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aternate scene from The Night Of The Doctor
  • Eight: Charley, C'rizz, Lucie, Tamsin, Molly...
  • ...Samson, Gemma, Mary, Helen, Liv, Bliss...
  • ...Sam, Stacy, Ssard, Fitz...
  • ...Compassion, Miranda, Anji, Trix...
  • ...Izzy, Fey, Kroton, Destrii, Josie...
  • Eight: ...Grace.

The Eighth Doctor’s Companions

Grace Holloway, Bernice Summerfield, Stacy Townsend, Ssard, Sam Jones,
Fitz Kreiner, Compassion, Miranda Dawkins, Anji Kapoor, Trix MacMillan,
Mary Shelley, Gemma Griffin, Samson Griffin, Charlotte Pollard, C'rizz,
Izzy Sinclair, Fey Truscott-Sade, Kroton, Destrii (human disguise), Lucie Miller,
Tamsin Drew, Susan Campbell, Alex Campbell, Molly O'Sullivan and Liv Chenka.

On the subject of Fitz Kreiner

Is it so difficult for people to have nice, happy headcanons about Fitz?

As odd as it originally seemed, Lance Parkin did set him up with Trix, so why can’t the Doctor take them to the ‘honeymoon planet’ mentioned in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode “Death of the Doctor”, the same one that ey later will drop Amy and Rory off at prior to that episode? And Eight can come and see them both whenever ey wants to relax or has a moral dilemma. Then the Time War comes and ey really does have a moral dilemma and Fitz and Trix help em to decide that ey should stay out of the War but still try to help people, sort of run damage control. And the Doctor hugs them both and promises to come and see them again when it is all over, only that is the last time either Trix or Fitz sees em.

Oh Gosh, it really is hard.

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I’ve got no problem with Trix, or even with the pairing but the way it was done was really unconvincing. The last few books kept switching between Fitz thinking the TARDIS was home and then not, and it was just unsatisfactory and weird and then they just dropped the romance in at the last minute after they’d never shown any interest in each other that way before or even seemed that close. And of course then we ended up with the final book being written by someone who hated Fitz so much he pretended to kill him off in the middle of the book so there wasn’t any chance of there even being a satisfactory cliffhanger. (If you can have one of those.)

I think that as you say Fitz would have convinced himself they were madly in love, but it wouldn’t have worked out. Trix still had a lot of stuff to resolve about her own life and I feel like they were just too different. Fitz is a massive romantic (like Eight really) and Trix wasn’t.

//Oh gosh - I was trying so hard to be delicate, but I’m really glad you agree.

I really, really disliked Trix. First of all, she just had a terrible attitude towards everything and the Doctor in general. I can’t imagine Fitz would have actually stood for that.

The writers couldn’t keep she and Fitz’s relationship straight and they kept bouncing back and forth between each other with this weird relationship dynamic. It was really lame how they felt the need to just… pair him up with someone who clearly was a terrible match for him and just call it macaroni.

Obviously, they were trying to find a way to either phase him out or make him a less prominent cast member. I definitely agree with you that he was far, far too much of a romantic for it to have worked out in the long run. Hell, half the time she was a huge jerk to him, too and I really didn’t like that. I don’t think the Doctor would have put up with it as much either.

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Fitz, what do you think of Trix? (( what are mun's thoughts on Fitz/Trix))

“… She was one amazin’ bird, that Trix.”

// Mun’s thoughts:

My Fitz ended up breaking things off with Trix. Primarily because there are no Trix roleplayers and it’s a pain in the butt to have a NPC Trix off in the wings somewhere. Easier to have all contact just severed.

Honestly? I thought Trix was an interesting character but I didn’t like her too much just because of how… bitchy she was. She was big spitfire, so when she and Fitz got together I was sort of like “Uh?” because he’s such a mellow hippie. Then again, two people like that tend to even each other out!

I sort of felt like Trix was an attempt to pull away from the increasing Fitz/Doctor dynamic. There was some talk in one of the later books of them leaving the Doctor after they defeated a particular enemy and… frankly I think this was the writers saying “Ok, we need to phase Fitz out and move on to other companions.”

As is his nature, Fitz sort of decided that she was the love of his life (as he tended to do with anyone who showed any inkling that they cared about him romantically) and I’m okay with that. I think it would have been sweet to see the two of them living on together adventuring (IF they ended up sticking together.)

Just my two cents. :) I don’t think Fitz would have wanted to settle down, really. Not completely. However, I think the romance between he and Trix was pretty much in character and would have liked to see more of it’s development.