triumph hurdle


RUBY ROSE - wiping away her tears after the fall of Beacon and reassuring none of it was her fault while kissing her silver eyes

WEISS SCHNEE - being ecstatic to take your surname, as it invites a completely new start; coming to her window every night at the Schnee Mansion and conspire to take her elsewhere

BLAKE BELLADONNA - you and her triumphing over the hurdles brought forth by past relationships and learning to love yourselves together

YANG XIAO LONG - encouraging her to become stronger after losing her arm, kissing the crippled appendage, helping her conquer her abandonment issues

JAUNE ARC - coaxing you during anxiety attacks as you lean on him, saying, “I might not know everything, but I at least know we can find a way to help with this. Trust me.“ 

NORA VALKYRIE - helping her express her sadness more and not hide it 

PYRRHA NIKOS - sheets in disarray as you make love to one another, holding each other close and breathing in one’s scent as your woes are led asunder

LIE REN - showering together, his luscious tresses draping onto your skin as you kneed one another’s temples as though they were cookie dough

TAIYANG XIAO LONG - setting your feelings aside to take care of Taiyang following Summer’s demise and soon finding you’re something he’s needed all his life

WINTER SCHNEE - trekking through Atlas without the clunky robotic march of paladins creeping behind you and admiring all the sights, simultaneously admiring one another for all your accomplishments

SUMMER ROSE - kissing her pregnant belly and seeing every part of her in Ruby

SUN WUKONG - wrapping his tail around your wrist whenever you’re apprehensive and taking action in a time of crisis to defend your honor

SCARLET DAVID - doing his makeup and escorting you on romantic flights all along the academy via his semblance that grants temporary elevation 

SAGE AYANA - giving you the best massages and having the guys help cheer you up and declare you as the coolest gal around

NEPTUNE VASILIAS - trying to teach him how to dance but he just crumbles onto you and you just snuggle on the floor

COCO ADEL - trying on lipstick and letting you get the first taste

FOX ALISTAIR - resting on melancholy hill as you are absorbed by the tranquility, expressing to him how beautiful the world is in great detail so he can imagine it, as he is blind

VELVET SCARLATINA - compiling your best memories into a scrapbook and rocking you back and forth during an anxiety attack

YATSUHASHI DAICHI - climbing all over him as if he were a jungle gym tailored just for you