trois glorieuses


27 July 1830 is the first day of the July Revolution, which makes today the first day of real barricading, hurrah!  On the 26 July the king’s infamous July Ordinances were published, limiting freedom of the press, among other indignities, and the people of Paris took to the streets in crowds the next day.  Fighting broke out late in the day on the rue St-Honoré in front of the Palais-Royal and only intensified during the next two days.

Enjolras has got her gun, Combeferre has got his surgical instruments, and they’re ready for barricading, woo!

Some details (in tumblr’s crappy resize resolution):

Sigh, I swear one day I’m gonna find a way around that evil tumblr automatic resize…After all these July drawings are done, I promise I’ll make a post with just details of these drawings, because the god is in the details, as they say.  :)

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Holy crap, two weeks of this already…?  Man, usually doing a drawing a day is a bit taxing, but this shit right here?  This was a beast.  But luckily my husband happened to be away on business last night, and I was on fire.  So yeah, four-figure drawing, twenty-four hours.  Bam!

Today, the 28 July 1830, was the fiercest day of fighting in the July Revolution, at least at the Hôtel de Ville, where Enjolras and her crew were.  I decided to try a battle charge that didn’t have Enjolras for once.  So we have Courfeyrac, armed with Enjolras’ bitch gun (oops, I mean, pocket pistol)…

…Prouvaire, with a sword cane…

…Marie Deschamps, with a musket…

…and Feuilly, with a dueling pistol borrowed from Combeferre that is totally offscreen in this picture.  :)

Maybe I should do a companion piece with Enjolras, Combeferre, and Morhéry in the same charge…Too bad Bahorel, Joly, Laigle, and Grantaire aren’t at this barricade, though I can’t say I’m sorry to have fewer people to draw.  Whew!

This whole 1830 revolution sequence, all gajillion chapters of it, was one of my favorite parts to write in Virago, and I think it’s very difficult to capture the passion of how I feel about it in a visual art form.  But I guess I’m pretty satisfied with how this turned out.  Happy July Revolution, everyone!

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