here’s the thing

for tumblr answer time, i ask every celebrity the same question

so far i’ve done misha collins

dj khaled

troian bellisario

sean o'pry

gavin grimm

tj miller


and so far not a single goddamn answer. 

i’m gonna keep going until i get a straight answer or @staff​ stops me

Hi Tumblr, have a question for Troian Bellisario?

Actress, writer, and producer Troian Bellisario will be joining us for an Answer Time to take questions about her new film Feed right here on @postitforward​ on July 26th at 3pm EST.

Submit your questions here! 👈

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So this is to no one in particular but I’ve been a fan of Tom for over six years now and whenever I tell people they’re always like “ugh I don’t know I mean he’s not that good looking…” So here are a few of my favourite pictures - and if that’s not good looking then I just don’t know. (feel free to add)