At the beginning of the fight scene between O-Ren and The Bride in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003), after O-Ren says, in Japanese, “I hope you saved your energy. If you haven’t you may not last 5 minutes”, it is exactly 4 minutes and 59 seconds from the time she steps forward and the music cues, until the fatal blow of the duel.

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The Beatles, with Princess Margaret, at the royal world premiere of Help!, London Pavilion, 29 July 1965

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A further image, scanned from a book by photographer John Howard, along with a fan story to go along with image 7, has been posted at thateventuality previously, here.

▪ ‘Brokeback Mountain’: 10 Years On, An Oral History by Out Magazine (September 2015).

A definitive oral history of the film, featuring: Ang Lee, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Randy Quaid, Annie Proulx, Diana Ossana, and Larry McMurtry

By Aaron Hicklin July 28 2015 9:30 AM EDT

“The shirt seemed heavy until he saw there was another shirt inside it, the sleeves carefully worked down inside Jack’s sleeves. It was his own plaid shirt, lost, he’d thought, long ago in some damn laundry, his dirty shirt, the pocket ripped, buttons missing, stolen by Jack and hidden here inside Jack’s own shirt, the pair like two skins, one inside the other, two in one.”  — Annie Proulx, Brokeback Mountain

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  Despite being considered one of the finest performances of Ava’s career, Bhowani Junction was not the film director George Cukor wanted due to intense censorship and re-editing by MGM. Like they had in all of her other films, MGM forced Ava to hold on to her glamorous movie queen look, and forced Cukor to change one of the most important scenes in the film—the rape scene, which proved Ava’s acting talent better than any other. Another scene that was cut was one in which Ava uses Granger’s toothbrush after dipping it in Scotch. 

Stewart Granger was not the first choice for the role of Savage; Cukor said, “I wanted Trevor Howard. Stewart Granger was just a movie star and he brought out the movie queen in Ava. She was good, but she and everything else would have been better with Trevor Howard. He’d have been more cruel, more real, in their whole affair.“ 

Most disappointing, after screenings of the original film (which was told from Victoria’s standpoint) MGM thought the preview audiences weren’t sympathetic to her, so demanded the film be instead changed to be the colonel’s story. This meant the film had to be completely rearranged and they added a voice-over narration and told the story in flashback form. 

Despite it not being the film Cukor envisioned, and despite it’s downfalls, the film is still worth seeing and shows Ava’s acting talent and range. 


“When Michael Palin as Pontius Pilate addressed the soldiers daring them to laugh, he was truly daring them. The soldier extras were ordered by the Pythons to stand there and not laugh but not told what Palin was going to do. Palin, in fact, can be seen to barely stifle his own laughter when saying “Biggus Dickus” in front of the soldier asked if he finds the name “risible”.” 

Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979)

the signs as middle eastern-north African-central Asian countries
  • Aries:Iran, Lebanon
  • Taurus:Afghanistan, Jordan
  • Gemini:Saudi Arabia
  • Cancer:Kuwait, Oman
  • Leo:United Arab Emirates, Yemen
  • Virgo:Azerbaijan, Tunisia
  • Libra:Palestine, Morocco, Uzbekistan
  • Scorpio:Syria, Armenia
  • Sagittarius:Kurdistan, Iraq
  • Capricorn:Egypt, Turkmenistan
  • Aquarius:Algeria, Bahrain
  • Pisces:Libya, Turkey, Tajikistan
29 Perfectly Lazy Products Your Bedroom Needs

1. The Lazy Glasses

So you can actually lie down while reading or watching TV. 

2. Shoot Again Indoor Basketball Hoop Set

Be athletic from the comfort of your own bed. 

3. The Bedfan

No more awkwardly sleeping with your foot out from under the covers. 

4. SipSnap Drink Covers

Because spilling your wine in bed probably means you’ll have to do laundry.

5. Remote Control Pillow

If you misplace this remote, that’s on you. 

6. Bedphones

These won’t hurt your ears when lying down. 

7. Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillow

This pillow detects snoring and automatically inflates to nudge the snorer to turn over. 

8. Thumb Thing Book Page Holder

One hand for book, one hand for snacks. 

9. The Bariseur Alarm Clock and Coffee Brewer

Wake up to the fresh scent of coffee every morning. 

10. Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

The joy of cuddles without the annoyance of other people. 

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The monolith is the name given by humans to the mysterious black slabs found scattered throughout the Solar System. The monoliths were created by an unseen alien race, known only as the “Firstborn” […] They are capable of many different functions. TMA-0 (the retroactively numbered monolith discovered in Africa) and the Europa Monolith served as a catalyst for evolution, encouraging the development of sentience in lifeforms. TMA-1 was a sort of "burglar alarm,” alerting the aliens that the humans had left Earth. TMA-1 reported to its “brother,” TMA-2, found in orbit around Jupiter. Humans were able to identify the signal sent from TMA-1 towards TMA-2, alerting the humans to the existence of TMA-2. This was the catalyst for the Discovery One and later, the joint US-Soviet Leonov missions. While the monoliths remain mostly a mystery to humans, it is hypothesized that the magnetic anomaly on the Moon, and the signal sent upon the Sun touching TMA-1 for the first time after its excavation, were purposely done by the unseen alien race to compel humans to explore farther and encourage space travel. The Jupiter monolith served as a gateway to a transit system, opening up when a decided specimen was found; in one case it was David Bowman, who was pulled into the monolith and was turned into the “Star Child”, an entity of pure energy who functioned as a probe for the Firstborn.”