me: hi!

pete: hello!

patrick: hey!

joe: hi there

andy: *waves*

me: *stands there in shock because im a giant nerd who is starstruck*

patrick: *giggles*

pete: *smiles*

me: uh, i just wanted to say thank you for making your music. it got me through a really rough time of my life and i just wanted to thank you

pete: aw, thank you for saying that

joe: thanks!

andy: *smiles*

patrick: thank you, i’m glad it helped you and i’m proud of you for making it this far

pete: do you wanna take the picture now?

me: sure *still can’t say much because i feel like i’m gonna pass out*

pete: is a normal picture okay?

me: uh, yeah

pete: you sure?

me: uuh.. uh huh

pete: okay

pete and patrick: *puts their arms around me*

me: *stands there awkwardly*

pete: *laughs* you can put your arms around us

me: oh, okay

*after pic*

patrick: thanks for coming! i appreciate what you said earlier

pete: yeah, we’re proud of you

joe: thank you so much!

andy: *waves goodbye*