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I don't even have the mental energy to go into all the son vs daughter thing. My mom tried to be equal, but I still got asked to do chores more. And in situations like I cook, he should do dishes i have to dry them. And he also tried to say we should put a food I disliked in the food I helped cook and buy :| but he also has always whined my mom favors me and that other people have even seen it. (1/2)

If we fight and mom yells at both of us to stop, he’s said she’s taking my side. Honestly, she didn’t protect me from his abuse(not purposefully but yeah) through the years if anything. I’ve come to think he and perhaps the others he speaks of are just seeing she doesn’t put son over daughter as much as society says to and that’s me being “spoiled” and “favored”

I’m sorry anon, I was told a lot by some people that I was spoiled in comparison to my brothers, but that wasn’t hte case behind closed doors or looking at it objectively.

Did you know there’s a gender gap in chores? Girls spend 40% more time doing chores than guys!

Send us your stories of sexism in your household

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Did you see the whole Tori thing? The best part is the 4 years of dating Oli comment. Like...what about Ashley Jessica? Did AJ fake date Oli on her own? Or did Louis's team try to implement that? So weird.

oh yeah lol i’m pretty sure A tried something with Oli to pull the “we were all friends” card and get some attention (remember when she and her mom tried to imply Liam was interested in her? LMAO)


Doyoung “mom” protecting the kids 24/7  👨‍👦👦   


I’ve been in a Teru mood lately

also I couldn’t pick just one palette…idk, which one do people like best?


Decided to try and make my own Voltron V-day cards

( i don’t own any of these jokes lol)

smoking,,,,,,, is not cute,,,,, it’s not an aesthetic,,,, it doesn’t make you hot,,, you all really need to stop romanticising something that is damaging, not only to yourself, but to everyone around you, and to an extent, also to the environment.

there is literally nothing nice about smoking, it’s an addiction, and it’s bad, end of story.


i have no impulse control so have these. they’re uh… dwane “the rock” johnson iconic icons for your blog. who let me use photoshop

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The Three Sweet Commanders


omgcpwomenfest femlash/wlw day

Georgia Martin/Suzanne Bittle based on @des-zimbits Gay Hockey Moms AU

Dating Incest Girls

My most recent ex girlfriends have told me detailed stories about their secret fun. A few years ago I was dating a 18f that had been fooling around with her real dad since she was 11. She had big boobs at 10 and she said her dad and friends took notice as she developed. Her parents spilt when she was 11 and she went and stayed with her dad for a bit. She said she tried to take her moms role, she would take care of him and then she started catching him jerk off. She said she would masturbate a lot thinking about taking him and him having his way with her. One day she walked in on him jerking off and she walked up to him as he was still stroking it and asked if she could watch. He agreed and jerked off for her as she started to get aroused she asked if she could help. He took her hand and guided it on to his thick curved cock and she said she was hooked from then on. She said she stroked it and they made out and she had her tits played with and sucked on. She was so wet and turned on that she wanted to do more. So she got on her knees and without asking she took her dads thick rock hard cock into her young warm wet mouth. She said that was her first cock and her daddy showed her how to suck it and stroke it (she deff had good dick handling abilities). She said he came in her mouth and she spit it up because it was so much. A few times of her catching him or him walking in on her in the shower and playing with each other she was ready to take let her dad take her virginity. She had plans on doing it on his bed and making it hot and romantic, but she ended up catching him jerk off to a dirty mag in his garage while he was working on his car. She went right up to him and dropped to her knees and told him “I thought we discussed this is my job” as she took his cock into her mouth. He let her suck on it and make it nice and wet. Then she got up and pulled her pants down and started rubbing and showing him her tight wet pussy. He picked her up and laid her back on the hood of his car and started licking her pussy and fucking her with his tongue. She said she came from his mouth and started begging for him to fuck her, he was on the fence about it. He teased her by rubbing his big thick head around her smooth wet pussy, then rubbing in out her clit. She said she couldn’t take the teasing anymore and pushed herself into him, forcing half his cock straight up into her. They both let out big moans and embraced each other and started making out as he slowly slide it all the way in. She just laid there while he filled her pussy up with all his cock. She said it was painful but the way he touched her and the way his cock curved it felt good really quick. He pumped her a few times slowly making her gasp and moan. Then she told him “harder daddy”, and he just stated pumping harder and faster into her. She said she was so wet from everything that it really diluted her blood from breaking her hymen, but looking down at her dads thick curved cock going in and out of her all shiny and wet made her his little slut right then and there. She said they went at it for about 10 mins or so and he pulled out and came all over her bit tits. 11 yrs old with almost size D bra, big perky tits cover in her dads cum. God I would of loved to seen that. I guess I’m lucky though, I did get to catch them when she was with me 18 at the time. We were stopping by her dad’s house where she was living at the time. She was going in to change and be right back out. Well I noticed the light on in her dad’s office/studio from out in the car. I seen this shadow blur across the curtains, realizing it was my girlfriend popping in to say hi to him. Then I noticed she dropped straight down instead of back out to the side like she came in view of the window. Then it hit me, she just dropped to her knees in front of him. Well I knew there was only one reason for her to do that, so I opened my door softly and then didn’t even close it just so they wouldn’t hear me trying to close my door and stop. I slowly snuck up to the window to his office and luckily there was a bit of the curtain open. When I looked in I was shocked! There was my gf on her knees holding her dads cock with one hand and cupping his balls with the other and licking up and down his shaft! I almost came in my pants right then and there, needless to say I had a rock hard cock then. She licked his shaft and then put it back in her naughty mouth and slide it all the way down with ease. You could deff tell she had been sucking that cock for a long time and knew how to work it. She was just gagging on it and then he stood up real quick took it out of her mouth and jerked it until he came all over her face. I was grabbing my rock hard cock through my pants not even realizing that I look like a big creep peeping in their window at night rubbing my cock. I watched as he took a shirt near by and gave it to her to clean her face off and decided to go back to the car before I’m spotted. I got back in the car and almost ripped my jeans because my cock was so hard. I took it out and started jerking off thinking about what I just seen with my own two eyes. Then I start thinking about all the stories she shared with me from the first time the had each other in the garage to that night she just sucked her dad off real quick while her bf waits out in the car. Never got to witness anything with any of my other ex girlfriends, but hopefully I can see something like that again. Still is the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced. BTW I never said anything to my ex gf about what I saw with her dad, she was open about telling me but I knew that she would of felt embarrassed if she knew I saw and knew it was absolutely real.

When Shouri went home to Osaka, he found that his mom had set this up for him in the toilet room.  His room and his TV stand have something similar, since he has various Kuroo figures and art. (x

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cna u draw your top 3 camp camp ships?

I honestly only have two otps for Camp Camp? or at least ones I like to draw :3c

Jaspvid is hella cute and I’m a slut for childhood friends to lovers and older Jasper who’s strong and likes to hold his bf?? like sign me tf up. I have a lot of pent up feelings about Jasper too, like let him be happy, he’s a radical guy

Gwen’s not a morning person

Gwenvid (featuring dadvid and mom!gwen) is like, the best thing ever? Gwen cares a lot about David in canon and why aren’t they in love yet? Especially after the finale and the atomic family happened. Let them be together! Let them adopt Max! Let Gwen get her dream job!

(I’d also like to say the Jaspgwenvid is a hell of an ot3 and I would like to drown myself in it)