Med school

I have not blogged about my life in med school since I was really busy with it. To quote my preceptor, “Med school is just like a walk in a park…Jurassic park that is.” I knew med school is really hard but once I set my foot in it, it definitely is really really hard. I may not be good in writing stuff but I’ll try.

At first, culture shock. I didn’t expect myself to be in culture shock since I have not experienced it while going into college. I’ve convinced myself that I’m good at reading people’s uhmmm attitude? No, I’m not a psychic or what. The way people speak and their body language makes them predictable to me. But I don’t usually believe in my “intuitions” not until med school. Med school has a lot to study for in order to succeed and I don’t have any time to have some fake bitches around me. Will be talking about this more in a separate post.

Academically, luckily, we get to study the same topic in different subjects. It’s hard but not that hard once you get to stitch them all. That made my 1st quarter life in med school kind of easy in some way. As time went by, topics are now piling and jumbled in each of the subjects that I became really frustrated because I couldn’t get the topics as easy as 1st quarter. I get frustrated that I lost track on some of my subjects that I didn’t maintain my grades when the 2nd quarter ended. I was top ten in a subject and had only one subject to focus on much more, I am talking to you biochem. 2nd quarter wasn’t my time. I’d promise myself never again be discouraged and frustrated in my life again. It has affected me really bad. To top it off, we also had some issued in the house. A serious one that it occupied me more than med school.

Everything was really hard for me. Making friends, maintaining desired grades, and family. I am ambitious and I am expecting a lot from myself since I graduated from college. But I think this is an asset. I may get frustrated in the little things easily but that keeps me going in my everyday battle with med school. I have been sick twice for the past semester, I have cried and anything awful. It’s really a roller coaster ride for me but I know I’ll enjoy it. Everything will be ok soon.

I can do this.

Uhh, woah, never thought it’ll be this short. I’ve got lots of feelings inside me but this will do for now.


They’ve got a lot of flavors to choose from and you can try the petite ones if you’re skeptical. If this is your first cream puff, then good. You won’t be disappointed…because you can’t compare this to any other cream puffs which tastes much better than this one! Ha!

Hype is a hype. 

BTW, coffee comes out of that box thing (4th to the last photo) that’ll cost you P65.00 for an Iced Caramel Macchiato. asdfkjsa;ldkfjaskdjf;

So much disappointment. Might as well shed my P45.00 to Krispy Kreme donuts.

Samgyeopsal at Chosun Galbi

Hmmmmm if technology would let us smell the goodness of what’s in the photo, we would go bankrupt and fat.

Discovered this place thru my handy-dandy foursquare app. I always rely on this app, and even the looloo app is quite handy for awesome reviews and photos by everyone!

Gone gaga over samgyeopsal since this day. I think I’m finally moving on with my Japanese food phase and going into Korean. No regrets here! Well, dimsum is another story. It will forever be in my heart you know.

Condiments and utensils on the table

Side dishes served once order is placed.

Kimchi. It can’t be Korean without this stuff.

Seashell’s meat. We call this in local dialect as “kinason”.

Dried fish. “Bolinaw” in my dialect.

These were  my favorites out of all that was served. But everything was really delicious even the macaroni salad!

The star of the show! samgyeopsal + lettuce and some chili.

Grilling and eating time! This is a no-rice lunch. I’d say, yes! The first time I said no to rice.

To eat, just wrap the cooked samgyeopsal in the lettuce together with the side dishes served. I say, PUT EVERYTHING IN!

There’s also a sauce(you can spot it in the photo above), I forgot the Korean names of it but there’s this red one, the spicy one, which you’ll use if you want the meat rolled in the lettuce. And this sesame oil with salt for when you just like to eat the meat by itself.

It was a good meal with the boyf. It was our late Christmas and early new year date.

Expect more post of samgyeopsal in the year 2015. Samgyeopsal phase in on! Also, I want to try bibimbap soon! And that Korean army stew. Yes, I have tried kimbap if you ask.

I live to eat.