tristan and cam


“This is where I was supposed to meet my boyfriend,but he never showed up.”

“What happened to him?”

“He, um… He killed himself. They never told me how.”

I am so sick of people telling Maya to get over herself, and to get over Miles. Yes, I agree she has totally been a more annoying character, but still. In the promo for “If You Could Only See” she has like a panic attack. Everything is blurry and she’s not in her right mind. She is genuinely afraid for Miles. She couldn’t save one person in her life, and now she has set out to save everyone she loves. Yeah, I get it she does seem like it’s all jealousy but when she freaks out, it isn’t about Tristan and Miles, it’s about just Miles. Maya has never had closure with Cam’s suicide, and that will stay with her forever. I mean honestly, how would you feel if your boyfriend committed suicide and you missed all of the warnings? Maya saw that Cam needed help but really didn’t understand, now she see’s Miles needs help and she is on that in an instant. Cut Maya some slack, she is just afraid of losing another person in her life. Plus, Miles is going through shit and he DOES need help. I mean cmon he has a dad that buys his love. I truthfully hope he actually does like Tristan because I definitely wouldn’t put it past him to pull this to get his dad to finally notice him. Anyways, I am hoping good stuff starts happening for Maya, and that Miles see’s she isn’t being a jealous ex, but an actually caring friend.

Some DCI World Class 2014 Horn Cams that have been uploaded so far. Feel free to add!

Blue Devils



Carolina Crown 

  • Baritone Cam (Michael Requena)
  • Tuba Cam (Bradley Klemmensen) 
  • Tuba Cam (Josh Smith) << I like this one a lot because this guy is a vocalist in the preshow>>

Cavaliers (Thank Kylon Smith!!! He uploaded like a bunch of horn cams)

Madison Scouts 

Spirit of Atlanta

  • Trumpet Cam (Ian Weborg? Uploaded on Jeremey Cover’s channel)
  • Euph Cam (Robert Herrera? Uploaded on Jeremey Cover’s channel)