/// A few weeks back we had the privilege of taking part in the first ‘Congregation’ vintage motorcycle and hot rod show in Charlotte, North Carolina. The show was a blast and featured every kind of bike from our Yamahas to choppers, BMW’s, plus vans and hot rods. Big thanks to @prismmotorcycles for putting on such a great show and inviting us.

Context: The party has fallen into a cave full of troglodytes after having all of their gear stripped away from them. I am playing a monk modeled after Batman.

DM: You successfully pick the lock, inside you see a hallway & three small trogs on the other side of a half-wall.

Me: I want to interrogate them about our equipment!

DM: Roll intimidation

*Natural 20*

Me, in my best Batman voice: WHERE’S MY UTILITY BELT?!?!

Babies: *cry*

*adult troglodyte walks in and slaps me for scaring her children*

To this day the group reminds me every time Batman or the intimidate skill are ever brought up.

(((A little background - I’m dming a Pathfinder game for my siblings, who are 13 and 10-who-acts-7. It’s my first time dming a game that’s not pre-made, and I came up with a troglodyte (“trog”) filled mine for them to clear out. My brother the 13yo is our rogue, and my sister is our fighter. Our NPC cleric went missing shortly before the rest of the group (my siblings and the NPC wizard) entered the mine. This scene takes place right after a fight with two trogs, which the rogue came out of unharmed.)))

Dm(me): As you look around the room, you see the door you came through and a spiral staircase in the corner.
Rogue: [ic] I should go down the stairs first. We don’t know what’s at the bottom.
[Fighter and Wizard agree]
Rogue: [ooc] I go over to the stairs and look down.
Dm: You can’t see anything except a faint glow.
Rogue: [ooc] I want to sneak down the stairs.
Dm: Ok, roll me a D20 for stealth.
Rogue: *rolls a Nat 1* Fuck.
Dm: *silently laughing* You get two steps down and trip and tumble down the stairs, making crashing sounds. *rolls* You take 1 damage.
Rogue: [ooc] *also laughing* Fuuuuuuuck. I got through a fight unharmed, only to be defeated by the stairs. *pauses* What’s at the bottom of the stairs?
Dm: An iron-barred cage containing the missing member of your party.
Rogue: [ic] Hi, [cleric]. We left a note for you at the inn.
Dm: [as cleric] Yeah, that’s nice. Can you get me outta here?
Rogue: Sure, hold on. *yells up the stairs* Guys, it’s safe! And I found [cleric]!
[Wizard and Fighter come down the stairs]
Dm: It’s a rather small room that you’re in. The stairs are the only visible entrance.
Rogue: [ooc] I move to the other side of the cage and tug on the bars to try and break them.
Dm: Ok, roll Strength.
Rogue: *rolls* uhhh, 6? No wait, that’s a 9.
Dm: ok, roll dexterity for me.
Rogue: *rolls suspiciously* 12.
Dm: You tug on the bars, lose your grip, and fall backwards through the wall.
Rogue: [ooc] SECRET TUNNEL!


Riding with the Rolling Bones to TROG 2017. My life pretty much rocks. #rollingbones #trog #hotrod (at Wildwood, New Jersey)

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#tgif a little caffeine & gasoline to get you going. #trog this weekend. Nice clip by @fosterbuilt giving you a preview of the upcoming races. Good luck gentlemen and women.
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Oh, it’s ON!! See you this weekend!! Visit the @hdmuseum for the special #trog exhibition. Films by @fosterbuilt (at Wildwood, New Jersey)

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Well it runs pisses water everywhere but it runs #theraceofgentlemen #trog #hotrod #hamb #shredkustoms #modela #ford #fomoco #flames #headers #racecar #62 @62hotcat @dustys_ap @mkivdeath @wagoon78 @jameshofersucks @bfiggidy @instajoeryan @yeoleghost @theraceofgentlemen @ghostmobhwy187

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