i know. i get that. i get that when you see jungkook rank jimin last in looks or see jungkook swat jimin away for messing with him while he’s trying to sleep or teasing jimin for being short that you think jungkook’s rude and hates him and blahblahblahblahblah. 

but then what if you go past those moments to the ones you don’t get to see on camera? past those moments where jungkook’s uncomfortable in front of the camera and with jimin trying to kiss him on TV where his family might see this?? go past them to the radio shows where jin’s scolding jungkook for sleeping in jimin’s bed or jungkook’s saying that he goes to jimin when he’s sad. or when they’re hanging out together in the studio filming a log on valentine’s day and comparing who got more chocolate. or when they’re performing and jikook meet eyes and start grinning like idiots. when jimin asks jungkook how he feels about the no more dream choreo and jungkook’s talking about how he’s getting used to jimin’s weight and how he has to do it well bc what if jimin falls? when jimin asks jungkook to record a song with him and jungkook gives up gaming or sleeping or whatever he likes to do in his free time to record with jimin. when jikook film videos together gushing about their next trb destination. 

like i know it’s easy to think that what you see of bangtan is like the be all end all and that they spend all their time in the limelight or whatever but they don’t. there are so many so many moments that we don’t get to see. and even jimin’s said that jungkook is way different behind camera than in front of it. 

it’s not for everyone i know that. jikook is not for everyone. but in the face of jimin seeming to love jungkook so so so so much in front of the camera. there has to be something about jungkook, that jungkook does for jimin behind the camera that makes jimin feel that strongly right?

asuka, womanhood, and misato’s yellow shirt

So, I recently discovered that the yellow shirt worn by Asuka during Episode 9, 15, and End of Evangelion is not actually Asuka’s shirt. It’s Misato’s. 

I’m not pointing out this seemingly insignificant fact for the fun of it – because it definitely seems like a trivial, if not somewhat interesting, little detail – but like most things in Evangelion, Anno’s taken steps to imbue it with hidden and revealing character subtext. Eva often uses sequences of recurring, outwardly unimportant visual cues to tie some underlying theme to a character or characters. So why a yellow shirt? Turns out, it’s actually a pretty interesting symbol for womanhood and ill-fitting sexual expression.

More under the cut.

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El juego del extraterrestre

Por si no lo han notado, soy una persona bastante ansiosa. Odio conocer gente nueva. No sé, el tener a alguien completamente extraño frente a mí y verme forzada a intercambiar palabras con dicha persona me revuelve el estómago.

El problema es que la gente es usualmente interesante, solo que me no doy cuenta hasta después de varios encuentros y pláticas, luego de pasar por todos los rituales de conversación casual y datos triviales.

Es por eso que inventé el juego del extraterrestre. Es estúpidamente simple, pero ayuda mucho cuando eres como yo, es decir, una inadaptada social (¡hurra!).

Para jugar, solo debes pretender que tu interlocutor es un ser de otro planeta. Imagina uno de esos extraterrestres verdes de Hollywood o inventa tu propia especie, no te juzgo. Una vez establecida la premisa, todo lo que dice la persona con la que hablas se vuelve aproximadamente 83% más interesante.

¿Quiere hablar sobre el clima? Por supuesto, amigo alienígena, te proporcionare datos sobre la atmósfera de este planeta tan nuevo para ti. ¿No deja repetir las mismas frases de siempre? Está usando mecanismos de defensa, copiando a otros humanos, es mi deber continuar con la conversación como si fuera la primera vez que escucho ese formato para evitar malograr su coartada. ¿Tiene algún tic extraño? ¡Aún mejor! Analizaré cada movimiento que lo pueda delatar como no-humano, para convencerme de que en realidad estoy entablando una conversación con una especie intergaláctica.

Y así va el juego. Si te esfuerzas, al final hasta te lo terminas creyendo y disfrutas la conversación. No es nada emocionante o mágico, pero a veces uno tiene que crear su propia diversión.

Saludos terricolas,


High Aspirations

Adorning oneself with high aspirations is one of the characteristics of Islam, [and aspirations] are the base for negativity and positivity [within] your personality, and is a supervisor over your actions. Having high aspirations will attract endless good from Allah that is never cut off, so that you may rise through the levels of perfection; and the blood of endurance will flow in your veins, and you will run in the fields of learning and acting [upon what you have learnt], so that people will only see you standing at the doors of virtue and not outstretching your hand except to important affairs. It also eliminates trivial hope and actions, and it uproots within [your heart] the tree of humiliation, degradation, adulation (excessive grovelling), and compromise [on behalf of the religion]; so the person with great aspirations is composed and not terrorized in [dire] situations. As for the person who has lost it, then he is a fearful coward, whose mouth is shut by his impotence.

Do not confuse high aspiration with pride, because the difference between them is like the difference between the heavens that give rain (again and again) and the earth which splits (with the growth of trees and plants). High aspiration is the adornment of the inheritors of prophets, and pride is the sickness of those who are sick with the sickness of the wretched tyrants.

O seeker of knowledge! Prescribe for yourself high aspiration, and do not let it escape you. The religion has pointed towards it in [religious] issues that are connected to your [everyday] life; so may you always be alert in taking advantage of it - for example: the permissibility for the religiously obliged person to purify himself with dust if he does not have water at his disposal, and not forcing him to buy water [in order] to use it for ablution; and in this is a blessing which is surely attained from [high] aspiration, and with this measure all other [examples]. And Allah knows best.

From: The Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge, by Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd

i wonder if we will ever reach a perfect level of emotional understanding between the genders. Like how women tend to think men are too out of touch with their emotions and men believe women are overemotional when in most cases there’s too much of either happening in excess to be healthy. 

While being emotional isnt inherently a negative, the reaction that stems from emotional outbursts and the subsequent attempt to rationalize it because of how ~you felt~ doesn’t hold up in a court of law. How you feel doesnt make fact and being more emotional/passionate about something doesnt make your opinion more valid. On the other hand men will very casually disregard a woman's’ opinions and judgement solely because he doesnt see her feelings as valid. To completely trivialize another human beings existence because of something you cant process is abusive as hell. 

That disconnect between personal relationships and a macro world view is a very dangerous line that we tread daily. I mean i dont know how to fix it but its interesting to think about. 

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I hated the way they trivialized Graham and Robin's rape in Once.

yeah, it is absolutely my biggest grievance with the show. i’ve talked about it before and there’s no justifying it, but i try to reconcile with it because i enjoy the so much otherwise. but it makes me really mad. and upset, frankly.

“It’s not cultural appropriation I’m just appreciating their culture” 

Nah son here’s the thing every element of a culture has significant value to them and you can’t just cherrypick from their cultures to your desire. They are not for you to own. You spend most of the time looking down upon us and mocking us for our accents or traditions but the second you see henna/dreadlocks/bindis you’re like “ooh that’s a nice aesthetic I want it.”

If you are picking and choosing from peoples’ cultures you are wearing their traditions as a fashion and whether you like it or not you’re turning our cultures into a costume, which is HIGHLY offensive. 

If you wanna appreciate our cultures you can do so by speaking up for our rights or helping our people, but not by trivializing our traditions to your goddamn white girl instagram post.

Parents who are overly involved in the lives of their college-age children are folks we love to scorn. A steady stream of articles and blog posts bristle with indignation over dads who phone the dean about a trivial problem or moms who know more than we think they should about junior’s love life. But now that a new school year is starting, it may be a good time to ask just how common such incidents really are — and whether “helicopter parenting,” when it does occur, is as damaging as we’ve been led to believe.

While conventional wisdom says that overbearing parents are swarming American colleges, the facts don’t match it

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im having an existential crisis and like i need to be awake in 7 hours for a hair appointment but dying my hair seems very trivial and unimportant compared to the inevitability of death and the incredibly unknowable vastness of the black abyss that is the universe. nothing matters. nothing is permanent. my hair color will fade and ill get it redyed again next month but for what? to contribute even further to my intergalactic pointlessness? what am i?

i understand this completely omg. you should get some sleep so that when you wake up things will be back to normal. oo and what color are you dying it? i want to dye mine

send me anons!!

The last thing I had to do in preparation for my move tomorrow morning was empty out a chest in my bedroom that my grandfather built me so I can bring it to use as a coffee table. I kept this task for last.

It’s where I keep all of my stuffed animals from when I was a kid. All of them.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve believed that my stuffed animals have hearts, and I blame Toy Story for instilling that in my brain at a young age. I just finished emptying the chest, relocating all of the stuffed animals to the top shelf of my (now empty) closet, and I felt horrible. I truly felt horrible. And I don’t know why. I swear, I was almost crying the whole time I was moving them. Who knew I could get so upset over something so trivial?

(but I’m bringing my teddy bear with me)

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omg i know this is stupid but i genuinely cannot get over the connect4 OC thing having a black 4 in a row as well as a red one im sorry for even sending this bc it's so trivial but it has frustrated me and i had to tell someone sorry

there…is no black that’s four in a row???

alright so…ive been diagnosed w depression nos and add for a while now and they nvr determined whether i had an axis ii disorder but i rlly think i have bpd?? is self-diagnosis ableist?? theres lots of things i dont tell my therapist/psychiatrist bcus i dont trust them and i certainly fit the criteria…but at the same time i feel like by doing this im trivializing ppl who have been formally diagnosed and i dont want that….but i dont want to talk 2 my therapist abt it bcus ive lied alot and i would have to open up to a bunch of things and i dont want to be in a hospital either and im just


It is possible for anger to reveal a manifestation of itself so that others become aware of it’s presence. This manifestation such as shouting is a reaction to a COMBINATION of misery and a perceived a "wind up" even if the “wind up” on it’s own is trivial. The presence of two negative situations simultaneously creates a negative situation which is the manifestation. THIS MANIFISTATION COULD BE EVEN MORE NEGATIVE.