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Air sign Moon- Is this Sadness I am feeling?

Air Sign Moons- Out of touch, emotional distance, intellectualizing what needs to be felt. 

Moon In Gemini- Drowning In Ever changing Connections- While these people are curious souls that like to learn from the world around them, it may be difficult for these people to form emotional bonds due to their sporadic emotional nature. They may feel detached from their true emotions, and may escape to worlds of trivia, riddles and mania. As an air sign, the inability to mentally process their emotional may make them feel disconnected from their emotional needs, resulting in unpredictable behavior. These people likely have an inner comic, gaining random facts from places they didn’t know they visited. Ever randomly knowledgeable, it may be their lack of emotional knowledge that is the only thing missing in their hat of paper trivia. 

Moon In Libra- Drowning in Your needs over mine- Lunar Librans may feel a need to have someone special in their lives, and truly value friendship and partnership. This can lead to a more passive emotional attitude, where their own emotional well being may be put after the well being of those they love. Ever the diplomat, they have an innate need for peace and harmony, and love finding common ground between themselves and others. As an air sign, they may find it difficult to understand their own emotions, as they cannot be intellectualized and balanced. Disharmonious emotions may cause unwanted turbulence, which may cause detachment. Their selfless heart should be admired and appreciated, but they also need to learn that sometimes the me first attitude that tips the scale can protect their insides.

Moon In Aquarius- Drowning in All Of You-  Lunar Aquarians may find it easier to connect on humanity as a whole rather than individual people due to their humanitarian stance on life. They may feel that ideas, concepts and intellectual exercises are much easier for them to process than pure emotion, which can lead to the characteristic detached emotional nature of the air signs. these people may also feel like an inner outcast, suggesting that even if they fit in on the outside, this isn’t the same inside. In cases of emotional stress, they may become eccentric or manic, for they fear that their objective view of people may become compromised if they become to close to just one. While their inner rebel tells them that emotions are not objective enough for their recognition, the feeling of loneliness that can erupt from this may suggest otherwise. 

Love Is Not Necessarily Forever, But It Can Be

Shakespeare famously wrote in Sonnet 116 that Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds. We now know that fixed, unchanging love is possible, but not the norm. In fact, some theorists even question the idea of a fixed, unchanging self. We are not the same person today as we were 10 years ago. Life experience can alter our biology, thought patterns, and behavior. Therefore, relationships may be challenged when one persons needs change or people grow in different directions. That being said, researcher Art Aron and colleagues at Stony Brook University have shown, that a minority of people reporting long-term, intense love for their partners look the same as newly in love individuals on brain scans, when thinking about their partners.

In summary, love is part hearts and flowers and the stuff romantic movies are made of, and part hard work and commitment. We can love many people, not only our partners and love makes us healthier and happier. A peak experience in the moment, love can also be a lasting facet of our lives, encompassing many different relationships and experiences.

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