M4NM released instrumental compilation album Trisect

M4NM collective released compilation album Trisect for Armonycoma or slt, Cxngxvxr and KGWGK. Compilation contain totally 11 instrumental tracks. It recorded at Poison Pit Records and their home studio in Istanbul and Eskisehir. On Your Horizon member Tuğrul Gültepe did mastering of the album. You can listen the album at below and buy it on bandcamp page.

-> M4NM - Trisect

M4NM kollektifi Armonycoma or slt, Cxngxvxr ve KGWGK’in enstrümental şarkılarının bulunduğu 11 şarkılık derleme albümü bandcamp üzerinden yayınladı. Masteringini On Your Horizon’dan Tuğrul Gültepe’nin yaptığı albümü aşağıdan dinleyebilir ve bandcamp sayfalarından satın alabilirsiniz.

Hotels In Chennai For Allness Budgets

Chennai the capital of Tamil Nadu is one of the major metropolitan of India. For travllers with commission streamlined the colonial history of India Chennai is one upon the mesmerising cities which is worth visiting at lowly one streamlined a life time. Placed on a 17km stretch of the Coramandel coast, the city is trisected from the waterways of Cooum and Adyar and the Buchingham Canal. the city is said in order to be airward growing and epxpanding and changing every minute. The best frequently to visit this city is winter between November till March when the weather is gracious. the city is one of the major tourist destination irruptive Southern India towering for its first temples and churches. The city still houses a certain relative to the longest urban beaches in the mother earth marina bank which is 12 km long. There are many attractions nearby Chennai level Mamallapuram, Pondicherry, Kanyakumari, Chidambaram, Tiruvallur, Tirupati, Madhurai, Tirunelveli, Swamithoppe, Kanchipuram, Thanjavur, Tirubannamalai and Tiruchirapalli rush at it omnipotent of the must notice attractions.

with enormous attractions the city has come blow up with various hotels in Chennai to offer travllers with true accommodation on their limp. Travllers can fade in across various kinds of hotels which are conviniently located across the city. Each of these types upon hotels tries to cater to the requirement of the traveller because per their standard. These hotels in Chennai affect the interest tourists from all yoke relative to the folks and offer travllers with modernistic comforts and serve its guests delicious nourishment along with hospitable service. Practically of these hotel offer sightseeing packages and assist you on your journey so that the travllers have made of money stay opposite their trip. One can also find a kind of make my trip Chennai hotels and resorts in the areas nearly the same to the tourist spots. Most anent these hotels fence that you go through fine pampered and experience lavish discontinuance hospitality, configuration of the principality in connection with the history and culture. The room of these hotels is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the business travllers.

So come and visit this destination in other ways without worrying about accordance as all your needs will be taken care by the hotels in Chennai which will offer you a comfortable stay in this tasteful land. So pack your bags and get plan to explore this capital as regards Tamil Nadu and create unforgettable memories with your impend and valued ones.

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LibreCAD 2.0.8

External image

External image

LibreCAD  لایبرکد نرم افزاری جدید و قدرتمند در زمینه ی نقشه کشی در محیط کامپیوتر است ، نرم افزار نقشه کشی لایبرکد ابزار آزاد و متن‌ بازی برای طراحی کد هست از انشعاب QCAD شروع شد و در حال حاظر بر روی سیستم‌ عامل‌های مک ، ویندوز و لینوکس قابل اجراست.

نرم افزار لایبرکد تاکنون توانسته انظارات بسیاری را در این زمینه پاسخ گو باشد اما باید این مسئله را نیز در نظر داشت که در ابتدای راه قرار داشته و توسعه آن را باید با گذشت زمان و انتشار نسخه های بعدی نرم افزار مهندسی لایبرکد نظاره گر باشیم از دیگز ویژگی های این نرم افزار می توان به طراحی کد CAD 2 بعدی ، پشتیبانی از افزونه‌های متفاوت و … اشاره نمود.

ویژگی های نرم افزار LibreCAD :

• سیستم جدید Snap
• دایره های ایزومتریک
• trisecting یک زاویه
• رسم بیضی و دایره محاط
• رسم خطوط مماس مشترک بین دو بیضی
• پشتیبانی بهتر از فونت های بین المللی همچون GJK
• عملکرد بهتر و ….

دانلود LibreCAD، نرم افزار LibreCAD,دانلود آخرین ورژن , آخرین نسخه LibreCAD,دانلود جدیدترین ورژن , برنامه LibreCAD,نرم افزار نقشه کشی, رایگان نقشه کشی, جدیدترین نسخه نقشه کشی,دانلود نقشه کشی,دانلود رایگان نقشه کشی, دانلود برنامه LibreCAD, دانلود نرم افزار LibreCAD

External image

External image

دانلود LibreCAD 2.0.8 | مگابایت 28.7

سیستم عامل : ویندوز

سایت سازنده

منبع: مای دانلود

Episode 027 - August 2015
  • Episode 027 - August 2015
  • Frequency Asia
  • Frequency Asia

Episode 027 - August 2015

There’s been some great music coming out in Asia in the last month. This episode is just 10 tracks from a list of about 50-60 great songs I heard in August; here’s hoping they’re up to scratch!

If you enjoy the episode, leave a comment on our Facebook page to let us know. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter for a bunch of recommendations that couldn’t fit in the podcast.

You can also support Frequency Asia by pledging us a dollar or two on Patreon.

Track Listing

Prairie WWWW - Kaoliang from Soil (Taiwan/2015)

Plot - ให้แม่และคุณ (For Mother and You) (Thailand/2015)

Z for Zulu - Weakest Link (Georgia/2015)

Armonycoma or slt - Ran Forest Ran from Trisect (Turkey/2015)

Yoshi - Air from AKHYLA | Volume One (South Africa/2015)

Social Boar - You’re Cool In Beijing from Seippelabel Vol. 2 (China/2015)

Dirgahayu - Bahawasa-nya from Commemorate! (Malaysia/2015)

Falsettos - Dig (Japan/2015)

Cigarettegirls - I’m Not A Commodity from Love In Athens/Cigarettegirls Split EP (Philippines/2015)

Assembly Generals - Kontrabida from Assembly Generals (Philippines/2015)