trivia night is fun

It is 12:14 on a Saturday night and somehow I find myself researching superstitions related to magpies.
Did you know that In Scotland a single magpie near the window of a house is not just bad luck but the sign of impending death; possibly because they were believed to carry a drop of the devil’s blood under their tongue, and in some parts of the UK when you see a magpie, you salute it and say “Good morning Mr. Magpie, how is your lady wife?” to ward off bad luck, because a singular magpie is considered bad luck and ill-fortune, due to the fact that magpies mate for life and there’s a children’s rhyme affiliated with it (One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told), so if you see a singular magpie (one for sorrow), saluting it and asking after it’s wife is supposed to suggest two for joy, therefore reversing the sorrow and bad luck the magpie brings with it.
This useless information is now yours to keep, do with it what you will, you’re welcome.

Dating Alex Danvers would include

-You meet because you were good work friends with Kara

-You don’t know what she just other than its dangerous government stuff

-Always staying up late for her with take out and a first aid kit ready

-Being insanely good as a team on game nights

-Cuddling together on the couch having a movie night

-She’s a big spoon unless she’s upset and need to be held

-Staying up late laughing and goofing off together

-Whenever she gets a chance she’ll stop by your work with lunch

-She freaks out whenever there is a threat near where you might be

-She calls you frantically and it sounds like she might start crying

-You assure her you’re okay and give her a tight hug when you see her again

-She insists on teaching you how to defend yourself because the city is dangerous

-The group always teases her because she is whipped

-She would literally do anything for you

-She is always complimenting you or offering you her jacket or buying you small gifts

-Going on fun dates like hiking or bowling or trivia night at the local coffee shop

-Kissing all the time especially forehead kisses before she leaves on a mission

-Fights are rare but can get bad because of both of your stubbornness

-But you always make up because you love each other too much for a stupid fight to break you up

-Being genuinely happy when you are with each other

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hello maddie! I had fun at that trivia thing last night and hope you had a happy easter! I'm so excited to see what's to come from iinyh next and I was just curious if you intended for it to be the same 10 chapter length as atwas and cf?

Ahh I’m glad you had fun at trivia, so did I!! And I hope you had a happy Easter as well! ^.^

Next chapter of IINYH should be out by Thursday~~!! I’m going on a trip this weekend so I’m trying to get it out before then! As for the length I’m aiming for ten chapters but it’s possible that’ll change. I’m really glad you’re excited to read it bc I’m excited to write it! I have a lot of plans for this fic ;P

Vigilante (Barry Allen X Reader)

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen X Vigilante!Reader
Word Count: 3,693
Author’s Note: This kinda sucks but not even kidding I spent all day on this and I’m pretty proud of it so?? I’m posting it!! I should probably edit it more but I’m too tired )):

“You know, Flash, we have got to stop meeting like this.” 

The leather-clad man sighed. “We wouldn’t keep meeting like this if you’d just stop robbing banks.”

You sighed and rolled your eyes. “And why would I do that?”

“Because it’s illegal? Or maybe because deep down you’re not a terrible person?” 

You chuckled bitterly. “You don’t know anything about me, Speedy. How do you know I’m not a terrible person?”

“You haven’t killed anyone. Obviously you’re not a saint, but you’ve yet to seriously injure a single person in your robberies.”

You shrugged. “Whatever you say, Scarlet. Can we skip to the part where you try to catch me and fail, and I escape with the money?”

The Flash zoomed over to you without responding, pinning your hands behind your back and pushing you against the wall. “You’re not getting away that easily this time.” 

You snorted. “Kinky. Should’ve known you would be thanks to that full body leather suit.”

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prompt: au where clarke works for a secret government agency and she has powers. after a long, hard day, she comes home and just lays on the couch and just cries. bellamy walks in on her still in her special suit. he tries comforting her. clarke realizes that she just revealed her identity to him. but he already knew because he works in the agency as well. do what you want with this :) xx

Ooh, this one was good! I hope you like it! :))

(I recommend listening to Seafret - Atlantis while reading this.)

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Some days it doesn’t matter how many lives she can save. All that matters is how many slipped from her grasp. All that matters is how much blood has been spilled when it shouldn’t have.

Raven pats her back and Monty offers a hug, slick with sweat and empty in a way that none of them know how to fill again. They’re just people. God, they’re just people and Clarke wants to scratch at her soul because it hurts. It hurts to know that she can press her palm and wish tissue into binding, but she can’t save a life when it counts.

She settles for digging her fingernails into her palms, tiny crescent moons in her skin, as Kane assures them that they’ve done all they could.

“We would’ve saved Sinclair if we could. But we stopped Emerson.”

Not enough.

Not enough, when she collapses on the couch in the middle of her and Bellamy’s living room, suit still on. They made her one, fireproof. It didn’t do shit to save her heart from the flames constantly licking at it, until it became no more than veins and heartstrings, barely holding her together.

They’re just people. Raven thinks like an engine and engines think like her, Monty breathes chemistry and it’s both a blessing and a curse, and Clarke – Clarke is supposed to heal, even though the only thing she does these days is kill.

She doesn’t hear the doors opening but she hears the keys jingling in that one chipped bowl she made when she was still in college. Bellamy demanded it in the hallway, always more proud of her achievements than she has ever been.

“Clarke? Are you home?”

Her limbs feel so heavy, oh God. It feels like they’re full of lead and she couldn’t move if she tried. Even her soul is tired of fighting a losing battle. The one that must be fought, even though it’s never going to end. The old dichotomy of good versus evil. Never-ending. Painful. And they’re all in too deep to even consider why they started fighting it in the first place.

The couch shifts under her as Bellamy sits down. She smells his cologne first – musky, kind of like the woods his sister likes to go hiking in. They went once and Clarke doesn’t remember when was the last time she’d laughed as much as that day.

His voice is a thunderstorm, but a quiet rumble. The sort that you enjoy when you’re deep under the covers and you don’t have to go outside. The air crackles with electricity all the same.

“How are you holding up?”

She feels his skin against her suit, his hand running up and down her spine like it always does when she’s hurt and he doesn’t know what else to do but be there for her.

Most of the time – it’s enough.

Today it just isn’t.

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Moments (Part 2)

Characters: Jensen X Reader

Anon Request: Hello, I was wondering if i could request a Jensen x Fan Reader fic were they meet at a con. There they keep running into each other. Thank You.

Okay, so I’m doing something a bit different here. I’ve let this run away with me a little, so it’s now a short series.

I consider this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic. This is completely a work of fiction, and I wouldn’t want his reality to be any different, this is purely for entertainment.

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“As soon as I look up, his eyes click onto my face. The breath whooshes out of my body and everything freezes for a second, as though I’m looking at him through my camera lens, zoomed in all the way, the world pausing for that tiny span of time between the opening and closing of the shutter.”  
 ―    Lauren Oliver, Delirium   

After the karaoke show, the two of you retreated to your hotel room. You gushed over the events of the evening to each other, washed your face, and climbed beneath the sheets. When you closed your eyes, though, all you could see were Jensen’s staring back at you. Your stomach was still in knots at the thought of running—running—into the man. The look of his freckles up close, how he smelled, the feeling of his hand on your arm, but the color of his eyes was what stood out most. It was indescribable. A smile spread across your face as you drifted off to sleep.

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Trivia Night

Genre: Humor

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Makorra, Bopal



“If we’re-excuse me, if you’re wrong, you owe me. You owe me so much,” she says in his ear before leaning her back against the chair and pouting.

When he flips the board to show off the answer, Hong tsks and shakes his head before revealing and humiliating Mako with his wrong answer. His partner slaps her hand on the table and glares at him. “You’re not a Mr. Know-It-All after all.”

“Damnit, Hong must be wrong or something. I’m gonna have a talk with him after this.” His seems to be wounded and he’ll pull out the small book of facts that he’s brought with him to study because he does that now. He writes down facts and history so that he can be prepared for the one night out of the week that he ramps up for. He knows he’s right. He knows.

A/N:  This idea was purely from kowabungalow’s amazing, amazing mind.

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oh oh one thing!! I meant to message you about this last night, with your breakdown post there's a fun trivia surprise! the MSPA style for the game actually does have a neck but the way its done is really subtle/very clever, I don't know if it's noticeable at all unless you see the naked model or see a close up. it was so weird the first time I noticed because I was so used to the neckless MSPA style!

Oh that’s neato! :DDD I guess it does make the rig a bit easier to animate when you have the neck included. The stubbiest of necks, hehehehe. Thanks for the trivia, pu!

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I hate it when I hear people saying that lgbt spaces are too sexual cos when I was a young teenage lesbian I went to pride for the first time and I was so scared of going cos people were always saying that lgbt spaces are all about sex so I was worried about going to any of those spaces. Of course when I got there it was not like that at all and the people I met were all lovely but people need to stop spreading these shitty lies about the community cos they can be so alienating

yep, pretty much. i encourage any lgbt people out there who have avoided lgbt spaces because of fears like these to try one and find out for yourself! if you don’t like it, you can always leave. and try another one, because they’re all different. 

here are some tips for finding spaces other than bars (although bars are all different too, and even the same bar can be different on different nights — try one that has a bingo night, trivia night or karaoke night if that sounds more fun!)

how my friend just mindfucked me even more during mercury rx

taurus friend: i want to go to a trivia night, but i feel too tired
me: oh fun! hahah dont go when mercury is retrograding… our brains are all lethargic and we are kind of dumber
wait … is dumber even a word lol?? thats mercury retrograde
taurus friend: Or the retrograde is effecting you so much,  you’re wrong about the retrograde