brad's live stream is such a gem

here are some of my favourite moments:

“3 viewers! calm down”

“working?… no?… yes?… si?”

“braf? you spell it with a d, but f’s fine!”

"am i excited for lady gaga’s new single? i am, but i know someone else who’s even more excited - Connor Ball. Massive Gaga fan! loves her to bits, he’s been bangin’ on about that for a long time”

“ah balls..”

"they’ve got a really good bath here and we all know how i love my baths!”

“beliya is lit; thank you, i do believe it is lit… lit… yeah”

“what is your biggest life goal? uhhhhh… a massive bath in my house at some point - massive - not a pool, like a bath”

“just got back from the gym, gonna leave the band and become a bodybuilder”

“keeping up the balls - connor’s tv show ayy.. keeping up the balls”

he’s just such a chill guy, i really want to be his friend where do i sign up?

anonymous asked:

Ok tysm :))) can you do #19 with Brad where you used to be best friends but he left for tour and never called you or anything, and he comes back a year later only to find out you are ill with cancer and he feels guilty for never checking in?

Cancer is really triggering for me, so if it’s alright I changed it to something else

Prompt list


19 - “I’m back”
“I can see that”

You remember asking your mother what an ‘Empty promise’ was when you were younger. She’d explained that it was a promise which would never come true, like promising someone you’d turn them into a unicorn or promising someone that you’d get to the moon all by yourself. They were extreme examples, but your mother had to exaggerate them for you to understand.

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