The Empath is one of my favorite TOS episodes. After Kirk volunteers (in the scene above) to be tortured in the place of Spock and Bones, the Vians tell him, “We’ve already observed the intensity of your passions, engaged your capacity to love others.” Later in the episode, Spock volunteers to be tortured in place of Bones, and Bones knocks him out with a hypo to prevent it. The crux of the episode hinges on the Triumvirate’s ability to sacrifice for one another, to love each other more than they fear pain and suffering. It’s a goddamn beautiful episode. 

In summary, it’s this comic in Star Trek form:


The Beard Sequel has arrived
You guys know Chris is Full Chop Bald now right





Multiples Bonuses because I cannot stop:

  • Bones: Who thought that this was a good idea?!?!
  • Spock: Doctor I assure you I had taken every possible scenario and risk into consideration when planning our current course of action.
  • Bones: Yeah, but did you take him into account?
  • Kirk: Hey guys, check out this weird flower, it keeps trying to cuddle my neck. I think it likes me.
  • Spock: .... I have no excuse.

Starfleet Admirals get worried when Captain Kirk bursts into their offices.

Starfleet Admirals get a little scared when Captain Kirk bursts into their offices followed by Commander Spock.

Starfleet Admirals get fucking terrified when Captain Kirk bursts into their offices with both Commander Spock and Doctor McCoy by his sides. 

let’s play a game called Why is Bones on the Bridge?

  • an actual medical emergency
  • he was bored
  • he wanted to make sure Jim was behaving
  • he needed his daily dose of argue with Spock time
  • to see a first contact
  • to show off his awesome juggling skills
  • a pathogen that turns people blue has swept the ship and the bridge is the only place not contaminated
  • to stab Jim with hypos
  • to gossip
  • he’s just there to look pretty

Jim is from a ‘pop’ state

Bones is from a 'coke’ state

Spock lived in San Francisco to go to Starfleet Academy and that is likely where he first learned about slang and casual sort of speak of the English language so he’s probably firmly convinced that it’s 'soda’ (California is a 'soda’ state)

now just picture the triumvirate fighting about which exactly is the correct way to refer to a sugary, carbonated beverage

are u as amused as I am?