My experience in reading The Fault In Our Stars
  • Before reading TFIOS:I've heard its a very good book but a bit sad
  • Whislt reading the beginning:D'AAAAWWWW AUGUSTUS WATERS AND HAZEL ARE PERFECT!!!
  • Whilst reading the middle:what, Why is this getting all sad?!
  • Whislt reading the ending:AAAAHHHHH!! *drowing in tears* WHY?! FUCK YOU JOHN GREEN HE WITH THE, AND THE, AND OKAY? OKAY.
  • After reading TFIOS:You should read it! It's a really good book *smiles*

Divergent quotes

“He turns toward me. I want to touch him, but I’m afraid of his bareness; afraid that he will make me bare too. ‘

Is this scaring you, Tris?’ ‘No,’ I croak. I clear my throat. ‘Not really. I’m only…afraid of what I want.’

‘What do you want?’ Then his face tightens. ‘Me?’

Slowly I nod.”