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Do you think POTO can fulfill any form of social purpose in society? How is it good for the world?

It’s a form of art and entertainment that people have enjoyed in various forms for over a century.

For people who have been isolated or ostracized, the characters (especially the Phantom) are something they can identify with, something they can use to cope when undergoing stressful situations.

It provides a way for people to connect to one another. People who love it have found others that feel the same way and formed strong friendships or romantic relationships in that way.

It teaches us themes of acceptance and compassion; that monstrous people are not created on their own, but by a judgmental people and society can create; and that redemption is still within reach for them.

And the adaptations, and particularly the ALW musical, has provided fairly steady jobs for actors and crew for the last thirty years.

i hope tyler knows how important he is. his art and what he’s doing for so many people. what he started in his basement when he was seventeen in an attempt to save himself has saved so many people—it’s really incredible what him and josh are bringing into the world through their music. it blows my mind when people think that art is trivial, or unimportant, or just about being able to make things that look or sound nice. because what they’re doing with their music and their band is real art. the people they’re saving and giving hope to through nothing but a few words and melodies strung together, that’s art. they’re proving to the hopeless that they aren’t alone in their struggles, and that they genuinely understand what they’re going through. they’re connecting to the people who need connections the most with their music. and i just hope that when tyler questions whether or not the songs he’s writing are good enough or worthwhile, that he knows how important he and his art is to so many people. 

I haven’t been on here a lot at all, and today I decided to take a look and see what has been happening in the fandom and everything, and… 

What is going on? 

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Some of those two octave male singers write most of their lyrics by themselves, compose the songs, and play their instruments, which Mariah doesn't do. Maybe you shouldn't trivialize the art of people because there voice isn't as impressive.

Mariah Carey has written all of her music and is literally known for being exceptionally gifted at the craft of composing lyrics. She’s also involved in all the making and producing of her music (as a matter of fact she holds the record for being the producer with the most #1s produced by herself) and fought with her record label for the first 10+ years of her career to have creative control so what I’m wondering is, is why are you here? Have you literally never heard any of her songs? Did you even check the credits of her discography on wikipedia before sending this? Obviously not! Maybe you shouldn’t trivialize a female singer as a non creative image who just goes out and sings while everybody else takes care of the rest behind the scenes because she’s a woman incapable of doing so.



by David Isle

I love reading grandiose commentary on small obsessions. I blog about clothing, so I guess that means I love writing it too. Ulrike von Hase-Schmundt begins her essay on The Kreuzer Collection in Art Nouveau Belt Buckles:

“It appears unlikely that the unbelievable variety and countless number of belt buckles ever made will be collected and documented with something approaching completeness. The Kreuzer Collection, nevertheless, represents a courageous effort to give some idea of this variety by concentrating on major areas.”

Did you know that there are major areas of belt buckles? That someone might describe concentrating on collecting some of them as an act of courage?

You may think this exaggerates the importance of the belt buckle. And yet, the world’s beauty is so vast that we could never understand it all at once. We have to narrow our focus in order to broaden our understanding, like the Hindu deity Krishna, who ate some soil and transformed it to the entire universe inside his mouth. Karl Kreuzer says of his belt buckles “that the entire spectrum of Jugendstil [the German word for Art Nouveau] in all its beauty, imagination and innovaction, was mirrored in these small, modest objects.”

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Level 1 hipster likes Andy Warhol level 2 hipster hates Andy Warhol leve 3 hipster has moved beyond the trivial restrictions of judging art and has learned to form their opinions like water always reacting with and against the flow of others to maintain peak ironic efficiency