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Okay, okay. I’ve always had a soft spot for this ship, okay From before I even understood what Wakfu was and I saw Tristepin catch Evangelyne and give her a cute, proud look, I literally called out, SHIPPED!

Let’s talk about these two, okay?

Let’s talk about how he was being turned into a bush and his one desire when facing plant oblivion was to get a kiss from this beautiful Cra.

Let’s talk about how he isn’t self-conscious about almost anything, but when he thought Eva was saying his breath stank, he refused to open his mouth without covering it because HE DIDN’T WANT IT TO BOTHER HER ANYMORE.

Let’s talk about how Tristepin always dreamed of ending up with a princess, but when he was right in front of one, his eyes were always on her bodyguard instead.

Let’s talk about how, on that same line of thinking, when Amalia reached her kingdom and everyone was saying how much of a princess she was, Tristepin looked genuinely confused and looked at Eva because SHE IS HIS PRINCESS

Let’s talk about how he EXILED HIMSELF TO THE DESERT after he broke Eva’s bow and accidentally hurt her. How doing that to her broke him so badly that he was willing to give up on everything he ever cared about, being a knight, being a guardian, being alive.

Let’s talk about Sir Tristepin Percedal asking what the point is in being a hero if you end up alone.



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Part 2 of my Tristeva (Tristepin/Evangelyne) tribute hehe ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_  you can check out Part 1 over here. all the scenes here are referenced from season 2 of the Wakfu series. and yes, they did do rule 63 (aka genderbend rule) if only for the girls yet still pretty damn amusing. somehow my hand slipped and coloring got even more detailed (probably cos season 2 is a lot prettier than season 1 and i wanted to replicate some of the details). i’m still gona draw more Tristeva but i’ll also be drawing some of my fave side characters (ʃƪ ˘ v˘)

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So rax when do you first love Wakfu?

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Right around here, honestly. Until this point, I liked the show, but I wasn’t in love, and the amount of filler was murdering me. But Tristepin’s character development?


And also probably a lot of the reason why I almost stopped watching Wakfu after S1. I thought, well, Pinpin is dead. No more reason for me to watch this show. That’s the end.

Thankfully, Eni tol me I would get to see more of him if I watched the second season, so I went to watch more right away. (Really though, she just wanted me to see more Joris)

EDIT: If you happen to just be asking how LONG ago… I think it’s been close to two years, now. Wow, time flies.


still obssessed with wakfu hahaha ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ *bricked* anyway, first half of something like a sketch dump for my favorite ship Tristeva (aka Tristepin/Evangelyne). sketched these out some time ago and all scenes are referenced from season one of the series. i feel so bad about messing up goultard! ;n; i hadn’t planned on coloring… but my hand apparently had other plans ( = 3 =)ノ 


OMG i found a new obsession… WAKFU, a french animated series based on the MMORPG of the same name. sketches are about a week old and quickly colored them in PS, except the last one, which is from a scene in the series. i hope i can find time to color! >//3//<

oh man, if only i knew about this series much earlier! highly recommend this for those who are fans of magic, fantasy and adventure! WAKFU is seriously amazing and i don’t think i’ve ever been so impassioned with a series since Slayers. animation is awesome and really detailed. the art and character design makes me want to get my hands on the artbooks!

the story gives the main characters (and even side characters) great development and i love them all. the adventures are fun to watch and doesn’t feel too “kiddy”. the romance is handled very well, too, and i have to admit, i loved how the story played with my shipper heart. the season 1 finale was especially good and harsh to my OTP. i was so upset until i proceeded to season 2 and all was ok…more than ok in fact haha. there are also references and parodies that made the series even more awesome than it already is. ah crap sorry for ranting… needed to get that out of my chest haha xD;;