[Posting this here because there’s more JoJo’s following than my personal.  HELP A COSPLAYER OUT PLEASE.

I’ve seen a lot of Jolyne cosplayers wear something like this coat

and I cannot for the life of me find official art of anything like it.  What the heck is this coat?  It’s like a combination of Jotaro’s coat and her prison jacket.  Does it really exist or did some cosplay shop just bullshit it into reality?  

Whatever it is, I love it and want to make it but would really love an official ref to go off of.]

nifriana said: That would be from the cover of volume 68 :o!! It made it into the game if you need more refs of it

[(I shut my PC off and am on mobile now so I can’t properly @you but) AAAAA THANK YOUUUU!!! I’ll definitely dig around to find shots of it in the game now thanks so much u3u u3u]

hannightwalker  asked:

Aaaaah I need another hug, after meeting you again, for some reason I kept thinking about my uncle who has just recently passed away...

“Gee, I’m really sorry to hear of your loss. I understand what you’re going through. Trish’s been the same with her pet. It doesn’t matter who they are, big or small, it’s sad to experience loss of a close one. Here, I’m open for a hug.”

alfa-angel  asked:

*gives V a Santa's hat* here you go V! It's always nice to stay festive *gives Trish an elf's hat* and this one is for you Trish! And is Papyrus still here? I want to give him these reindeer antlers (^ω^)and V congrats on telling Trish your feelings

V: “Yup, my bro’s still around, and he’s really antlerticipating those reindeer horns.”

Papyrus: “Wowie! I want to be festive, too! I would love to wear the antlers!”


Jessica Jones meme: [2/3] characters • Trish Walker
“I want justice for my friend. For that girl in prison. For you and me. I want Kilgrave to live long and alone and despised until he wants to die, but can’t. Because that’s justice and I’ll fight like hell for it.”

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*Jump on Trish and V* HUG! *buuut... Miss.*. . . Weeeell... Sorry! I'm just glad to see you two again ! And you too Pap' and Faris! ^^

We’re happy to be reaching out to you guys again ^.^ Thanks!

Papyrus: Are you alright, human??