trisha hershburger

Well, YouTube is swell.

I was watching SourceFed today, and they did a story about Nestle and Pedobear. Here is the video: 

I commented, saying the following:

“1. I’m surprised Meg didn’t take the opportunity to mock Joe for having a pedo-stache.

2. I don’t like Trisha very much, but I think I like her better than Meg.

3. As a female, I am curious as to why it is so damn hard for women to be actually/naturally funny. Lee has achieved it, but Trisha and Meg seem stiff and like they’re trying really hard.

4. Additionally to #3, it seems unfair that the women are judged by their appearances more than the men.

Here ends my social commentary for the day.”

My pointed, but not particularly inflammatory, remarks on the state of gender inequality in the world of comedy, brought the expected reply of “Great, now go make me a sammich”

Aaahhhh…. the internet…