trish devil may cry

Friendly reminder that the old school Devil May Cry games stressed the idea that crying was not a sign of weakness but a sign of humanity that set you apart from the demons and monsters of the world.

Friendly reminder that the old school Devil May Cry games focused on the adventures of a man who willingly accepted the help and friendship of women who were not his love interests. 

Friendly reminder that Dante might have loved beautiful, partially dressed women, but still respected the ones in his life. 

Friendly reminder that Dante’s motivations are not driven by Sparda: they are driven by his mother. 

Friendly reminder that Dante is awesome and these are several important reasons why that is.

Devil May Cry reaction pics/memes/watever !!!!!

so like there was another post like this originally with a bunch of them someone collected over time, but when i went back to save them all they deleted the post

so MY FRIENDS AND I HAVE MADE TONS OF THESE and i’m gonna post them all now. some of them i found around the internet, and tbh we’ll probably keep making more lmao… Click keep reading for the rest! There are 42 total…

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Who you should fight: DMC edition

Who wins: You
He may have demonic strength and a crazy set of weapons but in reality he’s just super lazy. He’ll probably taunt you a bit and make you angry however he probably wouldn’t even get out of his chair or open his eyes. You win by default. But touch his pizza and that’s a whole different story.

Who wins: Trish
She looks like Dante’s beautiful and kind mommy, but she’s got looks that can kill. She seems human but hell hath no fury like a demon woman. She’ll crush you with her 6 inch Gucci heeled boots, take your money, and then drive off on her motorcycle to buy more Gucci. One touch from her and you’ll look like you just stuck a fork inside a toaster.

Who wins: Lady
Do you really want to fight her? She may look small and cute, but she carries around a huge bazooka and probably 847263 other weapons, plus her crazy gymnast skills. And even without her weapons she could kick your ass. She got those scars for a reason.

Who wins: You
Although he looks like a punk on the outside, one the inside he is softer than fresh out of the dryer laundry. Yes he’s inhumanly strong and has destroyed a giant false savior with a single punch but honestly he could never hurt you. He’d feel bad and probably apologize.

Who wins: Vergil

  • Vergil: How come I have to be the designated driver?!
  • Dante: I dunno how to put it, but-
  • Nero: You're a disaster when wasted.
  • Vergil: Can you back up that claim?
  • Dante: There was that trip to London.
  • Nero: Don't forget Ireland.
  • Lady: Fortuna, anyone?
  • Trish: Oh, God.
  • Kyrie: Let's also not forget Vienna.
  • Dante: And let's not get started on Florida.
  • Vergil: THAT ONE WAS YOU, DANTE!!!