triumph of a heart

Hallelujah, You’re Home

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          It’s been two years. Two years since they’ve felt rain on their faces. Two years since they’ve seen their families, since they’ve spoken to their families. Two years since they really started to learn what war was. Two years since they stopped being teenagers and became soldiers. Two years since they left Earth. Three, for Shiro.

           But now they’re going back. They’re going home.

           Well, for a little while, at least. The war isn’t over. The Galra Empire has been taking over the universe for over 10,000 years, it can’t be taken down in simply two. But in two years, the Voltron Alliance has grown substantially, and they’ve taken down enough Galra higher ups that Voltron is almost universally known and called upon, and with fame, comes questions. It’s not a secret anymore that the five Paladins of Voltron are from Earth. Everybody knows, so there’s no point in avoiding Earth anymore. At least, that’s what the Paladins keep telling Allura. Earth is vulnerable now; it’s a target, and with it’s technology as unadvanced as it was when they left, they’re at a serious disadvantage if the Galra ever attacked. They probably still have no idea that aliens even exist. Earth needs Voltron. Earth needs the Voltron Alliance, and the Voltron Alliance needs Earth.

           Also, Lance just really needs his mom.

           So, here they are, entering the Milky Way Galaxy, all waiting anxiously at their stations on the control deck.

           “Ha! Boom, bitches! Wi-fi is up!” Pidge punches her fists in the air in triumph and ignores the half-hearted look her father shoots her when she says “bitches”.

           The others have long since gotten used to Pidge and her amazing technical ability, but they still all look at her in shock, except for Matt. He had obviously helped her.

           “Pidge, how the hell did you get wi-fi in space?” Keith asks incredulously.

           Lance nods in agreement. “Seriously. Tell me how I can’t get a signal in the desert outside of Galaxy Garrison, but you can get one past Saturn.”

           At this, Pidge snorts and raises an eyebrow at them. “You didn’t have me. Or amazingly amplifying Altean technology.”

           “Something tells me it was mostly the Altean tech.”

           “Shh and bow before my genius.”

           Pidge, Hunk, and Lance all immediately grab their phones and start scrolling on them, ignoring Coran’s announcement that they’ll be to Earth in two dobashes.

           “Oh my god. They told everybody we’re all dead. We have a memorial!” Pidge exclaims.

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silky embrace of a beast | seoab

genre | brothel au.
summary | a nightly visit to the beast’s cave which involves silk, a sense for novel, and no clothes at all.
warnings | graphic smut, mature content.
word count | 2407.

Your coat was unbearably long, almost kissing the ground, hugging your body like a cloud of smoke, dark grey, in a mocking way as it hogged the limelight. Your erratic fingers were making sure, before you left, that no glimpse could be stolen, that you would come and go like a thief that visited a museum he knew by heart, but to no triumph; the alarm blurred in a warning red, sound screeching, even though seemingly thousands of people conversed.

You were covered, from head to toe, and yet it felt as if he could see right through the thick layer of fabric and right at your black lingerie that decorated your body and which promised only great things to happen. You couldn’t shake off the feeling, your legs trembling as a response to his piercing gaze, and your toes curled in arousal. The way he stared over his customer’s shoulder, completely fading her out, with his eyes only fixated on you as if you were the only thing in the goddamn world, absorbing you, devouring you, needing you.

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