“Dear Trixxie–

I’m afraid that, due to Eye Protocol 55B, I was forced to incinerate the culinary dessert product you deemed to send me. There is no being too cautious when you are an agent of the Arcane Eye.

As for your accusations of my acting out certain scenes of… unmentionable novels… I think you are rather confused. Doing so would be highly indecorous and unsuitable for someone of my rank.

Perhaps you are confusing me with one of my less esteemed colleagues…?”

-Agent Inka


“Squaksworth! As I am tied up in the battle against Scarlet’s Dominatrix 3000, I need you to acquire me a suitable valentine for the upcoming event. I am placing my trust in you, do not fail me. Understood?”

- Moments later -

Audible screaming can be heard in the distance…


Gif Source:

Aha! I had some ramblings with the wonderful Lady Midna the other day and might’ve sneaked quite possibly one of my favourite photographs thus far! Quite astounding how well this one came out, if I may say so myself.

P.S: In other news, I do apologize for the lack of content coming out from my end due to university commitements, i’m trying my best to find instances where I can get something out, and hopefully i’ll have quite a few in the coming week or so with some time off! Take care, have fun, and ta-ta!

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