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AN: Hello there friends! Long time no see! I have been trying to write this ever since the first part came out, and I only just now finished it. Yes, it is the same vain that I have been writing about since I started writing for AQ, but I promise from here on out I will be attempting to revamp my writing by doing something different. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this trite and predictable sequel to ‘Everybody Ships Trixya’

Summary: Trixie realises what Katya was doing the last time they spoke, and endeavors to finally address the elephant in the room.

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Es triste aprender de los errores, ya que tuviste que herir a alguien para ahora hacer lo “correcto”.
—  The Place of Whispers

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Prompt #99 for the dialogue sentence starters! I hope your muse comes back soon! - JT

“I can’t do this anymore…not with you…”

Jack freezes as he tugs his pants back on and looks cautiously over at Gabriel. His (ex?) husband is back in his full Reaper regalia, but the sight of that isn’t what make his stomach churn with fear. No, it’s just those few simple words. 

“You can’t do what anymore?” Jack asks cautiously, praying that Gabriel doesn’t mean what he thinks he does.

“I can’t keep fucking you on the side! I can’t keep pretending to hate you!” Gabriel snarls, taking an aggressive step towards Jack. “I can’t keep sending you back to Overwatch, knowing you may die and I won’t find out until after it happens.”

“Then come back to Overwatch!” Jack snaps back at him, repeated a constant plead. “Come home! Jesse’s there. Ana’s there. Fareeha, Lena, Reinhardt, Torb. Our family is there. You’ve said it yourself. You’re nearing the end of what you can even use Talon for. The only reason you are is because you’re trying to figure out what to do about Widowmaker.” 

“I know,” Gabriel says softly, clenching his fists. “I know! If Widowmaker hadn’t vanished last…” he trails off, his comm unit suddenly beeping.

“Oi! Reaps! Answer,” orders a familiar voice. 

“What do you want Sombra?” Gabriel growls, answering it even as he returns Jack’s confused look. The Mexican hacker knew where he was, why is she…

“I found Widowmaker, or should I say, Odette,” Sombra almost sounds as if she’s grinning. “She broke her conditioning entirely! Earlier today Talon made a move to grab that architech, Satya Vaswani? A mysterious figure calling themselves Odette rescued her and it’s obvious who she really is.”

“So she’s beyond Talon now,” Gabriel sighs with relief. 

“Si. And looks like she picked up a real cutie to play hero with. Tell Abuelo 76 to expect Odette and Symmetra at Overwatch soon. I’ll be slipping out of Talon soon, and you should too,” Sombra adds. “I think things are about to get a bit…chaotic.”



“So…looks like I’ll be listening to you for once,” Gabriel says. 

“Looks that way.”

Somos como rompecabezas. Si le entregas a alguien una pieza de tu ser, cuando se vaya una parte de ti se ira con el, desde entonces te lo aseguro no volverás a ser el mismo, no estarás completo.

-Yo por ejemplo, estoy incompleta

You know you might be an INTJ...

When you’ve read all there is to know about INTJ, find every joke to be overdone and trite, yet still dig deep in hopes of finding yet another nugget of discovery about yourself that will better explain your mind - or at least provide a better justification of that sense of “otherness” that you feel.