HIYA! well anywhosers, in honor of reaching 2,000 followers, I have decided to do a givaway:) there will only be one winner and they shall be chosen on the 28th of February (in about a month or so) at 6:00 PM EST I won’t be giving much away since I am a college student and I am on a very small budget so this totals to about $50 worth of stuff (I though I could be nice) so here are the rules:

  • Must be following me
  • Must live in the United States (I’m sorry to all of my other followers who do not but I don’t have enough money to ship international, I might do one just for you later, don’t give up hope)
  • must be alright to give me their home address/email to confirm. :)
  • one reblog per person (it’s easier to keep track of who reblogs that way)
  • no likes (again makes life easier)

Now that that’s over with, one lucky winner shall obtain said prizes:

  1. 1 book charm of choice
  2. one avengers lanyard  of choice (the things you put your keys on)
  3. warm bodies button
  4. loki ring
  5. “I ship it” T-shirt (s/m/l)
  6. the hunger games/deathly hallows bracelet
  7. sherlock “boring bracelet”
  8. Parabatai Ring 

oh and if you wanna see a bigger picture feel free to click the pictures and look around. :) 

“You love me too Lottie?”