Check Out My Art in Starbucks

This morning I was up early to hang some TriSERIFtops art in the Nyack Starbucks. I was away all weekend at a family wedding, so it was a bit of a whirlwind between last night and this morning to get everything framed and ready. Luckily, in preparing for Providence Art Festival (September 10th) and stART on the Street (September 18th), I had lots of stuff printed already, just needed to make a bio card and a few accesssories.

The display features my alphabet posters, greeting cards, and some triangle bunting to set the celebratory mood!

Check it out anytime throughout September:

80 Main Street
Nyack, NY 10960 

Color of the Week, Week #1

Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut, using the same colors, same fonts, and same style over and over again. There’s no problem with defining your signature style, but experimenting with a little variety can help get you thinking differently & creatively!

Every week I’m going to post a color of the week. A color I wouldn’t normally use. Inspired by the season, weather, fashion trends, etc. I’ll challenge myself to integrate it into a new project, and I encourage you to do the same!

This week’s color is Pantone 441 U. This color reminds me of the weather here in New York right now. It should be winter, and there have been some very cold days, but there is still too much warmth for the streets to be covered with snow. This gray has soft green/blue undertones—that bit of warmth and color preventing winter from truly setting in.

Pantone 441 U
RGB: 185 194 193
CMYK: 19 4 11 10 

My trip to Israel last month was truly inspiring. More than anything it made me realize the importance of not taking life for granted, that we should be taking every chance we get to break from routine and experience new things. New countries, places, hobbies, activities, foods, people, EVERYTHING! 

I’m just starting to work this inspiration into some new prints. When I want to remind myself to do something I write it down and hang it up in my studio. So I figured the best way to promote these motivating messages is as prints that people can hang on their wall to remind them every day to explore and experience new things.

I’ve just started this series, and first is the “go explore” watercolor above. Not yet available in my shop, I was just excited about it and wanted to share it before I was quite ready to list it! 

Inspiration from Israel (part 4)

And here it is, my final inspiration board from Israel. Featuring a sculpture from outside Yad Vashem (Jerusalem’s Holocaust museum and research center), metal signage from Tzfat, heart graffiti from Tel Aviv, and prints from the studio of Avraham Loewenthal, contemporary Kabbalistic artist from Tzfat.

Check out the Israel Outdoors website to learn about how you can have your own free trip to Israel.

New Facebook Page

Over the past year I’ve been slowly transferring my online presence from “Designosaurus” to “TriSERIFtops”.

Designosaurus (as cute as it is) was just used too often. There were people before me with that name, and others have started using it since. It was time for something more unique, but I wanted to keep the quirky dinosaur and graphic design references. TriSERIFtops was born!

My Etsy shop, this blog, and twitter had already made the switch. Last (and admittedly the most annoying) to switch over is my Facebook page. Starting today, my TriSERIFtops Facebook updates will be done at

So if you’re currently a fan of my Deisgnosaurus Facebook page (or even if you’re not!), visit and like the new page today!

Happy belated New Years, everyone!

I really used the holidays and new years as break time from my blog, twitter, and facebook. It gave me a nice chance to organize my ideas for what TriSERIFtops will accomplish this year, and a chance to literally organize my office. I had NO idea there was so much stuff crammed into this office that I really wasn’t using! Now I have two big buckets hidden away in storage, full of art supplies to sell at a yard sale in the spring.

This week I’ll get back into my normal blogging, facebook updating routine, but I just wanted to take this moment to say I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and are ready to take on 2012!

Scrambling This Holiday Season

My gosh I’m busy this holiday season (as some of you may have noticed from my lack of recent posts…). But I must admit… although its a little stressful, it does feel energizing to be so busy.

Custom TOMS orders this season have just taken me by surprise! I’ve experienced the holiday sales bump before with jewelry sales—but that was all jewelry I had ready to ship, so the extra shipments didn’t take up much time at all. Custom TOMS are just the opposite, all are made to order, so people have placed orders and now I just need to get through finishing them all! (but don’t fear custom TOMS customers, your orders will be on their way very soon!)

I’m also working on some fun invitation orders, and am SO excited about how they are turning out. Those will be posted here sometime in the near future.

Of course there is my full time freelance design job, which as always takes up most of my time, and doesn’t slow down for the holidays!

Oh yeah, then there’s the Sketchbook Project 2012… at least thats not due until the end of January! 

I hope you all are enjoying this busy, festive time of year!