triumph of dead

Sweet Wolf

Pairing: Robb Stark x Reader 

A/N: I think I rushed a bit on this story but I hope people still like it!! You can read my other stories here!! 

Request: “Hi! I absolutely love your writing :) I wanted to see if you could do a reader insert where the reader is Robb’s betrothed, but when the royal party comes to visit Winterfell, Jaime develops feelings for her and they actually have a lot in common, making Robb feel a bit insecure, but the reader only has eyes for Robb”?

Prompt: You and Robb couldn’t be any happier. It actually makes Theon gag sometimes at how cute you both are. Everything in Winterfell is actually perfect until the Royal Party comes to Winterfell and all the Lannisters with it. Jaime is just as charming as everyone says he is and for some reason he finds you just the same and all of a sudden Robb isn’t always so happy anymore.

She was everything he had ever wanted. In such a cloudy and cold place, she was the sun. Never once has he seen her frown, it’s like her mouth cannot turn that way. Everywhere she went, he would follow without a second hesitation. Her laughter was more beautiful than any song and it was a terrible day if he had not heard it. She was too good for the North, but here she was and this is where she would remain; with him. 

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 2 Full Translation.




pages 26-36

“It’s from Abarai kun. “Can’t we gather this evening?”

Hinamori Momo’s name is also in the address field.

“Is Hinamori san also invited?…what about you?”

Understanding, and simply raising his face to reply, Genji smiled and placed his hand on the piled documents.

“Can’t you see this Lieutenant Kira?”

“….I will give your regards to everyone, Principle of the Academy”

That said, Izuru also returned the smile.

Whilst the two were talking about the situation, a woman with black hair flew in from outside the open window. Her shiny ponytail swayed with the movement of her head.

“Are you having fun?”

With both hands at her waist, she laughed, it was Shihoin Yoruichi.

“Greetings, Shihoin Sensei!”

“It’s been a while, Shihoin san”

The two tried to stand up but were halted by her hand, Yoruichi lowered her back somewhere across from Izuru.

“Well, the first time in half a year Kira. Are you getting along well with Otoribashi?

Captain of the third division, Rojuro Otoribashi, has a deep understanding of music, not only for appreciating musical composition, but also enjoying the act of playing musical instruments as a hobby.

When Yoruichi was serving as the head of the Shihoin clan, Rojuro would sometimes commission the Gagaku* squad of the Shihoin clan to repair and tune instruments that he brought from the human world.

(*note: Gagaku is a type of classical, ancient Japanese imperial court music). The relationship that existed between these two is an old friendship. Once or twice a year Yoruichi visits the offices of the 3rd division bearing gifts from the human world. On the occasions they would exchange words a few times, Izuru became an acquaintance as a result.

“uhh well, as it is. I’ve gotten used to musical performances during my duties also.”

“… You can get used to it?”

Izuru shrugged his shoulders to Genji’s question. At the headquarters and offices of the 3rd division many musical instruments are placed, lined up side by side, depending on the mood of Rojuro however, the musical performance can start during duties with disregard for others. At first Izuru criticised it, but since after the musical performances he noticed his work efficiency improve remarkably, he tolerated it.

“You turn a blind eye to it! If you took up musical instruments from that guy, nothing is left!”

“I won’t do anything”

Yoruichi nonchalant at disregarding Genji’s chiding glance. These two people seem to be doing well, Izuru smiled from his inner heart.

“By the way…. How is the work of a lecturer? Shihoin Sensei”

“Ha! Youngsters tease me…”

After a fleeting glance at Izuru, Yoruichi transferred a large scrap of paper into Genji’s palm.

“Persons who have their names here can already enlist in due form”

Genji looked at the written down names, grunting and eagerly nodding in agreement.

“What are these circles affixed to these kids?”

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The Ghosts of Direct Action

“U.S. Army Sgt. Anthony Walker, a psychological operations specialist and veteran of three tours in Afghanistan, who for a time was attached to the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) —top-tier special operations forces —later described how easy it was for completely innocent bystanders to get caught up in night raid missions.

Walker described and provided photographic evidence of two war crimes committed, he said, by a young Army Ranger of the 75th Regiment on the outskirts of Khost City in eastern Afghanistan in 2008: two pictures, one of a woman’s corpse with a large rectangular piece of her neck cut away, in what Walker says was the aftermath of a fellow soldier’s cutting and taking this piece of her flesh as a trophy (which he then held up in the air in triumph), and another of a dead and bloody-faced teenage girl lying next to an AK-47 rifle, captioned by Walker as “the practice of placing weapons next to noncombatants for photo ‘evidence.’”

"Walker says he tried but failed to stop the attack which led to the deaths of the woman and girl in the pictures. During a raid on a targeted individual in one house, the Rangers had stationed a sniper team on the roof of another nearby house to provide cover for the raid team.

But there was one so-called “Military Aged Male” (MAM) in the house who grabbed an AK-47 and fired a warning shot into the thick stucco ceiling to scare away those on his roof. Walker says the “MAM” must have assumed they were criminals, as the Rangers’ assault had not been announced by the noise of a Black Hawk helicopter or any other blatant signal. Instead, the team had driven into the area quietly, so there was no reason for the “MAM” to assume those on his roof were American soldiers. But when he fired off the round, “that’s what got everything started,” Walker says. “The atrocity.” The only AK-47 rifle in the house was the one that had been fired through the ceiling. In response, Walker said, one Ranger killed the family —the woman and the young girl in the pictures, as well as the boy who had fired the warning shot into the ceiling. As it turned out, the family was not just innocent, but the family of Awal Khan, a colonel in the U.S. created-and-funded Afghan National Army. His position in the ANA helped to generate some news coverage of the attack, which confirmed Walker’s story and added more detail.

The family had not assumed they were under attack by criminals, but since the father worked so closely with the U.S., they thought it was the Taliban who had come to get revenge. And the casualties, it turned out, were more than Walker recalled. Killed were the colonel’s wife, a schoolteacher; their 17-year-old daughter; a 15-year-old son, presumably the one who had fired the warning shot; his brother, a seven-day-old baby; and the unborn baby of Khan’s cousin who, despite being shot five times and losing her child, managed to survive. Another of Khan’s daughters was also wounded but lived. Walker said it was “standard practice” to plant a “drop gun” as evidence against innocent people, such as they did against this family. It was a “regular thing” to the Rangers of the 2nd Battalion. In fact, he said the “entire regiment did it all the time.” Walker further claimed that a two-star general, and deputy to then-JSOC Commander Admiral McRaven, “investigated,” then assembled the soldiers and instructed them on their story in case anyone asked. He told them to say that all four adults in the house —counting the teenage girl and her 15-year-old brother —went for the one AK-47 at the same time, giving the Ranger no choice but to waste them all.”

From: “Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan" by Scott Horton

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I think you've already addressed it, but what are your thoughts on the whole "The Kids chose to reject the character arcs SBURB was imposing on them in the post-retcon timeline" and the whole "The pre-retcon wasn't any better the kids were just suffering" line of thinking.

Yeah there are some applicable rants in my #bluh bluh huge bitching alert tag, but I can summarize. Unfortunately I’m using a non-xkit computer right now, so I’ll have to quickly jump in and edit this under a read more and tag it once it’s posted.

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Walking Down Memory Lane

A/N: I wrote this on a whim of hoping it would turn out okay, but now I am considering a part two, hmmmm…

Summary: Reader is half demon, and has the Winchester brother’s memory wiped, Castiel revives Sam and Dean’s memory of the reader in their lives back, Dean is enraged of his memory being wiped, but it doesn’t help that he has the mark of Cain now.

Warnings: Blood, gore, vampires, a little bit of MOC!Dean, amnesia, and language.

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word Count: 1,805

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Here you were, walking into another bar, another location, another night you would waste away. You saw skanky women in short skirts, horny men in their 30′s probably having a mid-life crisis, and a few good Samaritans who were minding their own business.

“Whiskey. Keep em comin.” You told the bartender as you sat on the wooden stool.

The bartender brought over the glass filled to the rim with bourbon, then leaving to go serve the other awaiting people at the end of the bar.

“I’m sorry for asking, but, do I know you?” A rough voice said from the stool next to you.

“Probably not, I don’t go many places, I don’t know you, now can yo-.” You snapped, but turned your head to see him. Dean Winchester. You had to leave. You couldn’t be here…with him!

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