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Decided to draw Tristan the Jadeite next! Like their close cousins the nephrite, jadeites are also pilots. In this AU, nephrites are used to pilot larger ships that contain troops or supplies, and there are usually several nephrites to a ship. Meanwhile, jadeites are used to pilot one-person ships for reconnaissance and aerial attacks. During the gem war, Tristan was conducting an aerial attack when his ship was shot down. He somehow survived the crash, and his poofed gem was picked up by none other than Joey, thinking him a Crystal Gem. After he reformed, Tristan learned to love earth and is now almost inseparable from Joey. 

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Assassin’s Creed Costumes

8 Actors.  8 Characters.  These 7 men and 1 woman have accepted my offer of becoming more than just their voices and motion capture in the Assassin’s Creed game franchise.   

Cas Anvar (Altair Ibn L’ahad), Amber Goldfarb (Aveline de Grandpre), Adrian Hough (Haytham Kenway), Dan Jeannotte (Arno Dorian), Tristan Lalla (Adewale), Steven Piovesan (Shay Cormac), Roger Craig Smith (Ezio), Noah Watts (Ratonhnhake:ton)

2 Actors.  2 Characters.  Of the 8 listed above, they have already stepped out of the Assassin’s Creed world and become walking, talking realities in our world.  By opening these treasure chests, they have transformed…

Noah and Cas are the first two actors I have made the AC character costumes for and helped bring to life.  

Which actor will open their chest next?

That’s up to you.  

Back my kickstarter and YOU get to cast your vote on who will be outfitted next while helping fund my project.  These costumes have averaged about $1000 USD each to make.  Reaching or exceeding my target goal will allow me to take on the next costume without any delay.  

These actors have given gamers so much and continue to do so by allowing me to outfit them…. isn't it time we thanked them properly?



What I got these days:

A return gift from the-fashionable-assassin for her Shay costume donation. It’s so beautiful! Thank you very much! And I can’t wait to see Pio in Shay’s costume! XD

And my good friend got Steven and Tristan’s autographs on Montreal comic con for me ;;v;; I ordered a frame for it ❤

Printed several copies for my native friends, AC Rogue one year anniversary (since August 2014 cinematic trailer revealed) fanbook. It has 180 pages, I don’t remember I drew so many for Shay…

The most important, too busy working on my Shay costume and lots of other things… but still so slow =_=

Want an apple? :D


Who do you want to see outfitted next as their character?  Only a week left to vote.  

Photo credit and permission for use by darkoutbreak

Degrassi hiatus: oh its fine I’ll find something else
*watches the fosters*
*becomes obsessed with jonnor*
The fosters hiatus: oh its fine I’ll find something else
Shameless: breaks up ian and mickey
*there is nothing else*
*begins to obsess about ships from 1900’s*
*too late to mess up my ships now*

What the fuck

That was a fucking stunning episode. And not just by Who standards. That was a stellar piece of television. I probably haven’t been floored by an episode since Ozymandias (Breaking Bad).

Can Rachel Talalay direct every episode please?

Can Murray Gold continue to make the score sound like Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde”?

Can Steven Moffat, if he fucking insists on staying, always write stuff like this?

Can Peter Capaldi be the Doctor forever?


My Assassin’s Creed Kickstarter was a success!

Thanks to all the support and pledges I got from you, the fans, I reached AND SURPASSED my goal!  Thank you all so much!!!

Steven Piovesan was the clear winner, especially after Mr. Hough opted not to participate in my project.  

The order of the votes are as follows (minus two backers who have not responded with their vote selection.  These total 4 votes and would not affect the outcome of the winning actor)

WINNER: Steven Piovesan as Shay: 86 votes

2nd place: Dan Jeannotte as Arno: 28 votes

3rd place: Amber Goldfarb as Aveline: 21 votes

4th place: Roger Craig Smith as Ezio: 18 votes

5th place: Tristan Lalla as Adewale: 4 votes

Again, thank you all for your help and support for my project! 

I appreciate everything, from the reblogs, words of encouragement and kind compliments, to the general outpouring of generosity in your gifts of financial support.  I promise to continue making these outfits to the highest standards I can possibly uphold and posting updates on the progress as often as I can.  Expect to see some SHAY updates in the next few weeks!  #ShayAllDay

I might also be updating here and there with Aveline jacket and Adewale costume tidbits, as I have the amazing privilege of meeting Steven, Amber and Tristan personally in the very near future to take their measurements myself.  (Road trip to Montreal!!!) I’ll be posting pictures from that adventure too, as requested by Steven himself!  LOL

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

picture credits and permission to use them to darkoutbreak


Amber Goldfarb has graciously allowed me to use her photos from last weekend in Montreal. It was so great getting to meet her as well as Steven Piovesan and Tristan Lalla! I can’t wait to make the outfits for these truly wonderful people who have lent their voices and motion capture to some of our most beloved characters!

Assassin's Creed Costumes Progress Report

There seems to be a little confusion as to who has confirmed and in what order. Below is the list, in order, of who I have made direct contact with via Twitter and/ or email.

Voice Actors

Noah Watts as Connor - (complete)

Philip Shahbaz as Altair (declined)

Cas Anvar as Altair (in progress)

Amber Goldfarb as Aveline (modified version - awaiting measurements)

Dan Jeannotte as Arno (awaiting measurements)

Adrian Hough as Haytham (attempting to reconfirm)

Roger Craig Smith as Ezio (can float depending on kickstarter)

Tristan Lalla as Adewale (

Steven Piovesan as Shay

I have made several attempts to contact Mr. Matt Ryan over the past couple months yet have received no response.  In light of that,  I have made the decision to stop pursuing the matter with him. 


This project is daunting in its scope and the massive amount of time, energy and financial costs associated with it. I hope you all can understand why I need my kickstarter to be a success.   Noah’s costume totaled well over $1000 to make and ship.  That trend has continued with Cas’s outfit.  Anyone who has purchased 3D printed items, silicone mold making materials, resin casting components and procured large quantities of leather knows that these things are not cheap.  And all the little items add up fast.  Stains, grommets, snaps, zippers, lacing, trim, buttons, tools… before you know it the cost is in the hundreds.  

My Values

The quality of these costumes reflect who I am as a person and showcase to the world what I have to offer as a costume maker.  I refuse to use materials that are low in quality, create garments that are poorly constructed or accept anything that falls below my high standards.  This often means redoing things until I’m happy with them. I will not compromise on those standards!

The real reason I need your help!

The aforementioned nine actors are gracious enough to have accepted my offer to make them costumes.  Along with that, they have been infinitely understanding with my limited capacity and are waiting patiently to receive these gifts.  Though I have had to overcome obstacles in creating these pieces, they are works that come from my heart and are really on behalf of every Assassin’s Creed fan!  I know the love everyone has for this series; I’m a fan just like you!  I want so see this project fulfilled just as much as you do.  I simply can’t do it alone.

So please, even a small pledge helps.  I have rewards at the $5, $10 and $25 levels so consider if one of those works for your budget.  I understand that this time of year is challenging for many.  If everyone who reblogged or liked any of my previous posts just $5 each, I’d be a lot closer to my goal and perhaps even surpass it!

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