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Trixie vs Delta/Detox/WeHo girls Masterpost

For the confused souls out there who don’t understand how this came to be, heres a summary of what has happened so far. I took the screenshots from Reddit cuz It was easier that way for me. You can also find a discussion there

So it all started when Delta Work posted this on her personal facebook

The fact that she mentioned the word ‘doll’ plus this reply from Detox’s personal facebook

Lead people to believe that they were talking about Trixie. A picture was posted on the comments with the few queens asking Delta if said queen was there and she responded with ‘No’. Trixie was missing from that picture so the speculations grew. Apparently according to Delta the fans who were speculating were the ones who were ‘creating storied behind a keyboard’ despite the fact that she started vagueing, oh the irony, so she posts this  

Ah yes, we should totally not start shit on our own right, even though this all started because of Delta seeking for attention in the only way she could. So later on we get some other vague tweets from Detox 

So far its all vague, but remember we shouldn’t be creating stories from our keyboards right guys???? Well…..

So now it is confirmed they are talking about Trixie, we have Kim Chi trying to make sense out of this, or you know letting Detox know there’s more than one Hamburger Marys in the states. The we have a comment from Sharons fiance who still isn’t tried from arguing with teenage girls on twitter, cuz we totally care for this

But it isn’t over yet as we have some side comments from Morgan McMichaels because we totally asked for that as well 

So how does the person who started all of this aka Delta feel? Well as for her there is still no feud between her and ‘the fucking pig’, I mean obviously this isn’t feud right? right? 

What’s the most interesting thing about all this is the fact that we still don’t know what exactly did Trixie do? It’s funny cuz it’s always these LA queens starting petty shit, need I remind you Raja vs Pearl, Delta vs Kim Chi or when Delta came for Miss Fame? How can you forget the ever so lovely Fuck yo purse gate? So don’t worry this is a typical thing for the WeHo girls.

So how is Trixie doing in all of this? She hasn’t responded and is continuing to live her life as a legend, icon, star 

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I keep hearing rumors that Valentina might pop up on AS3 and the only reason I feel like they would bring her back is so that every other queen on that season (Trixie ESPECIALLY) can read her down to her individual bottom lashes.

what i wouldnt give for a trixie vs valentina fight…

The Signs as RPDR7 Lip Syncs
  • Aries: Katya VS. Kennedy Davenport - "Roar" - Katy Perry
  • Taurus: Jaidynn Diore Fierce VS. Kandy Ho - "Break Free" - Ariana Grande
  • Gemini: Pearl VS. Trixie Mattel - "Dreaming" - Blondie
  • Cancer: Jasmine Masters VS. Kennedy Davenport - "I Was Gonna Cancel" - Kylie Minogue
  • Leo: Ginger Minj & Sasha Belle VS. Jaidynn Diore Fierce & Tempest DuJour - "I Think We're Alone Now" - Tiffany
  • Virgo: Ginger Minj VS. Trixie Mattel - "Show Me Love" - Robin S.
  • Libra: Miss Fame VS. Pearl - "Really Don't Care" - Demi Lovato
  • Scorpio: The Final 4 - "Born Naked" - RuPaul
  • Sagittarius: Jaidynn Diore Fierce VS. Max - "No More Lies" - Michel'le
  • Capricorn: Kandy Ho VS. Mrs. Kasha Davis - "Lovergirl" - Teena Marie
  • Aquarius: Katya VS. Sasha Belle - "Twist of Fate" - Olivia Newton-John
  • Pisces: Kandy Ho VS. Tempest DuJour - "Geronimo" - RuPaul

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3 4 5

3. Most underrated runway look?

Lineysha Spark’s wallpaper dress

4. Most overrated contestant?


5. Most unjustifiable sashay?

Pearl vs. Trixie

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Detox and Delta Work claim to have T on Valentina and have been tweeting and vaguebooking about her faking her accent and putting up this character for camera time and then Michelle Visage said something like I can't wait to comment on this when the season is over with Delta replying 👀👀 like why are WeHo queens always being so messy what did Val do to them? It's like Raja vs Pearl , Delta/Detox vs Trixie or Raven vs Bob all over again.

literally who even cares!!! Even if she did put on a bit of an accent she’s definitely Mexican and I don’t see a problem with it if it’s her culture she’s representing. From what I’ve seen is that she really loves her culture and displaying it in her drag. Like Jaymes puts on a voice for his character???? it shouldn’t be a big deal if it is true.

Valentina seems to be getting all this hate from other queens and I dont get it :(