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Love Is Not Necessarily Forever, But It Can Be

Shakespeare famously wrote in Sonnet 116 that Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds. We now know that fixed, unchanging love is possible, but not the norm. In fact, some theorists even question the idea of a fixed, unchanging self. We are not the same person today as we were 10 years ago. Life experience can alter our biology, thought patterns, and behavior. Therefore, relationships may be challenged when one persons needs change or people grow in different directions. That being said, researcher Art Aron and colleagues at Stony Brook University have shown, that a minority of people reporting long-term, intense love for their partners look the same as newly in love individuals on brain scans, when thinking about their partners.

In summary, love is part hearts and flowers and the stuff romantic movies are made of, and part hard work and commitment. We can love many people, not only our partners and love makes us healthier and happier. A peak experience in the moment, love can also be a lasting facet of our lives, encompassing many different relationships and experiences.

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