It is behind a sliding panel in the hallway upstairs. Our faction allows me to stand in front of it on the second day of every third month, the day my mother cuts my hair. I sit on the stool and my mother stands behind m e with the scissors, trimming.

Okay, so

For no particular reason other than I felt like it, I’ve decided to start a birthday page! I guess it helps me understand you guys on a deeper level and all that jazz.

To get on the page:
  • mbf me
  • reblog this, bc you’re not the only one with a birthday
  • message me your name, your birthdate, and what age you will be turning
Perks of being on this page:

You will be put on this page

You will get a promo and a cute little ‘happy birthday’ edit on your birthday

i will love you forever

Welcome peeps!

So this is my first ever BOTM and it’ll be for August, let’s see how this goes okay? :)

  • must be following me
  • fandoms blogs only, multifandoms too! actually encouraged :)
  • reblogs only, likes won’t count but can be used to track.
  • reblog until July 23th.
  • must reach at least 30 notes
  • there will be a poll of 5 of my favourite blogs on July 24th until July 31th.
  • one winner only.


  • follow back if i’m not already
  • link on my update tab
  • promo whenever you want for a month
  • an URL graphic
  • eternal glory

Ten of my favorite celebrities: [1/10]

Shailene Woodley

We have a set number of days to live you know? Or like, whatever, breaths to breathe. And you’ve got to enjoy all of them, even in the moments where you’re like, ‘I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to do this.’ Am I going to complain about it? No. I’m going to f-ing make it fun.