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hi hi! just thought i should send in how much i adore your art (especially of zoro cause good lord he looks so rad in your style holy fricknuggets)! the way you draw is so appealing and your ideas are always amazing! you're probably my favorite artist in the fandom! i look forward to more from you and have a great day!!!

Aya, thank you so much!!! And considering how this fandom is overflowing with kickass artists this just makes me go !!!!!////!!!!!!!!!!! I def will have a great day, thank you!!!

Keep up your awesome RP-ing, too!!! <333

‘We’ve come a long way from where we began’ cit. ( See You Again by WIZ KHALIFA. ) (X)

Because me & all of you have come a long way with our blogs. Of course sometimes it was difficult & others times we were ready to give up, but we didn’t. I know people who have a blog for over five years & not even for one day they got tired of roleplaying with their muse. I completely admire those people, as well as those who puts their hearts & efforts to relate to people of the community, not to mention the effort that each one takes in editing, writing & maintaining a blog, balancing the life in tumblr & their real life which, let’s face it, sometimes is pain in the ass :/ & so here we are, after a long & tiring journey, for what concerns me a year. One year of this blog, I still remember my first follower. I still remember how happy I was to start again, after a few years in a fandom full of people who had slowly ruined it bringing only superficial judgments, always based on the popularity of the characters without actually analyzing the personality & the psychology of them. Well today I can say I made the best decision of my life. The One Piece fandom made me discover what tumblr has yet to offer & God only knows how many wonderful people there are on this fandom & non.
Today more than ever I’m so proud to have over 1000 followers. By the way this doesn’t seem nothing in comparison with other blogs, but for me this is an important milestone. I think it’s a satisfaction, actually too big to explain in words but you must know that, with all my heart, I want to say thank you. Thanks for the fun times, for all the times when someone made me smile, for all the joys & tears & simply smiles that each of you offered to me every single day by opening up & talking like we were friends for a lifetime. Thank you so much.
You know many times I prefer to do this kind of speeches instead of posting a followers forever because frankly I think that each of you is important, & you know perfectly how much I care for all of you. However after this goal I feel compelled to write these words & to put on post each of my feelings, trying to let you get them in some way. Just as I feel compelled to tell you things with my heart in my hands & with all my honesty & respect.
& then after these words I hope you appreciate this & just let me give you a big kiss & a big damn hug, I hope I can spend more time with you all & to achieve ever higher goals, gaining your friendship & especially your respect.
& now without further ado we start this first followers forever by Black & his grumpy & stubborn boy called Toffy.

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░  naru-uzumaki’s 8k follow forever!  ░

Holy shittebayo — that’s the only reaction that I had when I woke up this morning and logged onto my blog. I cannot believe that I’ve hit such a milestone. Some of you have been with me since the beginning of this blog [ 3 years muthafuckers woot! you know who you are ] and some have only known my blog for a couple seconds. You guys — you are the reason why this blog continues on. To the interactions throughout the years, the new followers that I still squeal about when I see you come up — to the ones that continue to put up with me no matter what happens – 

                                        All I can say is —

                                           Thank you.

It’s been an up and down year — My life has only gotten busier and busier and I’m no where online as much as I used to be, but you guys continue to follow me, be patient with me and I can’t even express how appreciative I am for every single one of you. Every single one of you has made this blog what it is. It would be no where without the asks that you send me, the responses to the lame starters I have, and all of the above. And oh — my shipping partners. How do you even deal with me anymore?

Below are the people that are just absolutely amazing, some really close to me that have been with me through all my struggles and some I just stalk you from afar and have heart eyes as big as my head because your portrayal is freakin’ awesome [ believe it ]. If you’re not on here, it’s probably because I’m lame and my brain died somewhere typing all these from the shock but do know, I love every single one of you. If I could only put all 8,000 of you on here ♥

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       And that is something I really mean.
Thank you, everyone, that you follow me and stay with me, no matter what crap I post, how down I am, how hyper I am, how much gay shit I post and so on. Really, you stay, you talk to me and that’s something I really appreciate and am happy of. I made some awesome friends and memories, I laughed so much, I ranted so much, with you, together. And that means a lot.

Now, this may be personal, but as I joined the fandom and started roleplaying here with my wonderful Laxus muse, I had to go through so much shit and it got worse, I had problems and worries. Maybe I still have some, but I somehow… Gained new ideas and sights, new motivation from this fandom, the people here. I found a piece of myself back, you can say, even if this sounds kitschy.

       But yes, here we come to the wonderful followers I notice and who also talks to me.

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        [ raijinshuu members ( close friends) ]     [ dreyars (senpais) ]

thank you a lot, again. means a lot to me, that you follow me and write with me. of course, there are many more and I bet I forgot people, I’m sorry if I did! But these persons just talk to me or I notice them rly often on my dash and yea. I hope you also do not feel bad when you’re not bold or something, just means, that i would tell these people more than i would tell other people. they’re closer to me than others. yes, i’m a person who does not trust easily, hope you understand! still means, i love you all. ♥

[[Whoa. So I’ve had this blog for a little over 4 months now, and I gotta say I love being here. In those 4 months I’ve just reached over 600 followers. While I don’t care about the number of people, it still makes me so happy that there’s that many people following. And it makes me even happier knowing that one day I just decided to join the Nintendo fandom, and that I don’t regret that decision one bit. I adore being here, and I love all the friends I’ve made here. 

During the small amount of time here. I’ve made a Skype group for the Smash RPers, and I’ve made a Confessions blog for the Nintendo fandom. And the reason why I did those things was because this fandom just makes my day. When I came to this fandom I had just left one which made me depressed. I literally only joined this fandom to see if I could get my creativity back/see if I still enjoyed RPing. And this fandom did; it rekindled my love of writing and RPing. So thankyou all.

Now that the soppy stuff is out of the way, here’s the list~ If you’re included on here once but have multiple blogs, it goes for all your blogs. Sorry if you’re not included here/I forgot to add you here.]]

The Gang: Smallboyz

littleballofpower, monadohero, robxters, sxaelida

The Crew: people in the Smash/Nintendo fandom that I enjoy talking to often.

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The Hype: people who I consider myself to be good friends with and/or who I love to RP with.

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The Shoutouts: people I love to see on my dash and would like to one day RP with (or RP with more).

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