trisha cappeletti

Life lessons MPGiS has taught me (so far)
  • From Trisha Cappeletti - When you find a positive pregnancy test on the school’s bathroom floor, punch your best friends in the gut to make sure their lives don’t get ruined.
  • From Brittnay Matthews - Save your vag-inity for someone special.
  • From Deandra - When stuck in a dilemma, just choose BOTH.
I love Trisha

Mackenzie Zales (to Shay Van Buren): Besides, I always just assumed you poured your food directly into the toilet just to save yourself a step.

Trisha Cappeletti: Ha ha ha, yeah, I thought, um, uh… I thought, um, you - you usually put your food, um… in your butt, ‘cause, um…

Mackenzie: Tri- Trisha, are you having a stroke? Are y-

Trisha: No no no no no, you put your food in your butt and - then you poop the -

Mackenzie: Trisha, no…

Trisha: - you poop from your butt and… I’m sorry -

Mackenzie: No, mine was better, just leave it.

Trisha: I thought I had one…

- The Most Popular Girls in School: Episode 20