triumph of the ill

I feel bad for the people who think of Harley Quinn as only either a hot pink, shoot ‘em up Barbie doll or an idiotic psychopath with an incurable boner for Joker.

Harley is a strong character who embodies the struggles and triumphs of the mentally ill and the abused. She is smart, clever, and her fun-loving nature doesn’t negate that. Remember her compassion and good heart, good enough to have HYENAS as pets and be unafraid, good enough to befriend the icy Poison Ivy within minutes of meeting her. Even her misguided infatuation with Joker is a byproduct of her kind heart, or it was supposed to be at the start.

Harley Quinn is a good person, no matter what recent comics and bad writers and DC fuckboys will have you believe.

FFXIV civilisation character asks

Send me an ask with any of the following!

  • Ul’dah: What’s your financial situation?
  • Limsa Lominsa: How accustomed are you to sea travel?
  • Gridania: How much respect do you have for nature?
  • Ishgard: How pious are you?
  • Ala Mhigo: What’s the worst thing to happen to you?
  • Sharlayan: How educated are you?
  • Garlemald: How comfortable are you with technology?
  • Doma: What’s the longest journey you’ve made?
  • Radz-at-Han: What’s the rarest or most antique item you own?
  • Allag: What is your greatest triumph?
  • Nym: What’s the worst illness you’ve ever suffered?
  • Amdapor: What is your perspective on the Void?
  • Gelmorra: What have you got to hide?
  • Belah’dia: What’s your greatest internal conflict?
  • Sil’dih: Who’s your worst rival?

♔  T H E  W A R S  O F  T H E  R O S E S  ♔

1464 - 1478: THE MIDDLE

She-wolf of France, but worse than wolves of France,
Whose tongue more poisons than the adder’s tooth!
How ill-beseeming is it in thy sex
To triumph, like an Amazonian trull,
Upon their woes whom fortune captivates!
But that thy face is, vizard-like, unchanging,
Made impudent with use of evil deeds,
I would assay, proud queen, to make thee blush.

Henry VI, Part 3 (1.4.111-118)


❁ Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England - leader of the Lancastrian faction; commanded Lancastrian forces at the Battle of Tewkesbury; imprisoned after the battle and ransomed to the French in 1475
❁ Katherine Vaux, Lady of Great Harrowden - lady-in-waiting to Margaret of Anjou, followed her into imprisonment and exile before returning to England
❁ Isabel Neville, Duchess of Clarence - wife of George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence; died of either consumption or childbed fever on the 22nd of December 1476
❁ Margaret Beaufort, Baroness Stanley - widow of Sir Henry Stafford who died of his wounds after the Battle of Barnet; then married Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby
❁ Anne Neville, Duchess of Gloucester - widow of Edward of Lancaster, Prince of Wales, who died at the Battle of Tewkesbury; then married Richard, Duke of Gloucester
❁ Anne Beauchamp, 16th Countess of Warwick - widow of Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick who died at the Battle of Barnet; fled into sanctuary at Beaulieu Abbey until 1473 when she went to live with her daughter, Anne; Anne’s inheritance was then carved up by her sons-in-law “as though she were naturally dead”


♔ Battle of Hedgeley Moor - 25th of April 1464
♔ Battle of Hexham - 15th of May 1464
♔ Battle of Edgecote Moor - 26th of July 1469
♔ Battle of Losecoat Field - 12th of March 1470
♔ Battle of Barnet - 14th of April 1471
♔ Battle of Tewkesbury - 4th of May 1471

introducing STARS  ARE  FARTHER ⭐️ミ

STARS  ARE  FARTHER is a Twine game about chronic illness and going to space, and finding triumph therein. The player will help a chronically ill girl named Chaya to achieve her goals while balancing her health and keeping the ghost that haunts her stomach at bay.

Chaya is among the many residents of Chirpit, a peaceful place under the stars, but unlike her friends and neighbors, Chaya is sick. The malicious ghost that resides in her body saps her spirit and weighs her down with pain and fatigue, tethering her to the ground. But Chaya is not content to spend her days in bed and watch her friends go higher and higher. She wants to do what they do: she wants to go to space. But Chaya’s energy is limited, and her symptoms easily exacerbated, so she must find a way to build her own spaceship in spite of her illness, because the ghost will never leave.

The goal of STARS  ARE  FARTHER is to help Chaya in her day-to-day life as she collects the parts and undergoes the training to build and operate her very own spaceship. It is a text adventure game with resource management mechanics – but instead of materials, the resources the player must manage are Chaya’s own health stats. Her energy and clarity are quickly depleted, her pain and nausea worsen over time, and if she works too tirelessly, her spirit will decline.

Chaya has big dreams, and she can’t accomplish them without help. Although they do not often understand her struggles, the other residents of Chirpit teach and assist her to build her spaceship. Chaya can travel through the town and its surrounding areas to explore and scavenge for parts, talk to her friends and neighbors for training and equipment, and help them in return. Although the ghost ever looms to weigh her down, it is Chaya’s indomitable spirit and cheerful outlook that will drive her to triumph!

Chaya’s day-to-day life is daunting and often frustrating, but full of hope and encouragement nonetheless. My hope is that this game will leave an impression of what it is like to live with a chronic illness, and the immeasurable sense of triumph when one succeeds in spite of it.

STARS  ARE  FARTHER is being developed by by madi ballista (@timetravelresetbaby) and tim (@skeletim), written by madi ballista, with art by @ashantifortson.

STARS  ARE  FARTHER is a text-only adventure game developed in Twine 1.4 with Sugarcube, a web browser-based engine for interactive fiction. There are no plans to implement graphics in-game, but the game will have official art to accompany it.

The game is still in early development, and we don’t have a hard release date yet. It’s a project we’re working on in our spare time, but we are hoping for a tentative 2017 release.

Feel free to drop any queries in the ask box!

lars IS an asshole and a lot of things he does cant just be excused with mental illnesses but the fact that the fandom can’t seem to sympathize with him at any level and always feel such animosity towards him at all times is concerning. as someone who’s mentally ill, being that can get pretty ugly when you’re displaying its negative symptoms and lars is currently showing that side a lot since its still only the semi beginning of the show. i appreciate how real he feels when it comes to that and i love the direction theyre taking with him. i know he’s gonna keep growing and i cant wait to see the contrast from how he was in the beginning to when we start reaching the end of the show. it’s gonna be really inspirational and important for mentally ill people to see his growth and triumph. you don’t have to like lars but all i ask is that you could be a little more understanding because he’s important to a lot of people

Looking for the following submissions:

1) Photography of chronic illness

2) Artwork (drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc) about chronic illness

3) Poetry about chronic illness

4) Pictures of your mobility aid(s)

5) Letters to abled people (between 100-250 words)

6) Illness triumph stories (Between 100-250 words)

Submissions may be featured in a spoonie newsletter this coming month!

You know, it's really hard to be a writer

Even when we succeed:

Novelists so often get over looked in a sea of books.

Screenwriters get overshadowed by actors and directors.

TV writers get blamed for every ill and barely recognized when they triumph.

Fanfic writers often get told they have no right to tell their stories at all.

But we write anyway. Because not to write is an unthinkable option that would leave us few choices in the world other than outright madness.