do you ever just think about the fact that even when ronan lynch was dying and being unmade he still fought for his friends? that he brought back birds and stars and mint leaves and pieces of paper with unguibus et rostro written on it when he was literally being pulled in and out of consciousness by the demon???? because even when ronan lynch was dying he “snatched at light” for the people he loved and there is literally nothing more tragic and beautiful than that


Depending on where you began the story, it was about  C a b e s w a t e r.

              Cabeswater was not a forest. Cabeswater was a thing that happened to look like a forest right now. This was a peculiar magic that meant that it was always very old and very young at once. It had always been and yet it was always learning itself. It was always alive and waiting to be alive again.


“A clue to the building’s original identity was painted on the eastern side of the building: MONMOUTH MANUFACTURING. But for all their research, neither Gansey nor Adam had been able to figure out precisely what Monmouth had manufactured. Something that had required twenty-five-foot ceilings and wide open spaces; something that had left moisture stains on the floor and gouges in the brick walls. Something that the world no longer needed.”


Depending on where you began the story, it was about H e n r y  C h e n g.

              Henry had never been good with words. Case in point: The first month he’d been at Aglionby, he had tried to explain this to Jonah Milo, the English teacher, and had been told that he was being hard on himself. You’ve got a great vocabulary, Milo had said. Henry was aware he had a great vocabulary. It was not the same thing as having the words you needed to express yourself. You’re very well-spoken for a kid your age, Milo had added. Hell, ha, even for a guy my age. But sounding like you were saying what you felt was not the same as actually pulling it off. A lot of ESL folks feel that way, Milo had finished. My mom said she was never herself in English.
              But it wasn’t that Henry was less of himself in English. He was less of himself out loud. His native language was thought.


Neil went back to Wymack’s side and relayed Andrew’s message. He expected Wymack to brush off Andrew’s threat without batting an eye. He wasn’t expecting Wymack’s amused huff and dry, “Just promise me this isn’t going to be a problem.“ (The King’s Men)


Depending on where you began the story, it was a about  N o a h  C z e r n y.

              The problem with being dead was that your stories stopped being lines and started being circles. They started to begin and end in the same moment: the moment of dying. It was difficult to focus on other ways of telling stories, and to remember that the living were interested in the specific order of events. Chronology. That was the word. Noah was more interested in the spiritual weight of a minute.
              It was easy to know everything when time was circular, but it was hard to remember how to use it.


Depending on where you began the story, it was about the G r a y  M a n.

              It seemed peculiar that he couldn’t quite remember his decision to become a hit man.
              He remembered the academic portions of his life as a historian back in Boston: the lectures, the papers, the parties, the archives. Kings and warriors, honour and wergild. He remembered the Greenmantles, of course. But everything else was difficult to piece together. Hard to discern what was true recollection and what was merely dream. Back then he’d strung one gray day into another, and it seemed likely that he had lost weeks or months or years to this foggy dissociation. Somewhere in there someone had breathed the word mercenary, and somewhere in there someone had given up his identity and become the Gray Man.


The Raven Cycle Relationships → Pynch || They kissed again. Adam felt it in more than his lips. He knew that of all the options in the world, Ronan Lynch was the most difficult version of any of them. He knew that Ronan was not a thing to be experimented with. He knew his mouth still felt warm.