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she was the one

once again, i decided to keep the guy on this little thing open. you can choose any of the band member that you like.

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Tell me you love me,

Tell me you care,

But I know you won’t be there.

He never thought that this day will come, the day when he had to sleep and wake up alone. He never thought that he’ll end up alone. He always thought that you will always be there. He thought that you’ll never leave.

He can’t blame you though. He was the reason that you left. As much as he tried to look for a reason that is not his fault, a loop hole to the accusations, he just can’t. No matter how many time he goes over the past few days it all circles back to him.

Now it’s 2:30 in the morning and he’s still awake, just staring at the clock that never seems to move. His mind drifted to you like it does every now and then. It’s been a week since you left. And every second that passes by makes him think of what you would be doing with him at the moment. He misses your laugh, your eyes, your smile, your warmth, he just misses you and he wishes that he didn’t messed up.

He wants to hear you say his name, even if its just a whisper, he wants to hear you say that you care even if it’s just a little, he wants to hear you say that you love him even if you already moved on. He wishes for a lot of things but the one thing he’s desperately wishing for is for you to be beside him right now, no matter how impossible it is he just wants you to be there.

I thought you were sleeping,

Do you feel the same?

No I bet you can’t complain

About that at all.

Since he cant sleep, he decided that he’ll just go on instagram thinking that maybe it’ll tire him out and get his mind off you. What he failed to remember is that he follows some accounts that are dedicated to your relationship. Your break up hasn’t gone out on public yet so the fans doesn’t know, he’ll actually keep it that way cause he’s not done with you yet, he’s not done trying to win you back. Until he found out that he really can’t win you back is the day that he’ll tell his fans that you two broke it off.

While scrolling through his feed, he came across a picture that was taken by a fan; it’s a picture of you and your guy best friend. He was never jealous of your best friend because he used to know that you are his. but now, seeing you with him laughing, he can’t help but feel like as if you never cared at all, like you don’t care that he’s all alone while you are out hanging with your best friend that might now be your new boyfriend, he feels like as if you already moved on while he’s still left behind.

Give me it all

and I’ll give right back

Show me the bottom of his bottle

We can figure where we left off tomorrow.

Weeks turned into months and he’s still here while you are still there. He doesn’t know what to do anymore so he resulted into drinking away all his misery. He’s been calling and texting you but you won’t answer. He’s running out of hope that one day you’ll come back and then everything will be okay. He doesn’t know how many drinks he had and he also doesn’t care. He found out a few weeks ago that drinking numbs out the hollowness that he’s feeling whenever he thinks about you.

He wants you back and he’s willing to give anything just to have you in his arms, Even if it’s just for the night.

She was the one who got away

She was the one who I never get to say how much I miss your touch.

She was the one who meant the most,

She was the who I kept close amongst it all

So just lets fall.

You’re at some bar near your place with your friends. They are trying to help you move on from him because it’s been a month and you’re still moping around your house. You don’t like that you two broke up, you don’t like sleeping alone but you know that it has to be done because the longer you stay with him the more pain you’ll be experiencing. As selfish as it sounds, it’s time for you to think about yourself. Yes, you miss him but sooner or later you’ll get used to him not being around.

Your friends went to the dance floor while you’re left at the bar because you’re a terrible dancer. It’s been an hour and yet you’re still on your first bottle. You really don’t want to drink tonight but your friends forced you to get out of your house to socialize and hopefully find another guy.

You were just standing there when somebody bumped into you. You were about to tell the person to watch where his going when he already walked away tripping on his own foot. You were just about to continue drinking and not mind it at all because he’s drunk but the hair looked familiar so you decided to follow the guy thinking that maybe it’s a friend of yours and maybe he needs help.

It’s too late to turn back when you realized that the guy is the person that you are trying to move on from. You’re debating whether you should just leave him there or help him when he ran to a wall. You can’t help but let out a little laugh because up to now he’s still a clumsy drunk. You decided to just help him because no matter how much you don’t like him right now, you still need to help. You cant just possibly leave him there.

You put your arms around his waist and helped him up. You can smell the alcohol from him and it made you think how many did he drink already.

“hey, lets get you home”

He just grunted but didn’t complain. You can feel his stare on your face. You don’t know what he’ll say so you just remained quiet while you guide him out the back door.

“you know, you look familiar”

He doesn’t recognize you, you don’t know whether you should be relieved or annoyed, nevertheless, you didn’t say anything.

“oh I know! You look like the girl I love!”

Your heart stopped at his statement. although his words are a little bit slurry, you can still understand him.

“give me your keys, lets drive you home”

That’s the only thing you can think of saying. He probably don’t know what he’s saying, but then again, they say that drunken words are sober thoughts.

“they’re at my house. anyway, did you know that she left me?”

Your heart hurt from what you heard. You thought that by now he has already move on.

“what do you mean it’s at your house? How did you get here then?”

“the cab. Not the band though. It’s the one where you get somebody to drive you somewhere and then you pay them, that cab.”

You want to be annoyed, you really do. But he’s so cute and clueless right now that you just let it slip.

“Fine. let’s just get you to my house”

He started to struggle from your grip so you had to hold him tight.

“No! I love someone else! I promised her that I’ll change so that she’ll take me back! Let me go!”

You suddenly felt warm. You remember the voicemail and messages that he left you before, he promised that he’ll change for the better. For you.

“okay. how about I bring you to her? Would you like that?”

“no, she hates me. I hurt her, that’s why she hates me.”

You can feel your heart break a little from his confession. You don’t hate him, far from it actually. You love him but you want to move one.

“don’t say that. She doesn’t hate you. Now come on. She’ll take care of you.”

You were able to take him to your car after a lot of tripping. You don’t know if any of the fans saw you but you don’t care at the moment. All you care about is getting the drunken boy sitting on your passenger seat to bed.

“you know, I love her. So much. I wanted to spend my whole life with her”

You had to remind yourself to breath after hearing that. He can’t be serious, he just cant.

“I still have her picture as my wallpaper.”

He says as he showed you the screen of his phone that has a picture of you from one of your good days. It reminded you of the times when everything was sailing smoothly between you two. The times when everyday feels like a dream.

You cant help but breath out a sigh of relief when you reach your place. You cant stay inside that car any longer with him. you helped him out the car and into your house. You’re guiding him to the guest room on the left when he suddenly turned right to your room. You were surprised but you just let it be. You decided that you’ll be staying at the guest room instead.

“she always lets me stay in her room when I sleep over.”

He said while walking- more like swaying, actually- to your bed. He laid face down on the mattress. You thought that he’s already fallen asleep when he suddenly lifted his head.

“it smell just like her.”

After that he proceeded to hug your pillow, which you found endearing. You removed his shoes so that he’ll be comfortable.

“I miss her.”

Those words made you stop. Not because he told them, but because he’s crying. It’s not the sobbing type of crying, but the silent type. He’s just crying silently. Tears are leaking down his face followed by quiet sniffs. You cant help but feel guilty and ashamed. You never thought that he’ll be crying because of you.

“alright, just sleep okay?”

You tucked him in and kissed his forehead. You were just about to walk away when he suddenly gripped your wrist.

“Please stay. I want to hug someone.  She’ll understand. I know she will. I just feel lonely right now and you look and smell like her too.”

you let yourself smile. You can’t deny that you also miss him. you really want to go to bed with him but what about tomorrow? What will happen? In the end you decided that you’ll just wake up early so that by the time that he wakes up, you won’t be in bed.

“okay. Just let me change.”

He didn’t let go of your wrist. He just looking at you.

“you’ll come back, right?”

He said after a few seconds. Maybe he’s starting to be sober up.

“yes. I’ll be back”

You said , but still, he didn’t let go.


“I promise”

He finally let you go after that. You went to your closet to get some clothes then you went to the bathroom to change. After a while you finally went out of the bathroom and saw him still awake but staring at the clock on your wall.

The moment you lie in bed his arms immediately went around your waist and pulled is to his chest. You went stiff for a moment but slowly melted in his arms. You just lied there in his arms, both of you not sleeping. You don’t know what’s going on in his mind and you’re not sure if you want to know.

After a while you can hear his breathing slowing down, you look up to him and saw that he’s already sleeping. You just stared at him for a while. You just stayed there looking at his face because you know that tomorrow you won’t be able to do it.

You missed being in his arms, you missed his warmth. You buried your face in his chest and hugged him tightly. You didn’t notice that you were crying. You miss him, and you know that staying with him right now will make moving on harder but you decided that tonight, just for tonight, you’ll let yourself bein his arms even if it’s just till sun rise.

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My band obsession has gotten to the point where I find absolutely no one in real life attractive


Y'all One Direction and 5sos fans are sooo sleep when it comes to The Vamps. Y'all don’t like anything that y'all think is a threat to your fav bands but y'all are legit missing out. We have great music, regular video diaries, guys with great personalities and no fucks to give. (I’m not saying that 1D and 5sos don’t have that, I’m just saying that y'all BELIEVE that 1D and 5sos are the only ones that matter when it comes to this.)

We got Brad the charmer with his beautiful voice and amazing stage presence. We got Connor who is a bit of a shy slug but crushes any kind of guitar he lays his hands on. We got James who has the hottest bod and is basically the business man and daddy of the group. We have Tristan, the animal himself, who is probably like an overly hyper child but he is a beast on the drums.

We have ships also: Tradley (our equivalent to Larry), we got Jadley, we got Trames and we got Bronnor (who I think are more of a Brotp). We might have more combinations but they’re irrelevant.

Basically what I’m saying is, don’t be so quick to hate The Vamps or our fandom. At least go watch a music video (I suggest Last Night) and a couple video diaries first.

Thank you for your time.

(P.S. - I love all three bands but I think The Vamps are the most underrated of the three.)


A few of my photos from The Vamps concert at Thorpe Park yesterday. How beautiful are they? **mega heart eyes** I love them, so, so, so much. xxx

When you’re in class and bae posts a selfie.

Watch on

another world is prob one of my fav songs they perform bc brads vocals in it are heavenly

If The Vamps were interviewed like One Direction:
  • Int: *to Tris and Brad* So it says here that you guys are dating.
  • Boys: *laughs*
  • Int: *pulls out magazine* There are even pictures of you kissing.
  • Boys: *lean in an stare* *start laughing*
  • Brad: Those are indeed photoshoped *laughs*
  • Tris: But there might really be actual photos of us kissing out there somewhere.
  • Brad: *laughs* yeah.
  • Int: So you guys are dating?
  • Tris: Oh yeahhh! Gimme dat juicy neck! *pulls Brad closer and nibbles on his neck*
  • Brad: *laughs* James and Con are a couple too.
  • Int: *turns to them* Really?
  • James: Yeah. *hugs Con* we've been dating for a while now.
  • Boys: *die from laughing so much*
  • Int: Are you guys really dating or are you guys just joking.
  • Brad: *laughs some more* Yeah, were just playing around. Those three have girlfriends.
  • Int: What about you?
  • James: He's single.
  • Tris: Aww! Single Brad!
  • Brad: Aww!
  • Tris: Aww!
  • Boys: Aww!
Puppy he buys you ~ Bands


Newfoundlander - Bucky


Koolie - Pebbles


Corgi - Weedle


Keeshond - Chap


Pyrenean Shepherd - Mailo


English Setter - Freckles


Miniature Schnauzer - Monster


Shikoku Ken - Sunny


Alaskan Klee Kai - Batman


Leonberger - Alex


Portuguese Podengo - Chief


Ibizan Hound - Smiler


Japanese Spitz - Olle [A.K.A Mini Me]


kooikerhondje - Laila


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Gizmo


Borzoi - Ivan The Terrible [Nicknamed Vanya]


Pharaoh Hound - Aten


I hope everyone has an amazing and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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