnum opus painting The Crucifixion. Ge’s drawings were found by art collectors in Swiss secondhand stores as late as 1974. (Have somebody remembered Hannibal Rising as well? :))

The relationship between Achilles and Patroclus is a key element of the myths associated with the Trojan War.  When the tide of war turned away from the Acheans, and the Trojans threatened their ships, Patroclus convinced Achilles to let him don Achilles’ armor and lead the Myrmidons into combat. In his lust for combat, Patroclus pursued the Trojans all the way back to the gates of Troy, defying Achilles’ order to break off combat once the ships were saved. Patroclus was stunned by Apollo, wounded by Euphorbos, then finished off by Hector. At the time of his death, Patroclus had killed 53 enemy soldiers.

After retrieving his body, which had been protected on the field by Odysseus and Ajax , the enraged Achilles returned to battle and avenged his companion’s death by killing Hector. Achilles then desecrated Hector’s body by dragging it behind his chariot instead of allowing the Trojans to honorably dispose of it by burning it. Achilles’ grief was great and for some time, he refused to dispose of Patroclus’ body; but he was persuaded to do so by an apparition of Patroclus, who told Achilles he could not enter Hades without a proper cremation. Achilles sheared off his hair, and sacrificed horses, dogs, and twelve Trojan captives before placing Patroclus’ body on the funeral pyre.

A cadre of supervillains (ahem, “researchers”) from Georgia Tech decided to create a program that turns your innocent-looking smartphone into a nosy little asshole that sits there spying on your every keystroke. Passwords, email messages, IMVU sex chats – your phone could be eavesdropping on all of it. You might suspect that some kind of camera or microphone hack is at play here, but the real modus operandi is even sneakier: As you clack away on the keyboard, your phone’s accelerometer can pick up the tiny impacts resounding through your desk and, based on the distance of the keys from the phone, mathemagically deduce which keys you’re stroking.

Phones with motion sensitivity on the level of an iPhone 4 can guess what you’re typing with up to 80 percent accuracy. And this clever bit of spyware can easily Trojan horse its way onto your phone as part of an otherwise trustworthy-looking app, since it doesn’t arouse your tinfoil-hat suspicions by asking for permission to use your camera or microphone. The humble tilt sensor is rarely protected against privacy intrusions, because who would ever have guessed that the little gizmo that flips your screen over when you turn your phone sideways could also be used as a goddamn drunken Facebook status update interceptor?

Of course, the algorithm for figuring out what you’re typing based on tiny desk tremors is mind-bogglingly complicated, and the whole system is easily defeated by … just not setting your phone next to your keyboard, so the chances of such an attack by your local garden-variety hacker are low. But since we already know that the government is trying to listen in on us at all times, we’re typing up this article with a phone next to the keyboard just to let them know that we know.

5 Terrifying Smartphone Hacks You Won’t Believe Are Possible

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hello, do you have any recommendations for good books about history? any type of history, russian, german, or something else entirely, during any period, just whatever you really like!

Hi! This will be pretty long, but I’ll try to recommend the most  👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 ones. 

1) My favorite is the Memoirs of Felix Yusupov aka my fave historical figure totally amazing, takes place in 1890s - 1970s, it will make you laugh and cry and forget all your problems. my #1 antidepressant. I’m sorry I can talk hours about him. Let’s move on.

2) The Song of Troy, by amazing Colleen McCullough, as stated in the title, about Trojan war, way better than Homer in my honest opinion.  👌👀👌

3) I you are intersted in Germany and stuff, any Erich Maria Remarque novel will do (my fave is  All Quiet on the Western Front) I personally think he managed to capture the athmosphere of the WWI period like a goddamn genuis.

4) Anything by Stefan Zweig, pick your fave period - never fails to amaze me. From Maria Stuart to Feodor Dostoevsky, you can just briefly read the discription on wiki to find the ones you need.

5)  Just try reading any kind of mythology? It seriously so awesome and we usually only focus on Greek gods, but Norse or Egyptian, or Slavic myths are very good. It also helps to understand the mentality and psychiology of people back then

6)  Ivanhoe by Walter Scott, it’s pretty much one of the first historical novels ever? It has lots of adventures and this book played a huge role in why we maybe find Medieval times so attractive. 100/10 recommend.

7) XIII century.Mongols.Temujin. I’m sorry a LOT of great books aren’t translated from Russian, but if you ever find something on XIII century and mongols, READ.IT. Or find some documentaries or even read wiki. I seriously want to translate all those books, just so they get enough recognition. (also check out @phobs-heh​ ’s art ) 

That’s it? (I have much much more, but tumblr wont handle it lol) I read a lot of non-fiction books and articles, and they’re very specific and some authors arent translated either, so there’s no point to suggest them. Enjoy!!! (P.S. I say it all the time, but history asks are my jam)    

So now we’re into the Brainiac 13 status quo, in which, long story short, Brainiac trojan horses his way into just about every computer on Earth by planting himself in Lexcorp’s Y2K protection, evolves himself into an advanced model called Brainiac 13, upgrades Metropolis into Neo Tokyo (basically), and then is defeated. Lex strikes a deal with him involving sacrificing his infant daughter Lena to have mastery over the B13 technology.

Which–yeah. It seems like now the entire Contessa et al storyline is really all for nothing. I get that there’s only so many scenes you can do of Lex cooing over Lena and promising to safeguard her legacy before that gun gets taken down off the wall and you demonstrate once more that he’s a monster, but with the absence of Lex’s pre-Crisis friendship with Clark, this was pretty much the only grace note Lex ‘domestic abuser/rapist/sexual harasser’ Luthor had. Revealing that, yup, he really has not a single minuscule redeeming quality (at least not until Azzarello) just makes him into the Joker but not laughing so much.

Anyway, I’m also not a fan of the ‘flying car futuretech stuff’. It really seems more a Batman Beyond/Legion of Superheroes bailiwick. And it just breaks my suspension of disbelief wide open. I can buy that the Marvel and DC universes have super-advanced technologies, but that they’re only available to a select few. SHIELD has flying cars, but they’re a well-funded intelligence agency. The SCU has mech suits, but they’re an elite unit of the police with very few similar programs in existence in other police departments.

Once you get to the point where, like, Bill Pardue down the street owns a flying car, it’s unbelievable that this technology can’t be exported to Keystone City and that everyone doesn’t have a flying car. At which point you really can’t tell stories about people not having flying cars, because there are flying cars. And at that point, if you’re telling stories about people with super-advanced technology commonly available, again, you might as well be writing a Legion of Superheroes story. Which is bad, if you want to write a story about a crumbling, decrepit Gotham where there aren’t robots arresting criminals on every street corner.

It’s like, one or the other. You can’t have both.

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just wondering how you guys think jean's first game against the ravens goes down

OKAY SO! We have the amazing Margii (thx-quxxn) to thank for most of this one ‘cause she’s the only one who was organised enough to actually write thoughts down <33

- Okay, so now that jean isn’t on the ravens anymore, he can breath easier when playing exy
- only he can’t, not really, because he’s still plagued by nightmares and his automatic responses when he does something wrong is to flinch like he’s going to be hit
- because that’s what happened in Evermore if he messed up
- but it’s not like that now

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anonymous asked:

i think antis are forgetting that what TMZ and what the people who read them want- they want a scandal. they want gossip. they want something to turn to their friend and say "GOD, did you hear about that one direction member? the kid isn't his. after 2 months" they want hot trashy gossip- they don't actually care about the celeb's well being. (thank god larry is real, but ok for the sake for fictional louis, poor thing) THATS WHAT THEY WANT. they dont want larries. we're nothing to them.

“they want a scandal. they want gossip. they want something to turn to their friend and say “GOD, did you hear about that one direction member? the kid isn’t his. after 2 months … they dont want larries. we’re nothing to them.”

preach it from the damn mountain tops, anon. 

‘the larries’ are irrelevant to tmz and to tmz readers. this is not about us; it’s about the gigantic (contrived) scandal tmz’s been building to for months that’s going to satisfy their readers need for the latest most dramatic gossip and their desire for schadenfreude. it’s a win/win for readers and for tmz’s reputation as a credible shocking celebrity news-breaker.