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Code: Realize: Wintertime in The City of London

This was the most challenging scan I’ve done to date. For one thing, I scanned this from the original source, which is a 20 x 29 in wall scroll sold exclusively at the 2015 Otomate Winter Market. Being that big I had to scan it in parts (a total of 8) and then slowly merge everything together in Photoshop for a total of three days working on this.

The end-result is a beautiful image featuring Cardia, Van & Impey out grocery shopping in downtown. I understand there is a short story posted on Otomate’s website that goes along with this illustration. In theory it takes place sometime after the “end of the game” regardless of which route you follow as Cardia is not wearing protective gloves to guard against her poison. It’s worth noting that in neither Van’s nor Impey’s route Cardia had been rid of her poison by the end of it, so I’m sure we can safely assume it will be dealt with in the upcoming Fan Disk since this image implies a time beyond & after upcoming events from the FD.

Trivia: the address listed is “211B Baker Street”. This is the fictional “official” address for Herlock Sholmes within the universe of Code: Realize. If you search this address online, you will see instead “221B Baker Street” which is the fictional address Sir Conan Doyle gave to Sherlock Holmes in his works. Likely for the purposes of this game & copyrights the address was slightly changed, but still obvious enough to appreciate the nod to the original.

Finally, I just want to gush on about just how GORGEOUS Cardia looks on her white Victorian dress. So pretty & all lady like right next to whom I like her the most with, a very handsome gentleman by the name of Sir Abraham Van Helsing. He is looking at his pretty lady as far as I’m concerned. I really worked very hard to put this one together so I hope everyone enjoys it. Here’s to all of you my lovely followers. Thank you so much for the love!

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