Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

I’ve been super honored to do some work for Gotham Academy! Here’s a sneak peek of the 8 page preview I did, and I’ll be tackling issue 7. 

The creative team has been so amazing and supportive, definitely one of the funnest experiences I’ve ever had! Check out Becky Cloonan (http://beckycloonan.tumblr.com), Karl Kerschl (http://karlkerschl.com), and Brenden Fletcher (http://www.brendenfletcher.com). 

And thanks to editor Mark Doyle for letting me work on GA!

Literally why does no one remember the movie Stardust?

there’s a cross-dressing pirate

A pirate ship that is steampunk and flies

and the pirates collect lightning like badasses

Did I mention Unicorns?


Oh yeah and the main character’s true love is a STAR

No but really. A star. that shines

Don’t believe me?

And she has a great personality

There’s an evil witch

And the clothes are amazing

Tristan dumps the gold-digging, heartless Victoria in an epic way

The princes’ ghosts are hilarious

Oh and romance

Just look at how cute they are