Too soon?

Taylor paced back and forth across the living room in her Nashville apartment. Every so often she would look out the window at the spring blossoms starting to cover the trees. She was waiting for her best friend Abigail to get there. They were meeting this afternoon anyways, but not until 4pm when Abi could get off work. Taylor had been pacing for about an hour, ever since she was writing in meetings and appointments in her diary and noticed it had been way more than a month since she had last put a little purple dot sticker which she used to mark when she got her period. Since then she had been going through everything that was flying around her mind, trying to stop herself from panicking and calling her mom or asking Abi to come earlier. They were both very busy and didn’t need her worrying them…. Right?

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5 nites with boloon boy a true story

i t was a dank and stormly night. i was in my howse as ususall. i had too check the closest, i had to check the bed and both the dores. i was keepin a watch out for any spoky frightnight animatronicos that might tyry  to get insi de. i forgot to cekch the clossest tonight until i thot it was too late. foxyx could kill me naow. im became a spook, but the bravery voice iside my body told me to be brave. i went ogre to the close.  i was rilliy scared but i trned the flashligt on. it was belloon boy!!! i was so hapy. “boolons boy what are you doinf in my room?” i asked. “just hear to sell sum balons” he winked at me. you can inflate my balloon any day of the week i told him and smilled. “great lets do it” he said. hegot ready to put his air pump into my balloon if you kno what  i mean. suddinly i heard voise from inside the hall. “are  u cheatin on me again” it was plushtrap. oh no. plushtrpoap was my BOYFRIENDG!!!!!!!! what ever shall i do! quickly i grabbed a bready and covered up my gelitals so plushtrap couldnt see my sex. he said “that is one massive bready  u have there.” “why thank” i said and i got a booner so large that is exploded the whole room the end