I am thinking about marriage already. I may be young but I truly and deeply love this girl.

This is not a proposal but Trisha Marie Sapla. I really want to marry you.. I need  you in my life. I need you to be a part of my life. Without you I feel lonely, not my self. Sounds corny righhh’? but I say this whole heartedly. I love you, and if we do get married soon. I “promise” even “pinky promise” that I will treat you with so much respect and love you more than any man could. I will not cheat, I will not hurt you, and most of all love you so much that you get irritated lol.


Remember, remember the 7th of December…

Yes, today 5 years ago.. a beautiful and wonderful person came into my life. Her name is Trisha Marie Sapla. Today the 7th of December I asked her to be my girlfriend. Nervous and all I went for it and she said YES!  From the start of this relationship I wasn’t the greatest boyfriend to her. You can probably say I was an asshole. But though I have my flaws and insecurities she loves me for me. Sticking by me through thick and thin. As we began our journey, our relationship was a roller coaster. For me, I was searching and searching for a perfect relationship.. As I got older and older and got wiser and wiser I have realized that there isn’t one relationship that is ever perfect. I already found a perfect one right in front of me. Today isn’t just an ordinary day for me…for “us”, but today is to celebrate the amazing years I have dated this wonderful girl. Honestly… I thought this relationship wasn’t gonna last from the get go. But look at us now? I love it. I love YOU. 5 years to me is a great milestone. I don’t really see long relationships anymore. I thank God everyday for blessing me a person I can look up to. A person who loves me even though I get those cranky moments. A person who I can act silly with. I can say that I am truly happy to have her in my life.

Trisha…babe.. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for being strong when I am not physically there anymore. You have defined how love is suppose to be shared in a relationship even though I have been sooo effed up to you. You still love me. You picked up my once shattered heart and renewed it. You have sacrificed a lot things and I admire that. I see it already. YOU ARE THE ONE FOR ME. You are my love that I have been seeking for. Although I can’t be there to actually celebrate this milestone together… know that I love you and miss you. Soon we will be together. Even more than boyfriend and girlfriend *ahem*. lol. 


5 years… I am happy because of YOU! Let many more to come.. our journey ain’t over yet! I love you.