trogon family

sailor-anus  asked:

does trogon feel any remorse for being a terrible (adorable) little bird-parent... and i'm not sure if you've said, but what about their partner? are they still with trogon, and do they also feel any bad for throwing the baby in the trash either

 There is “regret”…not because of the kindness of their heart, but because of “dignity”.

Now on Trogon’s partner, Turaco, whom for reasons was made unaware of Petee’s conception…

Turaco was nearly as shitty as Trogon. Their families were close, and their marriage was nearly an arranged due to the extreme pressures on Daws to be wed before 20. The two had a loveless, passionless marriage. Turaco in particular was disgusted by Trogon and their desires for sexuality in their life, and believed that giving into one’s “urges” was to become like an animal, such desires were only rational when reproductive in nature (which the couple agreed neither wanted to do). Turaco used sexuality as a way to shame and manipulate Trogon, especially early on in their relationship.

Ol’ Turaco however was not so “urgeless” when it came to other desires however. They passed away 2 years ago from fatty liver disease due to a diet mostly consisting of seeds nuts and bread (improper for any bird to live on). Prawn believes that Turaco’s death is the cause of Trogon’s impalpable nature, but this was an issue long before Turaco’s death.

Trogon is a bad bird mom but Turaco would be an equally shitty parental figure.