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Ik I’ve only written 7 imagines, but it’s better to start now than later lol, I’ll update it every time I post a new Imagine! :) Titles are in the brackets  :)


1. Kit Walker Imagine (Meeting Kit)

2. James Patrick March Imagine (Mr. and Mrs. March)

3. James Patrick March Imagine (Devils night)

4. James Patrick March Imagine (Hotel Cortez)

5. Tate Langdon (Go away, Tate)

6. John Lowe Imagine (Elevators)

7. Kyle Spencer Imagine (Kyle Spencer)

8. Jimmy Darling Imagine (Jimmy Darling) 

9. James Patrick March (Hotel Cortez Pt. 2) 

10. Tate Langdon Imagine (Best Friend) 

11. Kit Walker Imagine (Christmas) 

12. Tate Langdon/James March Imagine (Valentine’s Day)

13. James Patrick March Imagine (Torture) 

14. Tate Langdon Imagine (I’m Sorry)


AHS: Hotel theory

Okay, so we all know that the Countess has a type: she’s dated Tristan and Dono, she’s marrying Will, and she’s “closely tied” to James March (maybe she was his wife. We don’t know for sure yet). When she saw John at the fashion show and said he was attractive, Dono said “you sure have a type”.
And when she was doing Tristan’s makeup we can remember she muttered “bellissimo…” and then said “you just remind me of someone”. Then, when he asked who turned her, she said it was someone who was even more beautiful than he.
To add to this, Finn Wittrock, when commenting on the photo comparing all the male actors’ faces in AHS said that there may be a small reason as to why they all look similar.
So what do Tristan, Dono, Will, (March maybe) and John all have in common? Dark hair, light skin, attractive features. This may be the Countess’ type.
Hear me out on this yo because this is where it gets kinda strange. What famous vampire with dark hair and light skin could have turned the Countess and caused her to fall in love so deeply that (almost) all her relationships are just attempts to mimic it?
I think maybe Dracula turned the Countess.
I don’t have any proof at all, but I just thought it was a cool theory. He’s a Count, she’s a Countess, and we all know AHS loves incorporating real life or legendary figures into the show (Marie Laveau, Papa Legba, the Black Dahlia, all the murderers on Devil’s Night, etc.). I think it would be cool to see if Ryan Murphy put his spin on the Dracula legend. There was no for-certain cause of Vlad the Impaler’s (the Romanian dude who Dracula was based off of) death, so there’s kind of an open-ended question.
Don’t look too hard for loopholes because there totally are some. The only way I can tie Dracula and the “Bellissimo” line together is that some people think Vlad the Impaler’s tomb was found in Italy. So there’s that.
But time will tell : ) Thanks for reading!!!


“I’d watch out if I were you” you whispered to Tristan in a low voice. You two were both sitting at the bar together.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Tristan questioned raising an eyebrow.

You took a shaky breath then looked around to see if the coast was clear before you replied.
“The countess. She’ll either be the death of you or she’ll make you wish you were dead” you warned “trust me you’ll wish you had stayed far away from her”.

Tristan didn’t say anything in response but you felt his eyes studying you. He’d find out the truth soon enough.


The Countess (Lady Gaga)

The owner of the titular Hotel Cortez, The Countess is a glamorous but deadly creature who sustains on a healthy diet of sex and blood — she kills with her very fashionable but very sharp chainmail glove. “She’s extremely strong,” explains Gaga. “She’s been through so much. It’s kind of impossible for anything to penetrate her.”

Donovan (Matt Bomer)

Gaga’s lover of 20 years finds himself rebuffed when she meets similarly handsome male model Tristan. Says Bomer, “He’s very interested in domesticity and sort of nesting and hunkering down and having her to himself every now and then, and that doesn’t go over so well with her limitless hunger.”

Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett)

A film star who used to have a romantic relationship with The Countess, Ramona teams up with Donovan to take revenge on The Countess. Says Bassett, “They are powerful women at opposite sides and at odds with one another, each believing that they’re right.”

Hypodermic Sally (Sarah Paulson)

Another junkie who lives at the Cortez, Sally is one of the more tragic figures found in the halls of the hotel. “She’s selfish,” says Paulson. “She will put a stiletto in your face if it means she can get what she needs. But she’s also like a broken rag doll.”

Claudia (Naomi Campbell)

Campbell plays a Vogue editor who decides to stay at the Cortez and ends up regretting it. “She’s kind of outlandish,” says Campbell. “She thinks she’s indestructible and nothing’s going to hurt her.”

John Lowe (Wes Bentley)

This LAPD detective moves into the Cortez in order to investigate a series of murders perpetrated by the Ten Commandments Killer, who arranges vicitms according to the biblical dictates. His family, including pediatrician wife Alex (Chloe Sevigny), get sucked into the Cortez’ darkness. “He has a family he loves very much but that is sort of falling apart,” says Bentley. “He struggles with a lot of things. It’s clear most of what John struggles with is control.”

James March (Evan Peters)

Like other seasons, AHS: Hotel’s time-frame bounces around, including flashbacks to the murderous Mr. March. “He’s the builder and owner of the hotel from the 1930s, and he is unique,” says Peters. “He’s designed a hotel to cater to his specific needs, which tend toward the dark evil.”

Iris (Kathy Bates)

Donovan’s mother works at the hotel so she can see her son on a daily basis, even though he deplores her. Says Bates, “Iris is overprotective with a capital O, especially now since her son is ill. She wants to be there every day to make sure he’s all right, and she’s very controlling that way.”

Tristan (Finn Wittrock)

This male model catches the eye of The Countess at a fashion show at the Cortez. “He’s got an addictive personality,” says Wittrock. “I think he’s hypersexual also. It makes him a prime candidate for the Countess’ charms and he is very willingly seduced and then turned by her.”

Gabriel (Max Greenfield)

The New Girl star plays an addict who checks into the Cortez and has an unforgettable experience. “He’s a Hollywood junkie,” says Greenfield. “Originally, he had a job and was more preppy or business. And Ryan [Murphy] came back and was like, ‘I think we should be more rock and roll.’”


Gif source:  Tristan

Imagine telling Tristan that you’re pregnant with his child when he’s wounded/dying after the battle with the Saxons and his reaction is to yell for Galahad to get him to a medic.

——— Request for anon ———

“Please, Tristan, please!” you beg, trying your hardest to keep him awake and alive for just long enough before you could get some help for him, “I can’t do it without you.”

“Do what?” Tristan breathes, low and carefully, as he tries to stay awake with difficulty.

“I was going to tell you after, so you didn’t have to worry about it during the battle,” you begin, brushing the hair that had stuck to his face with blood away as you explain, “you’re going to be a father, Tristan.”

“Galahad!” Tristan attempts to shout, barely succeeding as he tries once again, “Galahad!”

“What? Don’t shout! Rest, you fool!” Galahad shouts back as he comes rushing over to the two of you.

Tristan snaps back, “Get someone to patch me up, then!”